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Party Crashin'!

Everyone stopped in station square today. They stopped for about five seconds to watch a large fire-ball get shot up into the sky at break-neck speed and then plummet back down to Earth even faster. It landed with the loudest bang heard that day (and there had been some pretty loud bangs recently heard) in a large house, creating a massive hole in the roof. Everyone just stopped and stared, or if they were in a rush, which most of them where, they walked and stared. The fact is everyone saw it, and it was pretty cool.

A little girl dropped her ice-cream, a woman crashed her pram into a light pole and a plump boy who was about to eat his cheerio, squirted tomato sauce right into his face. One thought crossed everyone's mind, "What was it?" and about two seconds later an answer crossed everyone's mind, "BIG!". With that all the shoppers started running around madly and screaming like they do on Christmas Eve.

Something else was screaming as well. It looked to be a moustache, not attached to a face, quite large in size, green, bushy, oh and did I forget to mention ... IT WAS A FLAMING INFERNO HURTLING DOWN TOWARDS THE EARTH!

"OH MY GOSH I'M GONNA DIE!" was all that could be heard before the BANG! Oh, and there was also something about a peanut butter sandwich.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh...what happened?" Charmy moaned as he slowly opened his eyes, "Did we survive? Did we die? Oh no we're dead aren't we! Nooooo! I can't die yet! I have so many annoying things I keep forgetting to do, to do! Hey? Are we in heaven? Do they have yoghurt in heaven? Do they have peanut butter in here? Oh no! I don't think I could live without peanut butter! But how could I die in heaven? I think they have that heavenly cream cheese in here but I hate that stuff! Mmmm but I think they also have those nice, chocolate-ball thingy's, I saw it on an ad. Wait do they have ads here? Do they even have T.V. HERE! NOOOOOOOOO! I'll be forced to live forever without TV.! Hey, I wonder if we'll see Cream's chao cheese here. Ya know, 'cause Espio said he ate him. Hey I wonder if..."

"Charmy...SHUT UP!" Vector yelled, it wasn't that nice to wake up to Charmy's non-stop babbling. "I've already got a splitting headache from falling fifty metres in the air and crashing through someone's ceiling, which I'm probably gonna have to pay for! I don't need your useless prattling to add to that!"

"Huh...erm guys?" Espio said looking up

"WHAT?" Vector screamed.

"I...I think we're inside the party!" Espio said as he stared at the hole which they fell through.

"We...we are?" said Vector in disbelief, "We are! We did it! I told you my plans would work! Ha ha! YES! PARTY TIME! We showed that butler! We crashed this party...literally, ahahahah!" Vector laughed at his own joke while Charmy looked around at the party, quite confused. "We didn't need no silly invitation! We showed those snobby snobs! Yes!...erm, you don't think anyone noticed our...um...way of entry did you?" Vector said, quite concerned that they would be kicked out no sooner had they arrived.

"Nah, I don't think so," said Charmy, "they're all too busy browsing through their underwear magazines, trying on night-gowns and sizing themselves up for a pair of knickers."

"All right! Let's go join in the fun!" said Vector with glee, "Wait a second... underwear? Night gowns?...KNICKERS! Where's the dancing! The fun! And most importantly... the food! What kind of a party is this?"

A clean invitation fluttered down near Espio's feet, who picked it up and read it. "You're invited to a...a..." Espio scrunched up his eyes trying to make the words say anything but what they said.

"Well come on! Spit it out!" Vector yelled impatiently.

"And did you know the other night, Margerie yelled Bingo when she didn't even have a four!" the constant chat of the 'party' guests could be heard in the background.

"What's that? I can't hear you!" the other responded

"I said...now what did I say again? Oh well probably wasn't important. Want a hard candy?" the first asked

"What?" the second again responded

"Actually, it's pardon" Charmy lectured butting in on their conversation, Espio was taking way too long to read a simple invitation, in fact he could comprehend it better when it was covered in chocolate.

"Garden? No, this isn't a garden party..." the second granny said to the first, completely ignoring Charmy.

"What's that?" inquired the first.

"Watt's hat? Yes I thought it looked nice too." The second answered.

"No! I said Pardon! It's not what it's pardon!" Charmy yelled

"Watt's got a garden now?

"A garden cow?"

"Pardon how?"

"Yes, that's it! Pardon! It's pardon. Jeeze! I'm trying to impress you with my smarts here!"

"What's that Ethel? You've got the farts from too much beer?"

"You've got an aching heart and diarrheal?"





"What's that?"

"What's it?"

"His name is what?"

"His name is Watt."





"Arghhhh! Just stop!" Charmy yelled and retreated back to Espio who was still stuttering with disbelief. "OH MY GOSH! JUST SAY IT ALREADY!"

"It's...a...lingerie party..." Espio finally managed to say.

"Lingerie?" Vector and Charmy asked together

"Yes, lingerie...it's a fancy name for women's underwear" Espio spoke, and then started to look around the 'party'. There were quite a few people inside the large building, most being old women. Half of them were reading old-people underwear magazines, some were looking at a few of the displays (ew, who puts extra-baggy saggy underwear on display thought Espio) and the rest were eating cheese (real cheese not the chao) and taking small sips of wine while gossiping to each other what they saw the neighbours doing.

"Lingerie?" Vector was too shocked for words, so he just stood there with his jaw hanging down so low it was almost touching the ground.

"Underwear?" inquired Charmy, "You'd think if someone went to all the trouble to throw an underwear party they'd at least make it a little more...I don't know...fun? ...and easier to understand..." Charmy muttered to himself.

"Well...usually they do, but according to the invitation, this one is a 'treat' for all the retires at Rockswell retirement village, courtesy of Mable's place, ladies briefs and panties shop." Espio paused, trying to let the horror of the whole situation sink in. "It's like a market place to buy old-peoples underwear, while everyone snacks on church-wine and cheese...In other words...it's the worst possible party to have ever existed and we can now officially say we went to it!"

"Lingerie..." Vectors eye started to twitch.

"Well maybe it won't be so bad..." Charmy muttered, "At least they have cheese...maybe we could invite Big, Espio.."

"WHY...ON EARTH...WOULD YOU DO THAT!" Espio said, slightly reliving the horror that took place earlier that afternoon.

"Just to cheer you up, 'cause you did say he was your best friend." Charmy buzzed "You two must have really bonded during that long time you were stuck in between his.."

"I HATE Big! And...were you...erm...actually listening to me before?" Espio asked uneasily, while wondering why no one had even noticed them yet.

"Awww...did you two have a fight?" Charmy asked referring to Espio's new 'friend'.

"LINGERIE!" Vector suddenly yelled out, (which no one seemed to take any notice of. Gosh they must all be deaf or really into their magazines). "You mean to tell me Espio, that we spent the past three hours trying to get into a place full of old ladies trying on knickers, reading about their undergarments, talking about who fluffed, drinking cheap wine and cutting the cheese?In case you haven't noticed Espio, we don't even wear PANTS let alone UNDERWEAR!"

EVERYONE noticed Vector this time "*GASP*!" the room went so quite you could have heard a froggy hop.

"Erm...was it something I said?" Vector blushed as everyone just stared at him with their mouths open, similar to how he stared at them before. "...erm..."

Someone finally had the courage to speak up, "They're not wearing any undies!" they shouted in a most regal tone. The room went silent again, someone fainted in shock as the Chaotix team turned bright red.

"Suddenly I'm feeling all exposed!" Espio flustered and turned invisible.

"Erm..." Vector and Charmy just looked at each other and then at the crowd of horrified guests.

Just then the front door burst open. A very deranged, singed butler stood hunched over like a gremlin that had rabies. His clothes were torn and burnt, ash covered his face and he was breathing heavily. He had his fingers spread out like claws and they, along with his left eye, were twitching.

Vector and Charmy (and assumedly Espio because he was invisible) gulped and looked at each other, "Erm..."

The butler started flaring his nostrils and twitching his whole body, "N-n...n-n-n-no tighty whities...NO ENTRY!" he screamed madly.

All the old ladies took out their handbags and walking sticks and started whacking them in their hands, "Kids these days! Think they can walk around without any pants on! Well I think it's time we taught these hooligans a lesson!" One of the old ladies growled, which was followed by the growls of all the other old ladies and the deranged butler, whose army of ninja butler soon appeared behind him, each one burnt and crazy.

The Chaotix team gulped again, "Vector...I'm scared" whimpered Charmy.

Vector scridged up his eyes, "this is gonna sting a little"

Meanwhile, Knuckles was walking past butterbelly road, he was going to station square to buy himself a cheerio. Then he stopped as he heard a noise which sounded like someone getting beaten up...real good. He looked over toward the noise and saw a half-destroyed house bouncing around with undies of every saggy shape and size flying out of it onto the street, which seemed to have undergone a big demolition.

An old lady putted past him on a mobility scooter, which suddenly started to beep. "Come in golden oldies! Come in golden oldies! We have a situation at the lingerie party! Code no-knickers! I repeat we have a code NO-KNICKERS!" The old lady gasped and quickly turned her scooter around and put it into hyper-drive, running the red echidna over in the process.

"AGHHHH!" Knuckles yelled with annoyance, "Watch it lady! Jeeze they ought to have speed limits on these footpaths! The amount of old ladies that are taking up scooter-racing these days!" Just then a whole mob of mobility scooters stampeded over him, completely squishing him into the ground. "AGGGGHHHHHH! When I find out who's responsible for this!...Omph!"

Something torpedoed at high speed from the bouncing house, and hit knuckles square on the face. "What the-" he held the object in front of himself to examine it, and was quite puzzled at first as to what he had. It was HUGE whatever it was and it was purple and frilly. Knuckles held it up to his chest just to confirm it was what he thought it was.

Just then Sonic whooshed by, and then whooshed back, stopping abruptly in front of the puzzled echidna, and tried to stop himself laughing his guts out. "N-...hehehe...n-n-nice... hehaha...nice bra Knuckles!" Sonic couldn't contain himself anymore, the sight of the red guardian measuring a bra up against his chest was too much for him to handle, and he burst out laughing and started rolling around on the ground in hysterics.

"W-what?" Knuckles was too shocked and humiliated to say anything, or even to stop holding the bra in its current position, which just made Sonic laugh even more.

"Did I hear my Sonikku laughing over-" Amy stopped, "Kn-Knuckles, hehe..wh-why are you wearing a bra! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Amy soon joined sonic on the ground, laughing her guts out.

"I-I-I...I'm not!..I-...it just flew...it hit me...I'm, j-just holding it!" Knuckles stuttered still frozen with the bra against his chest.

"Hello Mr Knuckles, ooohh, my mum said that I'll have to wear one of those when I'm older...but I'm not sure if it'll be as big as yours." Cream, who just happened to be passing by, said sweetly, which caused Sonic to start laughing even louder.

"Maybe if you...hehe...ask nicely Mr Knuckles will let you come bra shopping with him sometime, BWAHAHAHAHAHA!" Sonic cackled crazily while attempting to give Amy a high-five but missed because he was laughing too hard.

"..." Knuckles had gone completely stiff with embarrassment, his cheeks now the same colour as his fur, how would he ever live this down.

"O.k faker, are you going to race me or not!" Shadow had chaos controlled over. "...faker...why is your friend wearing a bra?" He said with the same moody expression on his face as always, asking it like it was an everyday question.

Sonic took one look at Shadows face and started to cry with laugher, "No, heHAHAHAHA!...I-It's...heheHA.. t-too much! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"I-I just, It was...I-I" Knuckles stuttered while Shadow looked him up and down with little amusement and officially put Knuckles into his 'uncool books'.

"Sonic! I re-calibrated the sonar, which should re-enforce the shield, I don't think Big will be..." Tails landed the X-tornato in the street and jumped out of it running to Sonic. He soon trailed off however when he saw knuckles. "Erm...Knuckles...is...th-that..hehe..a bra? Y-you know that they were specifically designed for...hehe...girls?"

"Now, now Tails..hehehe" Sonic started but was interrupted by his own outburst of laughter, "HAHAHAHAHA! Ahem..hehe..maybe he j-just likes...hehehe...t-the added support! HAHAHAHAHA!"

"What? NO! It's just...it...I-I" Knuckles was completely lost for words. "Does everyone have to be here!"

"Well, yeah, we all had to come and stop Bigs rampage, which I thought was annoying because it cut into my 'chillidog time' but then..." Sonic paused to snigger, "I saw this...hehehehe...wh-which makes it all...HEHAHA...worth it! HAHAHAHAHA! Th-this heheh i-is PRICELESS! AHAHAHAHA!"

"Why isn't anyone listening to me? I've been trying to take over the world for five minutes now and-" Eggman suddenly flew in on his, erm, egg ship thing. "Is knuckles wearing a bra?" He paused, "OH-ho-ho-ho-ho!"

"Now you've got a-a hehehe mad scientist laughing at you HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Sonic blurted out.

"Listen I-I'm not...I didn't...it wasn't" Knuckles desperately tried to reason while still frozen with humiliation, "Does the whole town need to be looking at me!"

A tour bus zoomed up and screeched to a halt. "And on your left you will see the Knuckles the echidna wearing a bra" a bored tour guide said while everyone wildly flashed their cameras, "Now on with the rest of the 'whole town tour of the town'"

"Oh COME ON!" Knuckles yelled with annoyance as he tried to pull the bra off, but for some reason (*cough*Sonic*cough*) it had clipped itself together at the back, and the echidna was finding it very difficult to unclip on account of the lack of fingers on his gloves.

"Searching for Eggmans robots. Search and destroy" Omega said in a monotone voice while walking down the street, "Scanning...scanning...male life form detected...name: Knuckles the echidna...age: sixteen...occupation: guardian of the master emerald..."

Knuckles stood frozen while everyone but Shadow and Cream were rolling on the pavement laughing and gasping for air. Surely a robot wouldn't laugh at him?

"Wearing...wearing... ... wearing female under garments...does not compute! Does not compute!"Omega violently started to shake around and smoke poured from his head, "Does not compute! Does not compute!" He then blasted off crazily down the street.

Anyone who was trying to hold back a snigger now was laughing like a mad man...even Eggman who was laughing like a well...really mad man.

A black limo then pulled up and a man dressed in a black suit rolled out and took a picture of Knuckles.

"AHAHAHAHAHA! Remind me to get that one Amy!" Sonic squealed

"Hey! What's the big idea!" Knuckles yelled, suddenly unfreezing from his position and throwing his hands down with anger and trying to rip off the bra at the same time, but it was very stretchy so it just rebounded and hit him in the face. He was so frustrated that he took out his shovel claws (from wherever he keeps them) and ripped it in half. He made one mistake though...he was still holding onto it.

"Oh...t-terribly sorry" the secret agent said while trying to keep his cool and not end up like the rest of the sonic gang on the ground, "I work for G.U.N and I need to comprise a series of photos of this street in response to the situation we had here earlier this afternoon, I-I do hope I wasn't interrupting anything"

"What's the hold up!" said someone as they started to get out of the limo.

Oh no, knuckles recognised that voice...not her anyone but her!

"Knuckles?" Rouge said with disbelief at the bra he was holding, which caused him to go even redder than he already was. When he found out who was responsible for this he would personally make sure that they would not be able to feel their face, arms, legs or vital organs.

Just then a really loud WHACK! Was heard and three figures came flying towards the group in hysterics, and landed with a thud just in front of the beetroot echidna.

"That...was painful" Charmy moaned, "I had no idea grannies could whack so hard.."

"My ninja skills were no match for their rock-hard denchers, lumpy handbags and titanium walking frames!" Espio mumbled from under Vector.

"Well at least 'cause we got beat up that bad it won't happen again for a few days... right?" Vector said, trying to find any good points out of their really painful situation, which didn't impress Espio or Charmy in the slightest, "And at least they threw us out with this big pile of underwear"

"AHAHAHAHAHA! You guys have bras too? What? Did you four go to a lingerie party or something? AHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Sonic cackled

"Four?" Espio looked around and then upon seeing knuckles, tried extremely hard not to act like Sonic.

Charmy on the other hand, did not have that self control and started to snort, hoot and chuckle before doubling over almost wetting himself with laughter.

"What? YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?" Knuckles yelled

"Who wouldn't!" Amy chortled

"Beats blowing up the town any day!" Eggman said with his signature, annoying laugh.

"Leave him alone!" Cream defended, "Knuckles can wear whatever he feels comfortable in!" This however, did not make Knuckles feel any happier. Sonic just started to howl with amusement.

"My, my you really are a knucklehead aren't you?" Rouge cooed with a snigger, "What were you doing, buying yourself a bra honey?"

"What! I did not buy this bra for myself!" Knuckles yelled

"Ooooooo, so you bought it for someone else?" tittered Charmy. Espio was trying to get Charmy to shut up, he knew teasing one of the strongest people on the planet could not end well.

"Yep, you bet he did! We where there when he picked it out!" Vector said while smirking.

"WHAT?" Knuckles yelled in disbelief, he was now officially blaming Vector for his current predicament. This of course made everyone crack up again.

Espio pulled Vector towards him sharply and whispered harshly, "What on Earth do you think you're DOING!"

"Well..." said Vector cunningly while stretching out a piece of underwear, "Knuckles over there has obviously got the hots for a certain ivory bat, and you know how loaded she is! Well I reckon if we can bring 'em together, they'll be so happy they'll load us up with cash, and we'll be able to replace all the doors at the detective agency!"

Espio's jaw dropped with shock, that has probably got to be the dumbest idea Vector had ever thought up, and that's saying something! "Are you CRAZY! I can see many flaws with your plan, firstly how many guys do you know that buy their girlfriends bras? Secondly Knuckles in now officially going to beat us to a pulp unless you apologise, and lastly...he doesn't even LIKE rouge! He hates her! Their rivals, enemy's! Always at each other's throats, does that all mean nothing to you?"

"Ah...but that's just what he wants you to think" smirked Vector.

Espio slapped his forehead, "HE'S. A. GAURDIAN OF THE WORLD'S LARGEST GEM, ROUGE IF A THEIF OBSSESSED WITH JEWLS! They're complete opposites and if you say anything else to make them mad, they'll BOTH beat us to a pulp! Do you understand? Even if it is 'just what he wants us to think' I reckon he's got a pretty good reason for that and a pretty good punishment if we think any different! Now PLEASE don't do ANYTHING stupid!"

"Hey! You two! You better not be talking about me in your secret girls party over there!" Knuckles yelled, completely fed up with everyone's laughing.

"No, no Knuckles, we weren't talking about you, we were just talking about that bra you bought for Rouge." Vector said suspiciously, while Espio slapped his now red forehead and braced himself for more pain.

"Ooooo, purple, my favourite colour, and I just love the frills on the sides! You've really outdone yourself this time knucklehead, but are you sure you got a big enough size?" Rouge smirked sarcastically while referring to the monstrous bra.

"You..hehehehe..y-you...heHAHA...you bought Rouge a bra? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Most guys buy the girls they like flowers or something! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Sonic teased while holding his sides, "This just keeps getting better and better!"

"What! I-I didn't...I DIDN'T BUY IT!" Knuckles yelled with frustration.

"Ooooooo, so you stole it?" Rouge sniggered, "Trying to impress the queen of thieves aye? Oh look the tag says Crazy Clarks, five for a dollar special, very impressive." She said taking the bra and pretending to look extremely interested in it, all the while trying not to crack up. Boy these three really knew how to annoy Knuckles, almost as well as she did, she just hoped they knew that they would soon learn a whole new meaning of the word pain.

"I-I-I...didn't...wasn't...um..it..." Knuckles rambled. Tails was moaning about the laughter hurting his mouth but he couldn't stop, Amy was doubling over, Omega would shoot past every now and then exploding, Espio was extremely scared of what Knuckles would do to him, Charmy was snorting, Eggman was hooting, Cream was trying to suppress a smile, the secret agent was chortling, Sonic was in hysterics, Vector was smirking, even Shadow was sniggering and Rouge who couldn't contain herself anymore, was cackling on the ground.

"ARRRGGGGHHHHHHH! THIS BRA WAS THROWN IN MY FACE BY THOSE THREE IDIOTS OVER THERE!" Knuckles could no longer contain his rage. Everyone turned to face the trouble-some trio, and everyone knew that they were in for a world of hurt.

"Hey!" Shadow shouted, something had finally clicked, "that's the freak who shoved my toothbrush up his nose!"

"Hey now!" said Charmy, "Just cool it fluffy bumpkin!"

A vein bulged in Shadows head, "What...did you call me?" he said extremely threatening.

"Fluffy Bumpkin? BWAHAHAHAHA! Now these guys are bugging Shadow..hehehe...they must r-really..heheHAHA want some pain!" Sonic sniggered.

"Shut it faker or you'll soon be in as much pain as this pathetic excuse for an insect is about to be in!" Shadow threatened, which made Sonic shut up at sonic speed. He looked pretty serious, and by the sounds of things Charmy was about to be in an indescribable amount of pain.

"What? Don't you like being called fluffy bumpkin?" Charmy asked innocently, oblivious to Shadows anger, the chaos spear he was about to throw, and Espio giving him the 'don't say anything Charmy!' signal. "I'm sorry to offend you but my pal Espio over here told me that you love to be called that"

Espio was totally freaking out now, how could Charmy be such an idiot?

"Oh, did he really?" said Shadow re-directing his line of fire toward his new target.

Oh great, this is it, this is the end, I'm going to die now, I'm going to DIE now! Thought Espio as he prepared for the worst.

"Hey! You better not say anything rude to Espio!" said Charmy, completely unaware that Shadow was going to do a lot more to him then just say something rude.

"Oh, and why not?" said Shadow extremely angry

"Because he can pick a fight almost as well as he can pick his nose!" Charmy said defensively, unaware that he, not shadow had just killed Espio, he had died of embarrassment.

Shadow scrunched up his nose and looked disgusted (that's another one for his 'uncool books'), and then he and everyone else took one giant step away from the chameleon.

'That's just gross man!" Sonic said

"I don't pick my nose!" Espio tried to convince everyone, but as knuckles knows, attempts are futile when faced with the opinion of the majority of your peers. Espio seriously just wanted Shadow to kill him right now.

"I have better places to be" Sonic said running off at lightning speed, before coming back just as quick, "So are you gonna race me or not fluffy bumpkin?" Sonic teased and then ran for his life.

Shadow didn't waste time with words and sped off after the blue hedgehog with a murderous look in his eye.

"Don't you dare hurt my Sonikku!" Amy yelled, and ran after them with her hammer raised.

"Well I'ld love to stick around," said Eggman, "but you know how it is, cities to destroy, worlds to conquer.." he then flew off in his egg ship thing.

"Oh no you don't Eggman!" Tails said jumping into the x-tornado

"Does not compute! Does not compute!" Omega sped past and then exploded.

The secret agent flipped back into his limo and then sped away at top speed. "Erm...was I supposed to get back in there?" Rouge asked

"It figures," said Knuckles, "No one would want to be with you in a confined space."

"What's THAT supposed to mean?" she retaliated

"Nothing, it's just that thieves, no matter how hot they are, do not make good company." Knuckles smirked.

"WHAT! ...Wait a second...did you just call me hot?"

"Erm...I said nothing!" Knuckles shouted and then sped off in the direction of Angle Island.

"You better not be going back to guard my emerald!" Rouge teased.

"Your emerald? I guard it! That makes it mine!" Knuckles yelled

"But I steal it, which makes it mine!"

"You're CRAZY batgirl!"

"And you're so cute when you're angry!"


"Ahhhh true love." said Vector, Espio could have punched him in the face.

"Erm Cream...you can go now" Charmy said to the rabbit who was still standing there staring at them.

"O.k." and with that she skipped away with her chao close behind.

"And say hi to your mum for me!" Vector yelled after her, Espio just rolled his eyes, wanting the day to be over. "See boys, I told ya we wouldn't get beaten up again!" Vector said cheerfully despite the fact that their afternoon had been a complete failure.

"There they are!" An old lady shouted, "and they're STILL not wearing any pants!"

"You were saying" said Charmy

"And look! They've stolen all our underwear!" cried the one named Ethel pointing to the pile of panties the Chaotix had landed on, "And look! That's the purple bra I wanted to buy and they've made it all dirty the little grubs!" All the old ladies gasped and started hurling insults at them.

"Brief thief's!"




"Bare-bummed hoodlums!"

"Grubby Bubbies!"

"I think we better get out of here" spoke Charmy nervously.

But it was too late. In no time denchers went flying, hearing aids turned into lethal weapons and walking canes were used like cavemen clubs. When the dust cleared and all the grannies left, team Chaotix sat there miserably, with nearly every part of their body bandaged up and multiple bras and undies wrapped around them.

"Well at least we won't get beaten up anymore" said Vector, while his team glared at him.

"Oh I almost forgot to do this" Knuckles came running back to give them a mighty big punch which sent them flying halfway across town.

"Well we've definitely had our fair share of pain for a year at least!" Vector said giving an outraged Espio and Charmy a nervous smile.

Shadow suddenly appeared, "NO ONE calls me names!" he then gave them a chaos spear which shot them all the way to mystic ruins.


"Well at least we won't..."

"Shut up Vector!" Espio growled


"Don't you dare say it Vector!" Charmy threatened

"I was just going to..."


"but we're not going to get beaten up anymore!" Vector managed to say


"Huh? Did you say something Espio?" Vector asked

"Well I just swore in my head but I didn't think I said it aloud...did I?"

"Froggy where are you!" a dopey voice could be heard.

"You just had to say it didn't you Vector?" Charmy said angrily as Big emerged from the bushes.


The End

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Espio: No! No WAY! Not after everything you've done to me in this story! You made me get knocked out over 3 times! Do you know how many times I've been beaten up? 42! And don't even get me started on how many times I've been COMPLETELEY HUMILIATED! These are MY crunchies! You hear me? MINE!

Me: Wow...I think this story has done something to your mental health Espio, I guess it was probably due to all those times you got hit on the head, the last crash must have been one too many. So I guess I'll give you back your – QUICK BOMROCKS! CATCH! (throws crunchies through computer screen which somehow magically come out of bomrocks screen)


Me: Sorry Espio, I think the crunchies were doing something to your mental health...so just calm down, get into your ninja state, meditate or whatever...


Me: Oh no... OOWWWWW! AGHHH! Hope you enjoy your crunchies bomro-OUCH! That's it Espio time you learnt your place! Hi-ya! OW! Well that kinda backfired...thanks again for reading and please review! AGGHHHHH! D: ESPIO! D: