MC: First ever Teen Titans fanfic. Yay BB and Rae!

It all started with a question. All of this, this whole story, stems from one little question. One question, that at the time seemed an unimportant and insignificant part of our lives, turned out to be the catalyst that would changed our lives forever. That one question... changed everything. We just thought that you should know that. – R and BB

It was late afternoon, approaching evening, and Raven was meditating on the roof of Titan's Tower while the other Titans played a game of basketball. She wasn't really sure why she was meditating out there; it was hard enough focusing herself and her energy on her own, but the process was made even more difficult when she had to work to ignore Beast Boy's constant attempts to get her to join their game.

"Come on Raven, just one game," called Beast Boy from across the roof, his voice hopeful. "You know you want too."

Raven ignored the green Titan, slowly and steadily repeating her mantra of "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos" as she meditated.

After a moment Starfire's voice joined Beast Boy's. "Yes, friend Raven," called the Tamaranean joyfully, floating in the air and holding the ball just out of Cyborg's reach as he eagerly jumped for it. "Will you not participate in the game of balls and baskets with us?"

"Come on BB, Star, give it up" said Cyborg, causing Raven to smile gratefully, "you can't make Rae play basketball if she doesn't want to. Besides" he shouted loudly, grabbing the ball from Starfire's distracted hands, "I'm just about beat all y'all anyway!" He ran down the court, dodging both Robin and Starfire's attempts to seize the ball from him. He jumped high into the air, over the large green rhinoceros that had appeared in his way, and brought the ball down through the hoop, letting out his classic cry of "Booyah!" The ball flew through the hoop and hit the ground with such force that, with a loud pop and a hiss, it deflated on the spot.

"Guess that's the end of the game..." said Robin, scowling at Cyborg.

"And the winner is... the mechanical maniac... the robotic wonder... the one, the only, Cyborg!" cried Beast Boy, raising one of Cyborg's arms high into the air.

"You know it," said Cyborg smugly, smiling in triumph.

"Yes, you were most victorious," said Starfire happily, giving Cyborg a thumbs up and smiling wide.

"I think we should celebrate my victory" said Cyborg, looking thoughtful. Suddenly, he pulled out a white chef's hat, seemingly from nowhere, and placed it on his head. "I'm thinking waffles."

"Ooohhhh, yes please! That would be most excellent" said Starfire, looking excited.

"Yeah, that sounds great Cyborg," chimed in Robin, his sour expression at the loss of the basketball disappearing quickly.

The three of them proceeded towards the tower's roof access, but Beast Boy hung back. As the group reached the stairs, Cyborg turned round. "BB, Raven, you comin'?" he called to the remaining Titans. Raven shook her head, continuing on with her meditation, and Beast Boy shouted something about coming down later. "K, later then," said Cyborg, turning and walking down the stairs and out of sight.

Beast Boy stood awkwardly at the edge of the basketball court for a moment, watching his friends descend into the tower. He looked over his shoulder, watching Raven as she meditated, and weighing his options. On the one hand, waffles, which were pretty enticing on their own. On the other hand, he had been waiting for a chance to get Raven on her own for quite awhile, and it didn't seem like he was going to get a better opportunity than this. He just stood for a moment, gazing at Raven. Her hood was down, and a light breeze was blowing, tossing her hair around her face. The effect was rather enchanting. Making up his mind, he turned around, and slowly made his way over to where Raven was perched, hovering in the air at the edge of the tower. It looked to be quite a drop over the edge to the rocks and water below, and Beast Boy knew that if he said the wrong thing to the girl beside him, he could very well find himself finding out exactly how far of a drop it was, in person. He still hadn't thought through his entire plan, but Raven's voice interrupted his thought process.

"Good evening, Beast Boy," she said, eyes still closed, her emotionless voice breaking the silence of the rooftop. "Can I help you with something?"

Beast Boy silently fidgeted on the spot, unsure of how to begin his proposal. After a moment, Raven opened one eye to look at Beast Boy, meeting his gaze for a moment before he looked away. "Spit it out," she stated calmly, in that same blank, monotone voice. It wasn't a demand, rather just an attempt to get Beast Boy to speak his mind.

Beast Boy stared at her a moment longer, still thinking, then finally spoke, "I was going to ask you a question..." His voice trailed off and he fell silent again, clearly thinking really hard, but not saying anything.

The two stared at each other in silence for a moment before Raven responded to his previous statement, "Well, that's really... interesting. Is that all? Can I go back to my meditation now?"

"Uh, but I didn't even- I didn't ask- What about my question?" He spluttered, stumbling over his words.

Raven had to fight a little to keep from smiling; even though she'd never admit it, he was kinda cute when he was flustered. "Would you like to ask me the question?" she asked, still staring at him with one eye. He nodded slowly, watching her. She paused, thinking. "Is it a stupid question?" she asked, opening both eyes to give him a skeptical look.

"No!" he said defensively. "Well, maybe." He looked confused. "I don't know, I don't think it's stupid." He looked at her hopefully.

She sighed, rolling her eyes, and asked, "Is the question in any way related to tofu?" Beast Boy shook his head, smiling. She closed both her eyes again and resumed her meditation pose before responding. "Sure. Ask away."

He paused for a moment before asking "Can I meditate with you?"

MC: I hope you liked it. More to come, probably. (Maybe)