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Submitted by: K.E.B 123


Late Friday night, the group of detectives and the blonde ADA sat at the familiar bar. They had just nailed the latest scum bag and decided to celebrate. Before anyone could become to drunk, Captain Cragen had excused himself from the group. Alex of course, decided to push everyone into a drinking game and they decided on who got it worst. One person asked a question. Everyone answered and the person with the funniest or most embarrassing answer, had to take a drink, then they asked. Naturally Munch went first.

"When was your first kiss?"

"grade 6" Alex replied.

"grade 7" Elliot replied.

"Grade 5." Olivia replied.

"Grade 6." Fin replied. "What about you old man?"

"Well I might as well drink. Grade 9."

"It took you that long to get kissed?" Fin curled over laughing.

"Okay, Okay hah very funny! But I get to ask again. When did you lose your virginity? Ha Grade 10 suckas!"

"WOW, umm, grade 11." Elliot replied.

"Grade 12." Olivia replied.

"Grade 12." Fin replied.

"Umm, grade uh... Grade 8."

"What? Lex!" Olivia exclaimed.

"What? I was, I was a wild child!"

"No doubt!" Olivia laughed.

"Okaii My turn to ask. When was the first time you ever had a three some?"

"Can't say I ever have." Elliot said. Fin and Munch nodded with him.

"Yae neither have I, what about you Liv?" Alex asked.

Olivia's eyes burned holes through Alex.

"Liv? When did you have a three some?"

"Huh, first year as a rookie." Olivia said blushing.

"Woah!" Seemed to be the general consensus from the guys.

"Wait liv? You had a threesome?" Elliot asked.

Olivia nodded her head.

"That's hot!" Fin said, breaking the tension.

"Okay, What's the worst place, you've ever had sex?" Olivia asked," For me it was a car."

"Well, I didn't enjoy the bathroom at Mac Donalds, that was gross!" Alex said.

"Yea my car was pretty bad!" Elliot said.

Fin replied," The car."

"Well I've only ever done it in a bed so. I guess Alex gets the prize!"

"Great! Okay, do you have any distinguishing marks, and where?"

"I have a birthmark on my shoulder."

"I have a tattoo on my arm, thats pretty obvious." Elliot said.

"I have a tattoo on my back, It's a gun and my shield number." Said Fin.

Munch said," Well no birthmarks or tattoos, sorry."

"I have a birthmark." Olivia said.

There was a long silence.

"Well, where?" Munch asked.

"No where!"

"C'mon liv!" Elliot pried.


"C'mon just let us see then."

"Ya not going to happen. This about the time I should get going."

Olivia said good bye, paid her tab then headed out the door. Little did she know, there was a very eager Elliot following her. Olivia felt someone grab her shoulders. She spun around terrified.

"Fuck! Elliot you scared the shit out of me!"

"And you turn me the fuck on!" Elliot grab her hand and led her to an alley. He used his body to back her up against the wall. "So, here is this birthmark of yours?"


"C'mon Liv, just let me see it!"

"No." Olivia said stubbornly.

Elliot place his hands on her shoulders. "Hot or cold?"


He dragged his hands down her arms.


He dragged them up her arms and ran his hands lightly over her chest. Olivia's breath faltered when his hands came into contact with her hardened nipple.

"Cold." She choked out.

Elliot messaged her breasts before wrapping his arms around her back and dragging his hands lower till he reached her ass. He cupped it firmly and squeezed.

"how about hear?" He asked.

"Mmm, cold."

His hands ran across her stomach and then down her thighs. He dragged his hands up inside her inner thigh close to her center. He could feel her heat radiating through her tight jeans.

"Hot..." Olivia said breathlessly.

Elliot smirked. His hands made their way to the top of her jeans. He undid them and hooked his fingers into the sides and pulled them down along with her lace boy cuts. He dropped to his knees and with the dim light of the moon, started his search. It wasn't that hard to find, a medium sized smiley face laid on the inside of her thigh, early touching her hot sex. Elliot leaned in and placed a small kiss on her mark. His rough stubble came into contact with Olivia's swollen clit. Her knees buckled and she grabbed onto a nearby garbage can to steady herself. Elliot went to work, sucking, nibbling, biting, and soothing her clit. His fingers joined in on the action. He started out with two, pumping hard and fast. Olivia moaned wildly, thrashing her head from side to side. Elliot felt Olivia coming nearer and nearer. He added a third finger and pumped quickly. Olivia came hard. She yelled out, not caring if anyone heard her.

Elliot licked up all of her juices. He gave her birthmark a small kiss.

"Any other marks I should know about?" Elliot asked smugly.

Out of breath Olivia answered." God I wish there was!"

"Mm, I am that good huh?"

"Oh ya! Now let's go too my place, it's my turn to search for a a mark!" Olivia winked.