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future seer – it seems to me that you've lost your touch.

Morty x Sabrina

"Why are you here?" The blond man arched an eyebrow, annoyance flashing in his dark eyes. The wind howled, throwing his purple and gray scarf around his neck. The woman in front of him simply smiled her sarcastic smile, before taking a few steps, her footfalls crushing the fallen golden leaves of autumn. The Bell Tower glimmered in the sunset, its architecture seeming more mocking than proud, at least to Morty of Ecruteak City.

He was the shunned chosen one, after all.

"You should know why I am here." Sabrina of Saffron's lips twisted into a smirk. Her long hair whipped around her, giving her the look of a fallen angel. "…after all, you are the 'mystic seer of the future'. I'm sure a vision or something of the sort tipped you off."

Morty simply scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest. "Why did you come here, Sabrina? There has to be a good reason you traveled to Johto."

Sabrina closed the distance between them, her eyes sparkling malevolently, her fingertips brushing Morty's face delicately. "It was written in the stars long before our meeting, Morty. It was written in the book of death, of life, of the future." The psychic turned around suddenly, now behind the blond man, her hands covering his eyes. Morty made no move, accustomed to the lack of light. "You have been turning a blind eye to the power of premonition, my dear. Your hunt for Ho-oh has…destroyed your future." Sabrina's whispers echoed in the man's mind, as the woman pressed her violet lips against his cheek, leaving an indigo imprint.

The mark of death.


She left, she disappeared into the setting sun.

He stood still. His lips twitched into a smile.

"Goodbye, psychic."