Author's Notes: Youko x Sei is my favorite paring from Konno Oyuki's Maria-sama ga Miteru. I hope I did them justice. The prompts come from lover100, a variation of fanfic100 on LiveJournal. The inspiration comes from Yosane of DeviantArt and her beautiful drawing of Youko and Sei entitled 'Tied'. Thank you, it will continue to be a wonderful muse. :)

I plan to post more sets of 10 as I finish them, so keep an eye on this if you're interested.

Youko x Sei: 100 Moments, Part 1
Failure, Discovery, Honesty, Haunted, First Meetings, Kinky, Water, Sanctuary, Heat, Resolutions

91. Failure - Sleeping Beauty

Sei reclined on the seat under the window in the Rose Mansion with her eyes closed, enjoying the summer breeze. Youko thought that she was breathtaking. Her clean features wore an expression that was relaxed, yet melancholic. The wind ruffled her hair, making Sei look like the sleeping heroine of a fairy tale. Impulsively, Youko leaned closer to Sei, hoping to play the role of the dashing prince. But as their faces neared and Youko licked her lips in anticipation, Sei stirred ever so slightly, causing Youko to retreat. Sei remained asleep, but Youko was now reluctant to awaken her.

05. Discovery - Chocolate Surprise I

The bag of homemade chocolates in her skirt pocket was like a lead weight. Now that Valentine's Day was ending, Youko felt foolish for having brought them to school.

"Youko!" a voice called, and she turned to find herself looking into Sei's cheerful face. "What have we here?" Sei asked, and only too late did Youko realize that she had subconsciously pulled out the bag of chocolates. Sei grabbed it and dangled the chocolates in front of Youko's blushing face. "And who might these be for?" she asked smugly.

"They were from Sachiko," Youko swiftly lied. Her satisfaction was quickly erased by the look of disappointment on Sei's face.

018. Honesty - Chocolate Surprise II

Taking back the bag of chocolates, with her face ablaze from embarrassment, Youko abruptly said "Gokigenyou," and turned away. She managed to take three steps before Sei threw her arms around her from behind.

"Now now, don't be like that," Sei whispered coyly. The gentle tone in her voice sent a profound wave of emotion through Youko's heart. Pinning Youko's arms to her sides, Sei plucked the chocolates from Youko's hand again and slowly began to open the bag. When the dark haired girl did not protest, she extracted one piece of chocolate and placed it in her mouth. "Mmm," Sei purred, still holding Youko from behind. "Thanks for the chocolate."

"'re welcome."

053. Haunted - Past Life

Shiori. Years had passed since her 17th birthday, the painful day of parting, but memories of Shiori still ravaged Sei's heart. The intensity of her longing had lessened as days went by, but there were some lonely nights that were too great for her to face alone. They were no longer high school classmates, but there was only one person Sei could trust to indulge her when she was in such a mood. Picking up her phone, she dialed.

"Youko," Sei breathed, her voice heavy with sorrow.

There was a moment of pause. "I'll be there in 1 hour," promised a compassionate voice.

006. First Meetings - First-Name Basis

Youko was surprised when Rosa Gigantea en bouton brought Sei to a meeting one day and announced Sei to be her petite souer. They were classmates, but had hardly spoken to each since a brief exchange where Sei referred to her as a meddler. So when Rosa Gigantea en bouton brought Sei before her for introductions, Youko greeted her formally.

"Gokigenyou, Rosa Gigantea en bouton petite souer."

"What's the matter, Youko?" Sei asked, emphasizing the lack of honorific on her name. Youko was taken aback by the intimacy of Sei's address. "There's no need to speak to me so formally, is there?" she asked with a mischievious smile.

"Ara, Youko-chan," mused Rosa Gigantea en bouton. "I had no idea you and Sei were such good friends."

"Me either," thought Youko, but she managed to keep her composure and smiled.

052. Kinky - Birthday Request

"Sei...!" Youko growled. Apprehension had turned into annoyance and was now turning into anger. She was blinded-folded, half-naked, and bound to a chair at the request of the birthday girl, Sei. After much coercion, Youko had finally allowed her wrists to be bound from behind. She had even allowed Sei to open her blouse and unzip her jeans with her mouth, and refrained from complaining as Sei stripped her down to her underwear and tied her ankles to the chair. But then Sei brought out a blindfold, and it was all downhill after that. With her vision obscured, Sei had fallen silent and was now probably leering at her half-naked body while Youko struggled.

As soon as she was freed from this chair, Sei was dead.

032. Water - Downpour

The rain came down upon them without warning. Sei and Youko took shelter in the nearest building, which happened to be the old greenhouse. As Youko shut the door behind them, Sei looked around the greenhouse with distaste. Painful memories of herself and Shiori being caught here in the rain began to resurface in her heart, causing Sei to panic and reach for the door. As though Youko understood the root of Sei's panic, she quickly embraced Sei and ordered her to close her eyes.

"Take a deep breath, and focus on the sound of the rain."

Sei did as she was told and breathed in the pleasant scent of Youko's damp hair. With the greenhouse out of view and Shiori's scent masked by Youko's, Sei heartache slowly subsided.

094. Sanctuary - Embrace

Sei felt safe within Youko's arms. They accepted her warmly, taking her in like a stray cat in need of a home. There were few people she trusted more than Youko, so she knew that nothing could harm her as she was held within this protective embrace. She breathed in Youko's scent, basked in her gentle touch, and was grateful that such comfort existed. But both of them were prideful, so these moments were rare as neither could admit that they needed the other's touch. Therefore, Sei burrowed herself deeply into Youko's breasts now, cherishing this precious moment of security.

040. Heat - Tough Luck

It was impossibly hot in the Rose Mansion. Youko had come to finish some work, but she quickly gave up and moved to the seat by the window. Her collar was in disarray around her sweaty neck and she sat with her legs spread wide, but Youko was hot, so lady-like manners be damned!

"Youko, moooove," Sei whined, coming over to where she sat. Clearly the heat was affecting her, too. "You're in my seat!"

"Tough luck," was Youko's weary reply. She started fanning herself with a piece of paper. Without warning, Sei threw herself on Youko's lap and rested her head against Youko's shoulder.

"Sei, there's no way either of us will cool down like this."

"Tough luck," Sei pouted. Youko sighed and began to fan them both.

008. Resolutions - Never Again

Tonight was a mistake. It could never happen again. Youko slipped out of the futon quietly and gathered her clothing. She dressed quickly, keeping her eyes on Sei's sleeping form all the while. She wanted to escape before Sei awoke, before she could be confronted and possibly even enticed back into bed. Never again, Youko told herself as she vainly tried to smooth her wrinkled shirt and straighten her hair. She picked up her purse, opened the door, and gave Sei's peaceful face one last look. Never again, Youko told herself firmly, but her resolution was already beginning to waver.