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Spoilers: Freak Nation

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"Max! Pass it!" Alec called as he raced down TC's makeshift football field. Somehow, he had convinced Max to give everyone a day off to just have some fun and put Alec in charge of setting it up.

Skins v scales, he'd called it, as the transgenics were on one team and the transhumans on the other. Mole just chuckled at him while puffing on his latest cigar when the idea was suggested. He blew it off but everyone could see that he was excited. Everyone was. This was a chance to show off and stretch their legs a bit. The siege was wearing on everyone and a day of play was exactly what the city needed to get back on top. The football field was decrepit and run down but with all the Seattle rain, the grass was still thriving. The goal posts weren't in peak condition either but they were plenty functional.

Max lobbed the ball laterally toward Alec when his transhuman guard, a digger unit named Naomi, tripped and fell behind for a moment. As soon as the ball settled in his arms, Alec was off like a shot. He dodged Joshua's lumbering form and ran past Mole for the touchdown.

"TOUCHDOWN!" The entire 'skin' team cheered at Alec's success.

He smirked at Mole on the way back to his side. After he shrugged it off enough when Alec first announced the football game, (he did have a reputation to protect) Mole had approached Alec and made a little wager. So far Alec was winning.

Max glanced around and was thrilled at what she saw. Gem and the other mom's and their children were cheering in the stands along with some of the more 'specialized' transhumans and anyone who wasn't up to playing. They were all just as excited as the players were. Her gaze flitted from face to face and she could see almost all of the tension that normally resided on their features had melted away. She stole a grateful look at Alec. Without him, none of this would have come together. The next play started but seconds after they called hike, the buzzer sounded and that was the game.

Skins: 14


The stands cheered and Alec just laughed and went over and shook Mole's hand.

"Alright, princess, here's your bottle." The lizard man grudgingly handed over. Mole was infamous within TC for making the most potent brew around and the only thing that could get transgenics even close to drunk. Even then it was still leaning more towards tipsy but it was good enough. Everyone was on the lookout for one of those bad boys.

"Hey, Alec."

Alec looked up from his work the day after the football game and saw Max standing in front of him.

"Oh, hey, Max. What brings you over to my desk today?"

"I just wanted to thank you for convincing me to have a game day. I think it really helped."

"Sure. No problem, Maxie." Alec stared after her as she walked away.

"Must have helped for you to come over and thank me and let me call you Maxie." He muttered when she was no longer within earshot.

'I wonder if she'd let me put together a capture the flag day next week'

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