Here comes the fight for the Pridelands, get ready to rumble

Chapter 8: The fight

It is now day time in the desert, Simba and Kimba are both returning back to Pridelands to save the Pride, and to take their places as kings, when they got to the Pridelands, Simba saw the devastation that had been done while he was gone, Kimba saw a lot destruction from the NATO forces, then Kimba saw that more forces came, but there are American, Canadian, British, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, and Australian forces that are now here in the Pridelands, the armed force pushed Scar's forces back, they liberated all, but one piece of territory left, Pride Rock, Simba and Kimba were ready to go over there until some voice called for them.

" Simba." Came Nala's voice.

" Kimba." Came Zainabu's voice.

" Wait for us." Came Ainra's voice.

Nala, Zainabu, Ainra, Akida, and Ajabu are now right next to Simba and Kimba, Nala starts the conversation, " It's awful, isn't it."

Simba says, " I didn't want to believe you."

Zainabu asked both Simba and Kimba, " What made you both want to come back?"

Simba answers Zainabu, " I finally got some sense knocked into me and I got the bump to it."

Kimba says, " Besides this is our kingdom, if me and cousin can't fight for it, who will?"

Nala reply's, " I will."

Zainabu says, " Me too."

Simba says, " It's gonna be dangerous."

Nala says, " Danger, ha, I laugh at the face of danger."

Kimba says, " Come on cousin, I been through many more dangers then you have."

Then everybody heard a voice that said, " I see nothing funny about this."

Simba and Kimba turn around and see Timon and Pumbaa standing there, as Simba says, " Timon, Pumbaa, what are you doing here?"

Pumbaa says, " At your service, my kings." as he bows to Simba and Kimba.

Timon looks at the devastated Pridelands and says to both Simba and Kimba, " We are going to fight your Uncle and your Father... for this?"

Simba reply's, " Yes Timon."

Kimba says, " This is our home."

Timon whispers to himself, " Ah, talk about a fixer- upper." Then Timon says, " Well Simba and Kimba, what ever is important to you two, we are all with you till the end."

Simba smiles as Kimba says, " Thanks, Timon, you are a really good friend."

Simba, Kimba, Nala, Zainabu, Ainra, Akida, Ajabu, and all of Kimba's followers stair at their place they need to liberate, before they could go over there, The Hyena's and the Lioness that are loyal to Kimba, need to find a way to tell each other apart without accidentally killing anybody in the group, Kimba solved the problem, he told all of his followers to wear the Nazi uniforms that they had found years ago, all of the followers look like German soldiers for World War 2 in animal forms, Zainabu, Ainra, Akida, and Ajabu, except Simba and Nala, are dressed in Nazi SS uniforms, the allied forces then gave, Kimba and his followers weapons that are robot machine guns that they can control, then Simba, Nala, Kimba, Zainabu, Ainra, Akida, Ajabu, and the followers came to a down log looked over and saw Scar's Hyena's, " Hyena's, I hate the Hyena's." Timon said.

Ainra, Akida, Ajabu, and some of the followers felt offended, as Akida whispers, " Hey, that is some of us, your talking about."

Ajabu says, " Yeah."

Timon apologizes, " Sorry." Timon then asks Simba, " So what's your plan for getting pass these guys?"

Simba says, " Live bait."

Timon says, " Good idea." Timon quickly realized that it meant him, " Hey."

Kimba says, " Come on, Timon, you guys have to crate a diversion."

Timon says to Kimba, " What do you want me to do, dress in drag and do the hula?"

A few seconds later, Timon and Pumbaa started a song, which gave Simba, Nala, Kimba, Zainabu, Ainra, Akida, Ajabu, and the followers to slip pass them, then after Timon and Pumbaa finished the song, Timon and Pumbaa ran for their lives as Scar's Hyena's are chasing after them, when everybody got close to Pride Rock, Simba then says, " Nala, Zainabu, you find my mother, and get the lioness's."

Kimba says, " Me and my cousin, are going to look for Scar, Ainra, Akida, and Ajabu assign teams now."

Ajabu says to the followers, " 1/3 of you, will come with Me and Nala."

Akida says to the followers, " 2/3 of you, will come with Me and Zainabu."

Ainra says to last of the followers, " The rest of you, will come with Me, Kimba, and Simba, lets move."

Then Everybody went in different directions, Everybody acted like soldiers, into the night, Simba, Kimba, Ainra, and their followers kepted on moving, until they heard the Tyrant yell out, " Sarabiiiii!"

Simba, Kimba, and everybody else heard echoes, as they all see Sarabi, the ex Queen of the Pridelands, walk through a pack of Hyena's snapping at her, Simba and Kimba are getting worried, Simba was worried for his mother, as Kimba was also worried about her, to Kimba, Sarabi felt like a mother to him, he would do anything to safe at all cost, Sarabi is now in front of Scar, as she says, " Yes, Scar?"

Scar says, " Where is your hunting party? They're not doing their job."

Sarabi says, " Scar, there is no food. The herds have moved on."

" No! You just not looking hard enough." Said Scar.

Sarabi says, " It's over. There is nothing left. We have only one choice. We ' must' leave Pride Rock."

Scar says, " We're not going anywhere!"

Sarabi says, " Then you have sentenced us to death!"

Scar says to Sarabi, " Then so be it!"

Sarabi says with shock, " You can't do that!"

Scar says, " I'm the King! I can do whatever I want!"

Sarabi then says, " If you were half the king, Mufasa was..."

Scar smacks her as he says, " I'm ' ten' times the king, Mufasa was!"

Then Simba and Kimba roar and jump in to save Sarabi, Scar was shocked, as he thought he see's two ghost's, while he says, " Richard! Mufasa! No! You're dead!"

Simba and Kimba are now next to Sarabi, Sarabi looks up and see's Kimba back, and see a lion that looks like her mate, she asks Simba, " Mufasa?"

Simba says to his mother, " No. It's me."

Sarabi then says, " Simba? Your alive? How can that be?"

Simba says, " It doesn't matter. I'm home."

Scar then says, " Simba? Simba! Well, it is a surprise to see you..."

Scar looks at Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, as he says, " ' Alive!'"

Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed backed away, as Simba and Kimba confront Scar, as Simba says, " Give us one good reason why we shouldn't rip you apart."

Scar says backing up, " Oh, boys, you must understand. The pressures of ruling a kingdom..."

Kimba finished for him, " Are no longer yours. Step down, Scar."

Scar says, " Normally, I would, but however, there is one little problem, you see them."

Simba and Kimba look up and see Scar's Hyena's looking down at them, then Scar says, " They think I'm king."

Zainabu voice says, " But we don't."

Simba and Kimba turned to Nala, Zainabu, the lioness's and all Kimba's followers, as Nala says, " Simba and Kimba are the rightful kings."

The Lioness's and Kimba's followers help Sarabi help, as Simba says, " The choice is yours, Scar."

Kimba finishes, " Either, step down or fight."

Scar says, " Oh, must this all end in violence, I hate to be responsible to the death of a family member, wouldn't you agree, Simba?"

Simba says, " That's not gonna work Scar, I put it behind me."

Scar then adds, " What about your faithful subjects, have they put it behind them?"

Nala asks, " Simba, Kimba, what is he talking?"

Kimba says, " I have no idea, Cousin, what is Scar doing?"

" Ah. So you haven't told them your little secret. Well, Simba, now's your chance to tell them. Tell them who is responsible to Mufasa's death." Scar says to Simba.

Simba hesitated before saying, " I am."

Everybody was shocked, while Kimba and Zainabu were confused, to them it didn't make any sense, as Sarabi says, " It's not true, tell me it's not true."

Simba says, " It's true."

Scar says, " You see? He admits it. Murderer!"

Simba says, " No! it was accident!"

Scar says, " If it weren't for you Mufasa would still be alive. It's your fault he's dead. Do you deny it?"

Simba says, " No."

Scar says, " Then you're guilty."

" No, I'm ' not' a murderer!" Simba said, then hyena's separated both Simba and Kimba, Scar looks at Kimba and says, " I'll deal with you later, traitor."

Then Scar says to Simba, " Look Simba. You're in trouble again. But this time Daddy isn't here to save you and now everybody knows ' why'!"

Simba slips over the cliff about to falls, Nala calls out, " Simba!"

Lightening came out of the clouds, when the lightening, hit the ground, it caught on fire, fire was now spreading, Simba try's to hang on, as Scar says, " This look familiar. Oh, where have I seen this before? Hm, let me think. Oh, yes, I remember! This is exactly the way your father looked before he dead."

Simba started slipping, Scar then puts his paws on Simba ready to push him off, as Scar says, " And now here's ' my' little secret..."

Scar then whispers in Simba's ears, " I killed Mufasa!"

Simba now now's the truth, he says, " Nooo!"

Then Simba leaps up and pounces on Scar and says, " Murderer!"

Everybody was surprised, even was Kimba wasn't even expecting that to happen, as Scar says, " No, Simba, please."

Simba says, " Tell them the truth!"

" Truth? Truth is in the eye of the behold..." Scar said, before Simba put is paw on Scar's throat choking him as Scar then starts whispering, " All right. All right. I did it."

Simba says, " So they can hear you!"

American and Russian Soldiers pulled out their pistols and shot the hyena's in the head, as Scar says, " I killed Mufasa!"

Everybody, even Kimba, Zainabu, Ainra, Akida, Ajabu, and Kimba's followers heard what Scar said, Nala was the first to respond, then the rest of Lioness's, then Kimba's followers followed suite after Ainra, Akida, and Ajabu, came their command to attack, then Scar's Hyena's then attacked Simba, the Pride and Kimba's followers attacked Scar's Hyena's to save Simba, the Pride could easily see the difference between Scar's Hyena's and Kimba's Hyena's, thanks to the Nazi uniforms they are wearing, when the Allied force heard the battle at Pride Rock, they sent aircraft of Fighters planes, bombers planes, and attack helicopters, as allied troops moved in on Scar's Hyena's on the bottom of Pride Rock with Tanks and guns, soon the allied troops are joining the battle on top of Pride Rock, Timon and Pumbaa ramped into Hyena's joining the battle, Simba fight off a few Hyena's, one got on him, Rafiki beat the one Hyena off of Simba, Rafiki makes a battle cry, then he jumps in front of Scar's Hyena's, Scar's Hyena's then tried attacking Rafiki, but Rafiki attacked them using Kung Fu, Kimba couldn't even believe what he saw, then some Chinese troops helped Rafiki out, one Scar's Hyena's tried to attack Rafiki and Chinese Sargent, but Rafiki and the Chinese Sargent toke him out, some Scar's Hyena's are now retreating, most surrendered to the Allied forces, but there are still some of Scar's Hyena's that are still fighting and will not give up, Kimba then started looking for his step mother, and his brother and sister, Kimba looked inside a den, he found his step mother next to the wall with Nuka and Vitani, Kimba says, " Mom, Nuka, Vitani, I'm back."

Zira looks and see's her step son, Kimba came next to her, they nuzzle each other, after not seeing each other for a couple of days, Zira says, " Richard, My boy, where have you been, I miss you."

Kimba says to his step mother, " I miss you too, Mom, I got help."

Nuka asks, " What's going on brother?"

Kimba says, " There is a battle going on outside, just stay in here, keep quite, It will be over soon."

Zira then see's the amulet and says, " It can't be, it is, the amulet, where did you find it?"

" Mufasa's spirit gave it to me, it is gift from my biological mother." Kimba said.

Zira says, " So it's true, the prophecy is true."

Kimba says, " I must go find my cousin, Me and Simba are going to deal with Scar."

Zira asked, " Simba? He's alive?"

Kimba says, " Yes."

" Richard, can you and Simba, try not to kill, Scar, even thought he is bad, and your father, but he still got good in him." Zira said hoping to avoid bloodshed.

" I'll try my best to get to surrender without any killing, but he try's to me or my cousin, then it's personal." Kimba said simply.

Zira says, " Alright, Richard, do what you have to do."

Kimba said, " Okay Mom, and please call me, Kimba."

Then he heard noise, then he heard a voice that he recongize as Zazu, Kimba met Zazu long ago, like year after he came into the Pridelands, he hears Zazu's voice saying, " Let me out! Let me out!"

Then Kimba heard Timon's voice as Timon says, " Let me in! Let me in!"

Kimba looked and saw Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed surrounding Zazu and Timon, that are in a bone cage, Timon says, " Please don't eat me."

Kimba then heard Pumbaa came by the entrance and says, " Drop' em!"

The Hyena trio turn to Pumbaa as Banzai says, " Hey! Who's the pig?"

Pumbaa then says being angry, " Are you talking to me?"

Timon see's Kimba and turns to Timon as Timon whispers into Kimba's ears, " Uh-oh, they called him a pig."

Kimba chuckles quietly as Pumbaa says again, " Are you talking to me?"

Timon talks to the Hyena trio, " You shouldn't have said that."

Pumbaa repeats in a angry tone, " ARE YOU TALKING TO ME?"

Timon then says, " Now they're in for it."

Pumbaa says, " THEY CALL ME MR. PIG! AHHHH!"

Pumbaa charges at the Hyena trio, talking them out, then the Hyena trio leave the den, Pumbaa frees Timon and Zazu, Kimba tells his family to follow him, they are now out on the battlefield, Kimba meets up with Simba, Kimba and Simba lead Zira, Nuka, and Vitani to safety in their new den, two American Soldiers came and guarded the den, that Zira and the others are at, Simba and Kimba then went to look for Scar, then Kimba and Simba climbed up some rocks that show a pathway heading for the top of Pride Rock, Simba and Kimba looked for Scar, then they saw something moving, then when a flash of lightening showed that it is Scar, Simba and Kimba roared and chased after their enemy, Scar jumped over the flames, but to end up in a dead end, he is trapped for good, Simba and Kimba jumped over the flames as Simba and Kimba walk to Scar, Simba says with anger, " Murderer."

Kimba says with anger, " Three years we all had to live under rule and terror, now it's time for you to suffer the consequences for your actions."

Scar says to Simba and Kimba, " Simba, Richard. Please. Please have mercy. I beg you."

Simba says, " You don't deserve to live."

Kimba agrees, " Got that right, and my name is not Richard anymore, I'm now known as Kimba."

Scar says to the boys, " But boys, I am family. It's the hyenas who are the real enemy. It was their fault. It was their idea!"

Simba says to his uncle, " Why should we believe you? Everything you ever told me was a lie."

Kimba says to his father, " I still remember, the day you have betrayed me, my followers, and also the Pride."

Scar asks, " What are you going to do? You wouldn't kill your old Uncle? And You wouldn't kill your old Dad...?"

Kimba thought for a minute, his old man do deserve to die, but he remembered what his biological mother said to him, he remembered that she said, that being angry at someone and killing them, will only make you miserable and also make you feel like the bad person, Kimba says, " No."

Simba agrees with Kimba, " No, Scar. We're not like you."

Scar says with relief, " Oh, boys, thank you. You are truly noble. I'll make it up to you, I promise. How can I, ah, prove myself to you? Tell me; I mean, anything."

Kimba turned to his cousin and asked, " Are you thinking, what I'm thinking?"

Simba says, " Yes." Simba and Kimba turned to Scar and Simba says, " Run. Run away, Scar. And never return."

Kimba says, " If we find you again in the Pridelands, you will face the worst that will come from me."

Scar says to the boys in front of him, " Yes, of course."

Simba and Kimba turn their heads to him, as Scar says, " As you wish, your Majesties."

Scar then swiped some hot coals and they hit Simba and Kimba in their faces, Simba and Kimba recover from that attack, Scar pounces on Simba, Scar try's to bite Simba on the neck, but Simba's mane, made that task very difficult to do, Simba swiped Scar off of him, Simba and Scar were fighting each other on their hind legs, Kimba saw some of Scar's hyena's trying to kill him, Kimba his machine gun that is on his back, and fired it killing a lot of Scar's hyena's, After Kimba killed Scar's loyal Hyena's, Kimba saw that Scar had knocked out his cousin, Scar was about to kill him, Kimba was not going to let another one of his family die, so Kimba pounced on his father, Scar felt his son jump him, as he says, " Get off!"

Kimba responded by biting Scar on his back, Scar roars in pain, Kimba also swiped him too, Scar tried to get Kimba off of him, but did no good, Kimba was about to bite on Scar's neck, but Scar managed to get Kimba off, Scar was about to attack his son, until he saw something glow red, then he saw the amulet, as he says, " The amulet."

Kimba now has to keep the amulet away from Scar, because if Scar gets his paws on the amulet, it would mean the end of the world, Scar try's attacks Kimba, as he says, " I want that amulet!"

Kimba then fought against Scar, but this time, just like Simba did earlier, Kimba started to wander, how his biological mother died, then he remembered something from his past, he remembered some terrorist attack happened in his home in the United States, he remembered seeing Scar kill his mother right in front of him, as Kimba says, " It was you, you killed my biological mother, that was no accident or some random attack."

Scar says to his son, " Yes, I killed her!"

Scar then pounces on Kimba, Scar starts biting Kimba's neck, trying to kill him and take the amulet, Simba recovers and see's that his uncle is trying to take the amulet, Simba heard about a prophecy with the two kings, he also heard that if evil would have it, it would be the end of the peaceful world, forever, Simba was going to let his cousin be killed, after all Kimba saved him, so Simba would do the same in return, Simba then pounces on his uncle saving Kimba's life, Simba and Scar fought again, This time Scar swiped Simba, Simba got swiped so hard, he flew and landed on back, Scar says to Simba, " Say hello to your father for me."

Kimba then tried figure out what to do, then he remembered the amulet, he remembered what Mufasa's spirit said, ' The stone can be mastered by the one's with courage and bravery in your heart, the amulet has a power when in need.'

Kimba then decides to use the amulet, Kimba contracted, then power came to Kimba, the power turned Kimba into a white lion with blue eyes and his scar on his lift eye is gone, he is still wearing his Nazi uniform and his Nazi hat, Kimba then used the power of the amulet to stop Scar, Kimba attacks Scar, Scar jumps out of the way, but Kimba got his leg, Scar was hurt, Scar tried to like over jump it to kill Simba, but Scar did it too early, Simba got his hind legs up and threw Scar over the edge, Scar fell to the ground below, Simba and Kimba look down at Scar, and saw that he is still up, Scar got up and saw Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, as Scar says, " Ah my friends."

Shenzi says, " Friends? I thought he said we were the enemy."

Banzai says, " Yeah, That's what I heard."

Shenzi and Banzai turn to Ed and says, " Ed?"

Ed only laughs, as Allied soldiers and the Scar's Hyena's that surrendered, and heard the what their once leader said, the Allied soldiers surround Scar, pointing machine guns at him, the Hyena's get closer to tear apart, as Scar says, " No! Let me explain. No, you don't understand. No, I didn't mean to... No, no!"

The Allied soldiers fired their machine guns killing the Tyrant, as the Hyena's feed on his body, then the power went back into the amulet, Kimba was back to his own self, Kimba has his Brown fur, Black mane, green eyes, and a scar over his lift eye, then suddenly it starts raining, the fires were being put out because of the heavy rain, the NATO and Allied forces were relieved to see rain in the Pridelands, the Pride and Kimba's followers were relieved to see rain, Simba and Kimba go see their families, Simba see's Sarabi and Nala, as Kimba see's Zira and Zainabu, then Simba and Kimba hear a noise, they turn and see Rafiki pointing up the ledge, they knew what to do, Simba and Kimba go up and hug Rafiki, then Rafiki says, to Simba and Kimba, " It is time."

Kimba nods, as Simba and Kimba walk up the ledge, when they made to the ledge, Simba and Kimba look in the sky, they both hear the voice of Mufasa say, " Remember."

Simba and Kimba smile as they both roar, the Pride and some of Kimba's followers roar, then the NATO and Allied forces yell out in victory, during the next mouths that pass, NATO and Allied forces help rebuild the Pridelands, soon the Pridelands were back the way they once were, Kimba's followers were for now called the ' Nazi's', because they wear Nazi uniforms, and the animals have returned to the Pridelands, and today was a special day, NATO and Allied soldiers were standing in front of the animals with their country's flags, Simba, Nala, Kimba, Zainabu, Airna, Akida, Ajabu, Timon, and Pumbaa, were standing at the ledge seeing the animals and their allies, Simba and Nala were nuzzling each other, Kimba and Zainabu were doing the same, then Rafiki came with two cubs, one is Simba and Nala's cub and the other one is Kimba and Zainabu's cub, then Rafiki left them both in the air, as they are the new king's heir.

Well, that's the story, get ready for the next story, coming soon, see you later.