Chapter 27

"Sasuke Uchiha, which is you?" Hiashi asked Sasuke. Sauske nodded. "Well then I should tell you what you are about to face."

"Tell me everything you need to sir." Sasuke looked at Hinata was sitting next to him happy.

"I know you want to marry my daughter but something came up that is more important." Hiashi looked at the papers in front of him. "Souske had done some bad things that have him running from the law but now something has come to light. All the paper works says that not Souske was doing it but Sasuke. He did everything under your name and soon the government will get you."

"What that's not fair!" Hinata stood up. "What about the paper work of Sasuke's adoption that can help you?"

"Not really. Kakashi did everything in a hush meaning that under the view of the public I am guilty." Sasuke lowered his head. Hinata didn't know what to do. She finally got back with Sasuke but soon they'll be separated maybe ever forever.

"Can't you do something dad?" Hinata begged. Hiashi looked away.

"The only thing we could do it get Souske to confess that he was wrong. Hinata will you be willing to go back there and catching it all on tape?"

"No I have something better." Hinata dialed TenTen's number. "I need your help."


"Hinata I can't let you go there again." Sasuke tried to stop her but she pecked his lips and got in TenTen's car.

"See you soon." Hinata was then gone from his view.

"Hey Sasuke here." Neji took out his laptop. "You'll be able to see it all here." He looked at the room Hinata was held captive. "Be aware you might hear things you'll never want to hear."

"I know but I don't care." Sasuke looked intently at the screen.


"So what happened?" Sakura asked Gaara. Kiba passed him an apple. "I haven't heard from anyone. I mean the show too."

"We're off for now." Kiba said. They all looked at each other. "Stuff just keeps on getting worse and worse." They all signed.


"Souske." Hinata called for him. He turned to see her. His smile grew as he got closer. "Are you here for more?" He said touching her lips.

"Let's go somewhere private then." Hinata pressed the button on the elevator. Souske followed her. Hinata only had to endure him for a while.


Sasuke could see Hinata enter the room with Souske. He touched her neck gripping it tightly.

"What is the real reason you're here?" Souske didn't quite try to choke her. "Did you come for more? Another round at it?" He pushed her to the bed.

"I came to talk!" She said sitting up. He crossed his arms. "You're framing Sasuke! Please stop it!"

"What are you talking about?" He said closing the space between them. "I'm just as surprised as you to know he did such horrendous things."

"No you framed him. What would you have me do so that I can save him?" Hinata asked feeling the tears slip. "Why would you do this to your brother?"

"Brother! He's not my brother! He's a traitor! I wanted him out so I used his name! He's over with now. Hinata forget him and marry me." Souske goes in for a kiss but she jumps off the bed.

"Never!" Hinata signaled the camera.

"What are you doing?" Souske looked at the camera. "You didn't!"

"I did and you're done with!" Hinata. He pushed her to the ground and she cringed at the pain.

"I'll take you again before that!"


"What does he mean?" Sasuke stumbled and picked himself up again. "Did he do something to her?" Hinata why are you hiding these things from me? Sasuke ran to his car racing down the streets to Uchiha Company building. When he finally made it there the police surrounded the area.

"Who are you?" One cop asked.

"Sasuke Uchiha." The man told him to get out the car. "But I'm innocent!"

"Sure, sure…" The cop put some hand cuffs on him.

"But it is true officer look at this!" TenTen came with her laptop. "This is footage from the inside of this building. They took a look and nodded.

"We need to save her."


The doors were broken open and Souske was taken to jail. Sasuke fell to his knees and hugged Hinata. She was untouched and crying.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Sasuke said over and over again.

Two Months later…

"Hey Hinata you ready?" Ino took a peek in the room. "Don't tell me you have cold feet!"

"It's just so scary!" Hinata looked down. "Do you think that he's making the right decision? I'm not that pretty so…" Ino pulled her cheek. "OW! What was that for?"

"He's head over heels for you so go get him!" Ino pulled her to the door.

"You're right." Hinata walked to the long isle. People gasped at the dazzling bride. Her eyes were only on those that waited for her on the other side. Her father let her go to Sasuke. Everything seemed to go so fast that soon she found herself putting the ring in his finger.

"You may kiss the bride." The man said.

Before he finished saying the words Sasuke leaned in for a kiss. Kakashi was crying loudly in the crowd. They both looked up to giggle.

"So this means you're mines." She said curling his lips as they connected with hers.

"Forever baby." He kissed her passionately. They skipped together to the other side.

"Wait!" Hinata looked at the other girls waiting. She threw her flowers back and Sakura caught it. She grabbed Gaara's arm.

Hinata and Sasuke ran to their future.

Hinata looked at the blanket computer screen. Sasuke came in the room with the infant in his arms. He looked at his wife with a questioning look. She giggled and got up from the chair.

"What were you planning to do?" Sasuke asked her. He handed the baby to her. "I think she's hungry." He added. Hinata nodded.

"Some thing everyone suggested I should do. I started writing but my mind started to remember everything. I erased it all and couldn't find myself to continue writing." Hinata lifted her shirt. "Wonder when this little girl of mines will drink off bottles."

"Enjoy it now while it lasts." He said kissing Hinata's forehead. "I don't think you need to write anything down." he chuckled. "Don't let Ino influence you."

"How'd you know it was her?" Hinata asked.

"It's seems like her." He signed. "Gaara found out this morning that Sakura's pregnant. They're changing the date to their wedding to this Friday." That was typical them. "Did TenTen tell you that she's having twins?"

"No I didn't know." Hinata laughed. "You're talking like a nosy mother."

"Well after you left today I had to answer all your calls to, no thanks." Sasuke joined in her laughter. "It seems Ino's and Shikamuro's boy is finally crawling too. Kiba also met a girl he's finally committing to, and Naruto is leaving to go visit another country soon. Man, we're all drifting apart."

"We are all grown up now." Hinata kissed her daughter. "But we'll never separate. We finally have the family we've always dreamed of." Sasuke bend his head and kiss her lips.

"With more babies coming in the way." He whispered.

"Do all the loving but there isn't another coming through this train." Hinata stated. "What you expect me to be a baby making machine?"

"Well I hope for at least three children." When Sasuke said this Hinata gasped.

"Do you have any idea how much that hurts?"

"Well I heard it gets easier each time."

"Easy for you to say you're not giving birth…"

"Well, I'm satisfied with this one child…for now." They both chuckled and looked at the baby in Hinata's arms. "I'm completely happy. I'm happy I have you and this wonderful girl."

"Me too." Hinata cradled her daughter.

The End

Finally over! But don't think this is the last story for me! Thanks for reading it this far and hope you all enjoyed every word of it. See Ya!