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Chapter 1: "I'm soooooooo BORED!"

It was a quiet morning at the Chaotix detective agency; you would almost go so far as to say it was too quiet, but you wouldn't because something bad always happens when someone says that. Oops, too late!...

"Vector! Espio! Help me!"

"What is it Charmy?" Vector smashed through the door wearing a top hat and moustache, and splinters of wood went flying across the room.

"Erm, you could have just opened the door," said Charmy, "it wasn't locked... in fact, it wasn't even closed."

"Well where's the fun in that?" Vector asked whilst twiddling his brilliant moustache, "And besides you were in trouble, the door was half closed, and how else was I supposed to get through it?"

"Well, you could have just turned the handle..."

"Charmy, what happened!" Espio burst through the already destroyed door wearing a frilly pink apron and a curly blonde wig. "What happened to you! ...What happened to the door?"

"Yeah... what did happen to the door?..." Vector said suspiciously.

"Was it bandits? Pirates?" Espio looked around for the culprit.

"That oversized, blue cat trying to find his slimy, green pet?" Vector added.

"Oh no, not again!" Espio panicked, "Quick everyone, seal all ways of entry! Protect the women and children! Hide anything that's breakable!"

"Eep! We're breakable!" Vector shrieked.

"Never mind Charmy! Just run for your lives!" Espio announced

"And from his giant backside!" Added Vector, and with that they started running around the room like a gorilla being attacked by a giant, hairy banana.

"Big's not here," sighed Charmy, sounding strangely disappointed by this fact, "Vector broke the door, and there are no women in here... "He looked at Espio and Vector running around and screaming like girls, "Let me rephrase that, there were no women in here."

"Wait a second," Espio suddenly stopped, "Vector broke the door?"

"I did no such thing!" Vector said sounding offended whilst Espio glared at him.

"That's the second door this morning and the fifth door this week!" He said whilst throwing off his wig.

"Well then Charmy," Questioned Vector while adjusting his top hat, "If big isn't here... then what's the problem?"

"I'm soooooooo BORED!"Charmy winged. Vector and Espio both fell over.

"You interrupted our 'Ultimate disguise session' to tell us that!" Vector shouted angrily whilst shaking Charmy back and forth by the collar.

"I was wondering why you were dressed like that." Charmy said while being shaken about.

"Not to worry Charmy, your disruption was most appreciated." Espio bowed and proceeded to throw off the pink apron in disgust that Vector had forcibly made him wear.

"Tut, tut, tut Espio," Vector put on a posh voice and waggled his finger in front of Espio's face. "So the cool, calm and collected ninja wannabe is losing his temper?" He then gently stroked his moustache.

"Anyone would lose their temper if they were forced to wear... it" Espio growled and pointed to 'it' which was now lying amongst the splinters of wood on the floor. "And... WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME!"

"Hey what you just referred to as 'it' is one of the best disguises in the business!" Vector said all matter-of-factly.

"Then, why don't YOU wear it!" Espio yelled, which was an unusual thing for Espio to do.

"Because it looks better on purple, ninja wanna..." Vector started.

"Oh, you do not want to finish that sentence, or it will be see you later alligator." Espio threatened and ripped of vectors fake moustache which caused him to slightly whimper.

"Don't forget the toilet paper!" Charmy chimed in.

"Alligator? I'm a CROCODILE!" Vector yelled so loudly that it shook the whole detective agency.

"Whoa guys, just calm down!" said Charmy, "I think we're all just bored". Espio had pulled out a ninja star and was about to throw it, and Vector about to throw his top hat.

"Hmm... for once I agree with the bee," stated Espio who had calmed down quickly, "Maybe we are just bored."

"Yeah, that would explain Espio's little temper tantrums." Vector smirked.

"Says the one who has smashed through every door in the detective agency" Espio calmly replied.

"Hey! That wasn't my fault, they just kind of got in my way, well anyway I reckon the reason why we're bored is because we've got nothing better to do."

"Way to go genius" Charmy stated sarcastically.

"Well can you guys remember the last time we got given a mission?" Espio opened his mouth to reply, "Exactly Espio, it has been fifteen days, two hours and twenty-five minutes since we helped Vanilla..." Vector's eyes became the size of dinner plates as he remembered when they 'helped' to reunite the rabbit family. Espio sighed and then clicked his fingers. Vector shook his head from side to side and then said, "Exactly Espio, it was a momentous day, when Team Chaotix achieved an outstanding victory!" Vector struck a heroic pose.

"Ugh, don't remind me!" said Charmy, "You made us celebrate by eating vanilla cakes, vanilla ice-creams, vanilla chocolates and vanilla biscuits for A WEEK! Ew, I don't mind the bland flavour every once in a while, but when it gets to vanilla pies, it's just getting disgusting! Which reminds me, I'm going to eat a chocolate bar" and he flew away into the kitchen.

"What? Vanilla's not bland! She's... I mean it's the sweetest flavour! And it's never disgusting!" Vector said defensively.

"Vector, I'm sorry to interrupt your reminiscing about the 'Glory days' but when you were talking about our boredom, where you just stating the obvious, or had you devised a cure?" Espio tapped his foot impatiently which was another unusual thing for him to do since he was never impatient.

"Erm..." Said Vector.

"Hey guys, look what we got!" Charmy flew in with a chocolate bar in one hand and a letter held in the other sticky chocolate coated hand.

"We got a letter?" Espio asked whilst looking at it like it was a piece of foreign matter from the far reaches of Vector's belly-button.

"It's about some kind of party!" Charmy yelled with glee.

"Really?" asked Vector, "we've been invited to a party? What else does it say?"

"Erm..." Charmy tried to make out any other words besides 'party' that hadn't already been chocolate-fingerprint coated.

"Gimme that!" Vector said as he snatched it out of the hyperactive bee's hand, "Arghh! You got chocolate all over it! Espio we'll need your decoding abilities over here!" Espio took the letter from Vector while looking at him as if he were a child, and then tried to make out the chocolate coated words.

"You're invited...party...4pm Saturday...Mable's place...34 Butterbelly road." Espio repeated the words he could read without closing one eye and twisting his head sideways.

"Then what are we waiting for!" Vector gleefully exclaimed, "We're going to a party tomorrow and so ends our boredom!"

"Yay! A party" Charmy buzzed around the room.

"But Vector, this letter isn't even addressed to us, it's for someone called... Ethel?" Espio pointed out, "It must be a mistake, we should find the person this belongs to and return their invitation."

"What are you saying Espio? That we're not cool enough to get invited to the party of the century!" Vector announced, "Of course we're cool enough! And you know what I bet they just got the invites mixed around, Ethel probably got ours. So we are going to this party tomorrow!"

Espio sighed, "If you say so, but I have a bad feeling about this"

"Yay! It's party time!" Said Charmy, "and as long as it's not a vanilla party then I'm there!"

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