Youko x Sei: 100 Moments, Part 4
Dirt, Summer Love, Frustration, Need, Grace, Healing, Make-Up, Should Have, Opportunity, Innocence

038. Dirt - Crumbs

The slices of cake that Youko brought to Sei's apartment were only a few bites away from being completely devoured. With an ample amount of laughter and merriment, the two former Roses worked their way through three layers of sponge cake, strawberries, and whipped cream.

"You have some frosting right here," Youko said, pointing to a corner of her mouth to indicate the portion of Sei's face that was covered in cream.

"Oh? Perhaps you could get it for me?" Sei teased, tilting her mouth toward Youko with a devilish grin.

Youko responded with a playful glare. "I am not you and you are not Yumi-chan. Wipe it yourself."

"I didn't ask you to wipe it, did I?" came Sei's reply, the flirtatious tone growing in her voice. "Lick it for me."

Youko's smile faltered briefly as she contemplated the seriousness of Sei's request. A moment later, she leaned in slowly towards Sei. When the other girl did not retreat, Youko swiftly licked the corner of Sei's mouth and removed the offending bit of cream.

"Gochizousama," Youko mumbled, much to Sei's delight.

41. Summer Love - Next Summer

In the final days of summer, Youko found herself pushing through her last bit of homework while Sei lounged beside her. How lucky for Sei that Lillian Women's University handed out very little summer work while her own university seemed to want to smother her with it.

"Youko, let's go to Hokkaido this summer."

Youko looked up from her textbook in disbelief. "THIS summer?" she asked incredulously. "THIS summer is almost over Sei, and classes are starting again in a week. If you wanted to go somewhere THIS summer, you should have planned it out sooner."

"Fine, Kyoto then. It's much closer. Let's go this weekend."

With an exasperated sigh, Youko returned to her mountain of assignments. Rather than lose her temper, it was just easier to stop paying attention to Sei.

"So... this weekend then?" Sei asked again.

"What makes you think I'll be done this weekend?" Youko answered, distracted by her homework.

"OK, next summer then."

"What makes you think we'll still be together next summer?"

A poignant silence followed, one in which Youko knew she had crossed a line. The heat and exhaustion had loosened her tongue, causing her to say something that should not have been said. She cast a sidelong glance at Sei, glimpsed the hurt expression, and instantly felt guilty.

"Next summer," Youko said, shutting her textbook firmly. She circled the table to the Sei's side and lay down beside her, intertwining their fingers and their affections. "Hokkaido and Kyoto next summer. It's a promise."

014. Frustration - Distance Between Lovers

Sei had done it for herself. She told Youko that she wanted sex and nothing more. This was Sei's way of distancing herself from the responsibilities of being a lover, the emotional burden Youko was sure to bring. So for months, Sei would visit Youko only in the evenings when it was convenient for herself and always left Youko soon after.

But slowly, without realizing it, Sei began to long for the emotional burden. She wanted to be with Youko all the time, to share meals together, to wake up in the morning with Youko in her arms. But Sei had already laid down the rules. How could she go back on the mantra that she had hammered into Youko for months now?

"Let's keep this simple."

But now the emotions in her heart, the love and longing she felt, were anything but simple. Originally, Sei had done this for herself. Only too late did she realize that she had done this to herself.

064. Need - Taking the Day Off

Youko sat on the corner of her bed. She tried to ignore the sleepy fuzz in her brain and Sei's light snoring as she began to dress for work. Her fingers were slowly buttoning up her blouse when she heard the disturbance in Sei's breathing. Moments later, Sei's delicate white fingers gently took hold of her wrist.

"Sei?" she murmured softly, turning to look at the tousle-haired girl who had rolled toward her and buried her face in Youko's lap. "Go back to sleep."

"Mmm," came the muffled reply. "I'm still sleeping. I'm dreaming of you right now."

Youko smiled and tried to release herself from Sei's hold. "I have work in an hour and I need to get dressed."

"I think you mean you need to get undressed." Sei's hand sneaked around Youko's back, and she realized with bemusement that Sei had skillfully unhooked her bra. "Why not take the day off and get back into bed with me?"

"But the office needs me..."

Sei gently pulled Youko back onto the mattress and slowly climbed on top. "I need you," Sei whispered into her ear, sending a chill down Youko's spine.

The needs of the office could wait until tomorrow.

19. Grace - Breathtaking

While in the presence of others, Sei tried not to look too closely at Youko. If she did, Sei knew she would be captivated by the elegance of Youko's existence. There was a profound beauty in everything that Youko did. Sei was enthralled by the way her hips swayed as she walked, the way her lips moved as she spoke. One look into Youko's eyes made Sei feel like her thoughts were being read. Youko was much too ethereal to look at, far too delicate to touch.

Sei felt that one as sullied as herself did not deserve to witness Youko's grace.

046. Healing - A Kind Fever

Youko had a fever of 102. Where many might cry at the idea of having such a high temperature, Youko was actually kind of enjoying her illness.

"Open wide," Sei gently instructed her and tipped the last spoonful of warm rice gruel into her mouth. Youko settled back into the futon wearily, exhausted from the effort of consuming her dinner. "Do you want any water?"

"Ugh…" she groaned in the negative, her head throbbing with pain. She could feel Sei hovering above her, radiating with concern. Sei's fingers gently stroked her hair and placed a cold towel onto her forehead.

"Why are you only nice to me when I'm sick?" Youko wanted to ask, but the words were unable to pass through her sore throat. Instead, she gratefully accepted Sei's care in silence and hoped she could remember to ask her question after Sei nursed her back to health.

084. Make-Up - The Way You Care

Sei was late again. This was a habit of hers, one that Youko had learned to tolerate. But after countless late arrivals, Youko had had enough.

"After all this time, do you still not care about me at all?" Youko demanded after waiting over an hour for Sei to show for a dinner date.

"Huh? What are you saying...?"

"You always arrive late and you never call to warn me. Is this the way you show me how much you care about me?"


Sei stopped her mid rant with a passionate kiss. In that instant, the delayed dinner plans were forgotten and Youko pushed her anger aside while Sei's feelings coursed through her. When they pulled away, Sei was starring at her with more sincerity than she had ever shown before.

"That is the way I show you how much I care about you."

062. Should Have - The Strong Side of You

Youko rolled over in her futon, sadly finding that she was alone. She should not have expected Sei to be there, but Youko had hoped for it anyway. The truth was that years had gone by since she shared a futon with Sei.

"I hate the strong side of you," Sei had once told her.

Youko wasn't mad at that time, and even now she felt the same. How could she be mad at the truth? Youko was headstrong, she was stubborn, and after nearly 2 years of a loosely defined relationship with Sei, she still could not admit what Sei meant to her. So when Sei asked for more from Youko or threatened to leave, Youko allowed her to leave.

It was years after her painful day of parting with Sei, and Youko cursed her strong personality each day. Sei should be sleeping next to her right now, and Youko should have said, "I love you," so many years ago.

043. Opportunity - Whatever You Want

Sei was approaching her with a kind, seductive smile on her lips. She pressed Youko against the wall, trapping her there. Youko pushed back against Sei's chest, struggling to free herself, but Sei held her firmly. The smile on Sei's lips was kind and seductive, yet cruel at the same time. Youko stared back into the eyes blue eyes that danced before her merrily.

"You're drunk," Youko said. It was an observation, but she also meant it as a plea, as another way of saying, "you wouldn't be doing this if you were sober."

"You're right, I am drunk," Sei said, "but think of this as an opportunity to do whatever you want to me."

030. Innocence - Teddy Bear

Youko entered her apartment and was surprised to find Sei sleeping on her sofa. The blonde was sprawled across the cushions, her eyes shut and her mouth opened wide in an unabashedly relaxed expression. As Youko crossed her living room, she wondered if it was worth waking Sei to reprimand her for coming over when she had told Sei that she needed to study all evening. But one look at Sei's peacefully sleeping face melted the anger in her heart.

She turned to walk away and an arm shot out and wrapped around her knees, pulling her backwards onto the sofa. Youko cried out as she fell heavily onto Sei, who appeared undisturbed by the force of Youko's weight.

"W-what are you doing?!"

"I sleep better with a teddy bear," came Sei's sleepy reply.

Youko smiled and turned to face Sei and tapped her lightly on the nose. "Is that all I am to you? A teddy bear?"

"No, you're more than that..." she murmured with her eyes still closed and an affectionate smile on her lips. Moments later, her heavy breathing of sleep resumed. Youko decided to close her eyes as well.

Author's Notes: Over 2 years later, a new set of Youko x Sei moments appears! I was re-watching a bit of the anime recently and it made me remember how much I liked this pairing. I found most of the stories above already written out in their entirety in an old file back from 2011, so I basically just edited what I had and wrote in two new pieces. In terms of writing, it feels a lot like I cheated even though I actually wrote everything myself (even if I don't remember doing it). If only all writing could be this easy, lol.