Chapter One

Becoming a Star

By Hinata Hyuga

She looked at the blank page and didn't blink. She couldn't believe she was going to write about her own life. The guys insisted she wrote this annoying book. How did it all start anyway? She thought silently to herself.

"Well all of it kind of started when I was a waitress," Hinata started typing and continued, "It was fate that brought Kakashi sensei there."

Her story begins…

Hinata came from a foster home. The lady who took her in only wanted the money and kicked her to the curb when it stopped coming in. She wasn't the only poor victim in the small apartment. The cycle was never going to end. She slept under the starry night for several days before she was able to start working. With the money she saved she got her one room apartment. She got it before winter came! She wasn't use to the quiet environment and it would take time. She eagerly went to work.

"Hinata you're here early!" Hannah her employer couldn't be happier with Hinata. "The next customer that steps in is yours. Don't worry I'll clock you in." She smiled and handed her the tray. "You better hurry!"

Something seemed so off about her employer. Hinata shrugged it off and looked at the door. A man with white hair and a mask came in. Hinata walked towards him with a big smile.

"Hello it's kind of busy today would you like for me to find a seat?" Hinata looked at the expressionless man. This bar was different many others. You've heard of Cafes with Cat eared maids? Well this place was for men with interest in woman dressed like nurses serving beer and alcoholic drinks. Not to worry many fights are started but the guards were strong and many.

"Yes that would kind of you." The man followed her to a less crowded area.

"What would you like to drink?" Hinata took out her small book from the back of her pocket. "We're having special on Jack Daniels."

"Give me the strongest stuff." He seemed tense and tired.

"Sure thing, my name is Hinata feel free to call me!" Hinata ran to the station were all the drinks were at.

"Wow she's cute." Kakashi felt his phone vibrate in his jacket. He looked at the caller ID and complained. "Hey Tsunade…" he was worried. He quickly removed the phone from his ear. "Calm down no need to scream." He cursed under his breath. "It was today? I don't have a person to replace her!" He admitted defeat. "I'll bring a girl tomorrow. Ok, see you."

Kakashi was getting himself mentally prepared to get fired. He hoped that he would be leaving the place in one piece after Tsunade beat him to the pulp.

"Here you go sir! Most of the people say this is pretty strong because the Vodka was kind of done. We'll give it half off!" Hinata clapped her hands and opened her eyes. The man wasn't reacting he seemed dazed.

"An angel…" Kakashi then smiled devilish. "She said any girl, as long as she's pretty." He started to speak to himself.

"Sir, are you alright?" Hinata was getting worried. "Can I help you with something?" He grabbed her wrist.

"My name is Kakashi; I'm a producer of Drama Girl. Have you heard of it?"

"Not really, my mom wouldn't let me watch TV." She chuckled shyly and told him to carry on.

"Well, one of my actors has gotten herself pregnant so she ended her role. There's supposed to be a new student or a new girl. I was supposed to get an actor by now but it just passed me by. I think you'll be perfect for the role please tell me you're interested." Kakashi's eyes sparkled. Hinata wasn't too sure of this guy.

"How do I know you're not a pervert?" Hinata raised her eyebrows.

"Here my card I would like for you to call me by the end of today. If you're not interested tomorrow I'll get someone else who might be." The picked up his bottle and poured into the cup.

"Sir I'll pour it in!"

"I'll buy the whole bottle." Kakashi was weary yet again. "I need it." He gulped the shot in one second.

"Sure thing, be careful." Hinata slowly backed off and went to the station. Her boss came out with the pay checks and handed them. Hinata was surprised to see the small number on the check. "Sir?"

"Yes Hinata?" The older man with a beard stopped from returning to his office.

"This can't be correct." Hinata looked at the number again, "It's only 200$, that's not even enough for my rent and food."

"Sorry Hinata I'm just paying as the card tells me. It says that you haven't come to work for too long. You even missed yesterday." He went back into his office.

Hinata couldn't believe what she was hearing. She didn't miss a day since she started a month ago. Lately she hasn't been the one clocking in. She remembered how Lucy always told her to go on and work that she'll punch her in.

"Lucy was it you?" Hinata was holding her tears in.

"Why would you say that, Hinata?" Lucy played innocently.

"You lied to me…" Hinata sniffed and continued, "I trusted you. We went to school together and now you work with me."

"Don't take it personal, but it's not fair." Hannah showed her true face full of hatred. "You were prettier and you get more customers. So I made you pay for every penny I lost last week." She stalked to the entrance and let another man in.

Hinata couldn't believe what she had heard. She worked just like Hannah and even more. She wiped her tears and went back to the table that Kakashi sat by himself. But he was gone. She searched but it seemed that he had paid and left.

"I have the end of today!" She ran to one of the customers, and asked, "Can I borrow your phone for a second?"

The guys face lighted up and he gave her his cell.

"Thank you so much I'll be quick!" She turned and looked at the card Kakashi gave her. The phone rang and it went to voicemail. "Kakashi it's Hinata from the bar we spoke about acting. I will take your offer please call me back but not at this number. My cell is (xxx)xxx-xxxx Thank you!" Hinata hanged up and returned the cell. She went outside and left her work.

When she came back to the apartment she found her stuff outside. She hoped as much. Her phone was in her pocket. She looked outside and wished with all her might he would call her back.


Kakashi woke up when the sun rays hit his face. He sat up and looked at the time.

"CRAP!" It was one in the after noon.

His phone vibrated. "Five messages?" He listened to the first four (all Tsunade) and was about to hang up when he heard Hinata. He wrote her number down and dialed it. "Hinata it's me Kakashi…"

To be continued…