I'm Sorry By: Ryan Cole.

This is from Glee when Finn calls items in the room 'faggy' and Kurt's dad hears him. This is what would have happened if Kurt's dad didn't kick him out.

Its really late so don't be to mad at my shitty writing.

"Kurt. Go upstairs." Burt said angrily before turning his eyes to Finn. Finn gulped down a hard ball of saliva. He took a breath to say something but the words died on his lips. Kurt gave a sympathetic look before walking up the stairs and closing the door.

"You sit down here until you mother get home. I want to talk to her about your punishment before I do it." He forced out of his mouth. Finn looked down.

"Yes sir." Finn whispered before sitting on the bed. Burt nodded before walking up the stairs.

'I really fucked up this time and now I'm gonna be grounded. I hope Kurt's alright. I really hope my mom doesn't freak out.' Finn thought with a sigh. He really didn't want to be sitting down here for much longer but he was afraid to go tell Burt he didn't want to be down here. He heard the front door open and he knew that was his mother.

"Where's Finn?" He had heard her ask. That when Burt must have told her the story because she came running down the stairs like a bullet.

"Who do you think you are? How dare you say something like that?" She yelled, putting her hand one her hips and looking down at Finn.

"I was upset and I am really sorry. I didn't mean it." Finn mumbled, still looking at the ground. Finn then felt a sharp pull oh his ear as he was pulled from his seat on his bed towards the bathroom. That could only mean one thing.

"Open your mouth." She said sternly, glaring down at her son.

"Mom, I'm too old for this please down." She gave him another appointing look before Finn finally opened his mouth. The soapy suds on the bar ran down the back of his throat." He tried in all his power not to gag or to cry. He was a man after all and men do not cry.

"Burt will be coming down to finish the rest." Carole muttered after five minutes, taking the soap from Finn's mouth, "You can wash out all the suds after Burt is done." Finn merely nodded before following his mother back out into his room where Burt stood. Carol walked upstairs to give them privacy.

"So am I grounded?" Finn asked, Burt shook his head grimly.

"No Finn." Burt muttered," Your mother and I both agreed that you were going to get a whooping."

Finn blanched and looked up at his step father. Did he just say what I think he did?

"Come here Finn." Burt put his hand out towards Finn but Finn just shook his head. Burt got sick of waiting so just grabbed Finn's arm and laid him across his lap.