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The moment Raven left the garage, she glided through the ceiling and straight to her room. She checked to make sure the door was locked before going over to her bed and sitting down. Memories of the day's events flooded back to her, and she felt a strange, intense urge to laugh and cry at the same time. The last hour seemed to be an rapidly passing blur to her, the events all mashed together. One memory stood out to her among the others: the memory of Beast Boy, lying limp in her arms, and the feeling of pure terror that had come over her seeing his prone, unmoving form. Even Trigon coming to Earth hadn't scared her like that. She had spent the ride back to the tower trying to come up with justifications for her reaction, but she had not been able to do it. The best reason she could think of was that Beast Boy was a fellow Titan, and that she would have had the same reaction for any of her teammates. But she didn't really believe that.

Beast Boy was... important to her. He was special. He was the only person who ever got close to her, and while she was still somewhat afraid of that closeness, she was even more afraid of losing it.

She stood up from her bed and gave her head a little shake trying to clear it. She felt confused, too many thoughts and feelings in her head. She walked over to her dresser, picking up the small mirror which rested on top of it. A trip to Nevermore ought to clear her head, she reasoned, so she held the mirror up to her face and stared deeply into it. And a moment later, she found herself standing on a large black rock, hovering in a dark abyss.

Beast Boy still had his large and rather stupid looking grin on his face when he walked into the med-bay, his expression earning him a odd look from Cyborg, who stood waiting for him. "You OK BB?" asked Cyborg tentatively, giving the green Titan a gentle knock to the top of his head with his fist. "You look pretty out of it."

Beast Boy's grin slackened somewhat, but didn't fade from his face completely. "Yeah Cy, I'm fine" he responded, looking up into his friend's face. "Never better."

"Riiiiiight," said Cyborg slowly, eyeing Beast Boy suspiciously. "You've never felt better than right after you've been struck by lightning. Which almost killed you. Because that makes sense."

"Really, I feel great," said Beast Boy quickly, hoping Cyborg wouldn't press the issue. He wanted to be done with this check-up and to Raven's room as soon as possible.

Cyborg looked unconvinced. "Well, I'm just gonna run a couple of tests on your head, make sure you're all in one piece up there." He then gestured to several scary looking medical devices that Beast Boy hadn't noticed until now.

"Uh, Cy?" asked Beast Boy nervously, not taking his eyes off of one particularly sharp looking needle, "you don't have to use that stuff, do you?"

Raven glanced around, taking in her surroundings. Nevermore hadn't changed much since her last visit: still a dark vast space with red stars glowing in the distance. She stood on one of several floating platforms which were all hovering in the same general area. A moment later, however, the random black chucks of rock were flying together, forming a landscape around her.

She walked forward on the newly formed path, looking around. So far she couldn't see any of the other 'Ravens', which represented the divergent parts of her personality in this realm, but she knew it wouldn't be long before one of them found her. She just hoped it wouldn't be-. "Happy," said Raven dully, greeting the pink robed girl who approached her from around a bend in the path.

"Ravey!" shouted Happy in surprise, racing over and throwing her arms around Raven, who winced and proceeded to peel the pink girl off of herself at once.

"We've been expecting you," came another voice, announcing the arrival of the yellow-garbed, bespectacled form of Wisdom, who was followed by the other aspects of Raven's emotions.

"Um, hi Raven..." said Timid quietly, waving at Raven from behind the others.

"Yo Rae, what's up?" added Bravery, reaching up and giving Raven a high five.

"I'm real glad you came," continued Affection, smiling warmly and coming up to hug Raven as well. As with Happy, Raven quickly detached herself from the purple girl.

The brown clothed manifestation of Lazy yawned, nodding at Raven in acknowledgement, while the orange colored Rude simply burped and grunted at her.

"We're all sooooo happy you're here!" cried Happy joyously, jumping up in excitement.

"Not me!" said an angry voice from behind the group, signally Rage's arrival. The red colored girl had finally decided to make an appearance, glaring at Raven with her four, blood red eyes.

"Well you're never happy about anything," said Happy, her good mood unhampered by Rage's negative attitude. Rage just growled, causing Timid to whimper slightly. Brave was about to say something when Wisdom spoke.

"Enough," she said, holding up a hand to silence the group. Then Wisdom turned her attention to Raven, staring at the blue clothed girl through her glasses. "I think we know why you're here."

"You've been acting up," said Raven, walking up and pointing an accusatory finger at Affection before continuing. "Why do I have these... emotions related to Beast Boy?"

"What can I say?" asked Affection in mock innocence. "I'm a people person." She still had that warm smile on her face. "Sometimes I just can't help myself; it's so easy to gain affection for some people..."

"Especially green people," chimed in Happy cheerfully. "Who are funny," she added as an afterthought.

"Well stop it," said Raven to Affection, annoyance in her voice. "These emotions are... confusing. Why did you have me invite him up to my room?"

"Oh, I don't think I'm the one who can stop it," responded Affection, her smile knowing. "And I wasn't the one who invited him to your room."

"That was all you, Ravey," said Happy, positively beaming.

"What do you mean?" asked Raven, confused, looking around while the various faces of herself stared back. "You can't seriously mean that I've developed some kind of..." She paused, almost unable to say it. "Feelings... for Beast Boy?" It didn't seem possible, not for annoying, immature Beast Boy.

But the moment she said it aloud, she knew it was true. A rush of emotions came to her, flooding her senses. The concern she had felt for Beast Boy just today, the fondness she had for him and his jokes, even when he was annoying her, as well as feelings of warmth and tenderness she felt right now, thinking of him.

"Bingo," said Wisdom, walking forward and placing a hand on Raven's shoulder.

"Took you long enough," added Affection, following Wisdom's lead and placing her hand on Raven's other shoulder. The three sat in silence for a few minutes, Raven still coming to terms with her newfound feelings for her green teammate. Nearby, Happy was jumping up and down, completely exhilarated, while Lazy, Rude, and Timid hung back, though also smiling. Rage had retreated to some far corner of Nevermore, unable to stand all these pesky, positive emotions.

Finally Raven spoke, her voice quiet, thoughtful. "How do I tell him?" she asked Wisdom, unsure.

But it was Affection that responded. "Oh, I don't think you should tell him," she said slyly, her eyes alight with anticipation. "I think you should show him..."

"Well, it looks like everything checks out," said Cyborg, looking over Beast Boy's brain scan for the fourth time that evening. "Aside from some minor burns, you're fine."

"Finally!" cried Beast Boy exasperatedly, who had spent the last forty-five minutes being poked and prodded by Cyborg in the med-bay. "Can I go now?"

Cyborg nodded, and Beast Boy ran from the med-bay, already headed towards Raven's room. He arrived at her door, knocking hastily, eager to start meditating with Raven. But when he slid the door open, he was surprised by what he saw.

The ceiling lamp was off, but several small, purple candles had been placed around, casting a low, flickering light across the room. The sun was setting out the window, casting another small amount of light through the room. Despite the low light levels, the room seemed brighter than the other times he had visited. The faint scent of incense was emanating from somewhere, a smell of lilacs and lavender.

Raven sat in the middle of the room, perched on the edge of her bed and she inclined her head to greet Beast Boy as he entered. He couldn't help noticing that her features were all the more striking in the soft candlelight. Without meaning to, he gave her a small nervous smile, which, to his surprise, she returned.

"Sorry I'm late," he said sheepishly, closing the door behind him. "Cy wanted to run about a million tests..." His voice trailed off as he looked into her eyes. They looked different somehow, but he couldn't quite place it. She simply nodded, understanding.

"Here," she said gently, motioning for him to sit next to her on the bed. He walked over, looking at her. The emotionless veil she so frequently wore seemed to have lifted somewhat, causing the slightest emotions to show on her face. The ghost of a smile clung to her lips as she watched him sit down next to her.

"How are you feeling?" she asked, gesturing to his chest where his uniform was still blackened; he had forgotten to change into a fresh one.

"Better, since you healed it," he said gratefully. "Thanks."

"No problem," she said quietly. They sat in silence for a moment, looking at each other, both lost in thought. A few seconds passed before they realized that they had been watching each other, and they both blushed, glancing around the room, trying to think of something to say.

"Um, did you wanna start..." asked Beast Boy tentatively.

"Yeah," responded Raven, taking the opportunity to end the awkward silence that had fallen between them.

She crossed her legs and sat in a meditation posture, her eyes closed. Beast Boy copied her, and a moment later they both began to chant "Azarath Metrion Zinthos."

As he meditated, Beast Boy could feel the stress and the pain of the day flowing away, but he also couldn't help thinking about Raven. She seemed different tonight, but he couldn't put his finger on it. The look in her eyes, her smile, and just the way she seemed to be were all different than her typical behavior, but Beast Boy wasn't complaining. Right now, he was just happy that she was happy to spend time with him.

Meanwhile, Raven was sitting next to Beast Boy on her bed, her mind racing, stealing herself to do something she wasn't altogether sure she could do. She remembered back to the plan she and Affection had made less than an hour ago, but planning and doing, she was quickly realizing, were two very different things. Even now, she could feel herself having second thoughts, little doubts running through her head. But she could hear Affection's voice in her ear, cheering her on, and so she decided throw caution to the winds, and acted.

Beast Boy had been meditating for about fifteen minutes when something odd happened. He had been chanting the magic words for several seconds before he noticed that he could no longer hear Raven's voice speaking in unison with his. Confused, he opened his eyes to see Raven standing right in front of him, leaning over with her face less than an inch from his, bearing an sly smile. He gave a little "eep!" of surprise, instinctively leaning backwards. She followed his movement however, maintaining the inch of space between their faces. Her face was red, but not anywhere near as red as his must have been.

After a moment she spoke, and Beast Boy was shocked to hear her normally emotionless voice replaced by a passionate tone that was laced with humor. "You know," she said quietly, moving even closer to Beast Boy, "I never did thank you."

Beast Boy, who was still utterly confused and quite incapable of thinking clearly, was barely able to respond. "For what?" he asked nervously, his voice nearly silent.

"Well," she said slowly, staring deep into his eyes, her voice practically seductive, "You may not have noticed, but you kind of, ya know..." She paused, her lips barely a fraction of an inch away from his, the sweet smell of her warm breath passing across his face, "saved me."

And then Raven was kissing him, her soft lips pressing gently against his, and Beast Boy's mind went blissfully blank. He could never remember feeling like this, being kissed like this, and for one moment, he found himself unable to respond, unable to think, unable to do anything at all. His wildest dreams were coming true at that very moment, and he was more surprised than he'd ever been in his life. The moment soon passed, however, and Beast Boy responded, finding one of her hands and grasping it in his own. In her ear, Raven could hear her various emotions cheering and celebrating. After several seconds passed, the couple broke apart, gazing deeply into each other's eyes, taking in the moment.

"I..." began Raven, but her voice faded away, and a moment later they were kissing again, tenderly at first but slowly shifting over to passionate. Raven slid her arms around Beast Boy's back, while Beast Boy placed one hand behind Raven's head, the other at her waist. They both pulled each other close, their embrace tightening. For both of them, it was pure happiness.

After what seemed like both a very long and very short time, they separated. Through the open window, the moon could be seen in the sky, the sun long since set beyond the horizon. They both sat in silence on Raven's bed for several minutes before, suddenly, Raven rose to her feet, her blue cape sweeping around her. "I'm getting ready for bed" she announced, her smooth voice once again devoid of emotion.

Beast Boy laid back on Raven's bed, content to stay put until she kicked him out. To his surprise however, she said nothing about him leaving as she rummaged through one of her dresser drawers. He sat in silence, watching her across the room. After a moment, he reached his hand over to his other arm and gave it a hard pinch, causing himself to give a small yelp of pain. Raven was too busy looking in her dresser to notice this bizarre action, and after a few seconds passed, Beast Boy spoke. "Is this real?" he asked slowly, raising his hand above his face and waving it in front of his eyes.

"What do you mean?" asked Raven from across the room, pulling some clothes from the drawer.

"I mean, am I really here, with you, in your room?" he asked, sounding unsure.

"Of course you're here," she said, sounding slightly annoyed and looking at him from her dresser, "Why wouldn't you be here?"

"But, I mean, look at you!" he said, his voice exasperated. He leaned up and gestured towards her with his hands, his face splitting into a smile. "I'm so lucky!"

"Oh, stop it" she said, trying to look annoyed, but failing miserably due to the slight blush that was creeping into her cheeks. She enveloped herself in darkness for a moment, and then reappeared wearing a simple dark blue nightshirt and matching night pants. She walked over to the bed and sat down, leaning over to place a quick kiss on Beast Boy's lips. "This is real," she said simply, her voice back to its smooth monotone. "Now, I'm going to bed, and-"

"I have to leave," he said, finishing her sentence. He made to stand up, but Raven's hand grabbed his shoulder to stop him.

"Actually, I was gonna ask if you wanted to stay," she said, her voice almost a whisper.

Beast Boy's eyes went wide. "STAY HERE! WITH YOU?" he cried incredulously, a shocked expression on his face.

"I mean, if you don't want to, that's fine," said Raven, looking down, unable to keep the disappointment out of her voice. "I just thought you might have wanted-"

But she was interrupted as Beast Boy slid down next to her on the bed, still looking somewhat dumbstruck, but managing to mumble, "I think I'll stay..." before closing his eyes and squeezing Raven in a tight hug. Raven could help but smile. They held each other for a few moments until Beast Boy realized something.

"Rae," he said curiously, "what about my pajamas?"

Raven though for a moment. She didn't want Beast Boy running through the tower to his room and then back to her's, which could create awkward questions if anyone saw him. "I'll go grab them," she said, standing up and moving towards the wall. "Where are they?"

"Bottom of the third drawer in the green dresser." She made to phase through the wall, but Beast Boy's voice stopped her. "Thanks, Raven."

She just gave him a small smile and phased through the wall. Now alone, Beast Boy looked around the room. He'd been here unsupervised a couple of times before, but he'd never inspected the entire area. Noting an open box beside her bed, he leaned over to rummage through it when Raven's head appeared through the wall, surrounded by a veil of darkness. "And don't touch any of my stuff," she said quickly, before fading back through the wall. Beast Boy smiled sheepishly and quickly withdrew his hand.

As he waited for Raven to return, Beast Boy reminisced about the first time he had ever been in her room. He could still hear Cyborg's nervous voice in his head. 'We're in Raven's room. We should not be in Raven's room. She doesn't let anybody in here. Ever!'

That had been a long time ago, however, and Raven had eased up slightly on her rules involving her room. Still, it was a rare occurrence to visit Raven's room.

After a bit, Raven returned, pajamas in hand. She held them up, frowning. "Mega Monkeys Four?" she inquired, indicating the many tiny monkeys that adorned his nightclothes.

Beast Boy laughed sheepishly as she tossed him the clothes. "Yeah, they're my favorite."

"You're such a nerd," she said, laughing quietly. Beast Boy beamed at the sound of her laughter.

"Uh, Raven, where am I gonna change?" he asked, looking around the room.

"Go on," she said, sitting down on her bed and covering her eyes with one hand. "I won't look."

"Really," asked Beast Boy nervously, unsure. "You promise not to peek?"

"Yes, I promise," said Raven lazily, leaning back on her bed.

"OK," said Beast Boy, quickly changing out of his uniform and into his pajamas. When he was done, he looked over at Raven. "You didn't peek, did you?" he asked slowly.

"No," said Raven tiredly, stifling a yawn. Beast Boy sighed with relief and laid down next to Raven. After they had been laying down for a few seconds, she whispered, "Well, maybe a little."

Beast Boy looked mortified, and Raven began to laugh. "You're kidding, you didn't look," said Beast Boy in disbelief, shaking his head.

Raven was still laughing a little, but she managed to respond. "Yeah, you're probably right." She giggled a little more before she added, "You know, I've always liked boxers with the little hearts on them."

Beast Boy's eyes went wide, his face displaying a look of shock. "Y-you... LIAR!" he exclaimed in mock outrage, reaching over and beginning to tickle her stomach. Raven began laughing even harder, her legs kicking out in protest. Beast Boy grabbed her with both hands round the middle, tickling with no mercy, determined to get her back for watching him change. Raven was helpless before Beast Boy's tickling onslaught. She gasped for air, the sound of her laughter filling the room. It was the best sound Beast Boy had ever heard. Finally, after more than a minute, when Beast Boy felt as though he had sufficiently paid her back, he released her, and she rolled over on the bed, panting. She lay there for a while, catching her breath, unable to wipe the smile from her face.

"That's the most I've ever laughed," said Raven quietly when she was finally able to speak again. That fact alone made Beast Boy happier than he had in a long time.

He smiled, and then he started to laugh. He kept laughing however, and couldn't stop. He looked down to see two long tendrils of darkness coming from Raven's hands, tickling him. "I can tickle too," she said in a mock menacing voice.

Beast Boy began laughing more and more, but managed to choke out through laughs, "not- haha- fair. No- hahahaha- powers."

"Try and stop me," said Raven over the sound of Beast Boy's laughter. Beast Boy's arms groped around the bed as he struggled with Raven, reaching for anything he could use to fight back. One of his hands found something soft, which he grabbed and threw across the room. Looking up, he saw the pillow hit her in the face.

She released him, the pillow still resting on her face. Suddenly the pillow fell to the floor, revealing her violet eyes to be replaced with glowing white energy. Beast Boy gulped.

Both Raven and Beast Boy lay next to each other on the bed, their faces red and their breath coming in sharp gulps. "That was the most, intense, pillow fight, ever," said Beast Boy, still panting. Raven simply nodded in agreement, her chest rising and falling heavily.

Beast Boy glanced over at her, noting at slight dampness on her face, a slight sweat she had worked up during their pillow battle. Her hair was wild, lacking its usual neat and straight look. It clung to her face, and he noticed that she looked even more beautiful this way.

Raven glanced back at him, seeing the great grin that was splitting his face. She imagined this would be a very compromising position to be found in if the other Titans decided to come looking for the source of all the noise they had been making, but she couldn't quite bring herself to care at the moment. She found herself inexplicably happy, just to exist, here and now, with the green changeling beside her. She couldn't remember ever feeling quite like this. It was a strange feeling, but she liked it. Her hand found Beast Boy's, and they both smiled together.

A few minutes passed in silence while to two Titans lay next each other, holding hands, before Raven spoke. "We should probably get some sleep," she said, reaching down to the foot of the bed and pulling the covers over them. She felt Beast Boy slide up next to her beneath the blanket and fought the urge to laugh. "And," she added, looking him in eye and smiling, "If you try anything, I'll send you to another dimension."

"I might just have to risk it," whispered Beast Boy into Raven's ear, his tone mischievous. He planted a small kiss on her neck, causing her to shiver with pleasure.

"Stop it!" she cried, giggling slightly.

Beast Boy pretended to sigh with dissapointment, and settled for holding Raven's hand in his and placing one arm around her waist beneath the covers. The both whispered goodnight and, more tired by the day's events than they had realized, quickly drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

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