Color of the Roses

Chapter 1: The Red Rose of Passion

It was warm, spring Monday morning at Duel Academy. All of the students were bustling about to get to their classes before they were late getting to them.

In one of those classrooms, Syrus was anxiously waiting for his friend Jaden to get to class before their teacher, Professor Crowler came in. "Jaden, hurry up or Crowler's gonna give you detention for sure!" the young Truesdale said to himself.

Then he heard a snide, little voice say from behind him, "So I take it that the slacker's gonna be late again, huh shrimp?"

The silver eyed teen turned around and saw that it was none other than Chazz Princeton smirking at him. He glared at the black haired teen, "Who asked you, Chazz?"

The rich kid smirked as he shrugged his shoulders. "Don't let him get to ya, son." Syrus turned to the side and saw Hassleberry sitting in the seat next to him, "The serge will be here soon."

Chazz laid back in his chair placing both of his hands on the back of his head, "Keep telling him that, Bumbleberry."

The Ra yellow student turned to the other and frowned, "My name is Hassleberry."

"Yeah whatever, Boysenberry." the black haired duelist replied with a smirk as the dino duelist grunted and Syrus lightly slapped his forehead.

"Look, I know the serge is known for running late and it's important that he gets here or Crowler will give him detention…again. But I'm tellin ya, he's gonna walk right through that door any minute."

Then the three teens heard a voice say, "Hey you guys!" They turned and saw that it was Jaden coming in to take his seat. "Oh thank God!" the dino duelist said in relief as Syrus and Chazz stared at him blankly.

Jaden rushed to his seat, "Am I late?"

The light blue haired student shook his head with a smile, "No Jay, you made it just in time; Crowler's not even here yet."

The brunet blew a quick sigh of relief as he pulled out his chair, "That's good, for a second I thought…" When Jaden looked down, his brown eyes widened at what he saw in his seat.

His friends noticed his strange behavior, "What's up, Jay?" the silver eyed teen asked.

"Yeah, Serge?" Hassleberry added.

Jaden reached into his chair and pulled out a red, crystal rose that shimmered when light touched it, "This."

"Wow Jaden, where do you think that come from?" Syrus asked his friend.

"I have no idea, Sy." the brunet replied.

"Syrus, didn't you see him pull it out of the chair?" the black haired duelist asked.

Silver eyes narrowed at the other, "I meant how it got into his chair, Chazz."

"Anyway Serge," the Ra yellow said ignoring the other two, "why don't you read the note and see?"

"What note?" Jaden searched all around him as the other three stared blankly at him and sighed.

"The note that's tied to the flower, genius." the ebony eyed teen informed the other.

"Huh?" the brunet looked at the stem of the rose and saw a fancy looking note tied to it by a piece of gold colored string, "Oh that note." Jaden smiled as his friends groaned.

Jaden untied the string and skimmed over the note. As he did, his cheeks grew bright red and his friends instantly noticed it. "You alright there Jay; why are you blushing?" Syrus asked.

"What does it say, soldier?" Hassleberry asked.

"Nothing!" the Neos space duelist said as he quickly hid the note behind his back.

"Yeah right, slacker; let me see that!" Chazz snatched the note from behind the other's back. Ebony orbs skimmed over the cursive handwriting then widened, "Oh my God!"

"What?" Syrus and Hassleberry asked in unison.

Jaden reached for the note trying to get it from the rich teen but to no avail, "Give it back, Chazz!"

"No way, I'm tryin to figure out who's writing you a love letter!"

The other teens' eyes widened and cried in unison, "A LOVE LETTER?!"

"Quiet you guys; you want the whole school to hear you?"

"Oh sorry!" they said a bit quieter, "what's it say?" Both teens looked at each other as Syrus said, "Okay, we've got to stop doing that." The dino duelist nodded in agreement.

"I'll tell you as soon as Chazz gives it back!" the brown eyed teen cried as he continued trying to get the note back.

"Okay, okay…sheesh!" the rich teen handed the anxious duelist the note and the other grabbed it.

Jaden held the note in his hands and began to blush as he read:

To my beloved Jaden,

You have received the elegant red rose which stands for love. The moment I laid eyes on you, everything in the world around me suddenly stopped. You were the only thing that stood out. Meeting and getting to know you had been the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I didn't have the courage to confess this to you face to face, but I have fallen deeply in love with you by the day. My love for you consumes every fiber of my being. Your determination, courage, compassion, and loyalty have fueled my passion for you. This is why I gave you this as a token of my feelings. I hope you love it as much as I love you.

Forever Yours,

Your Secret Admirer

When Jaden finished reading the note, his cheeks were as red as cherries. His friends stared at him with shocked expressions on their faces. "Wow Serge, that's a really deep note ya got there." Hassleberry said breaking the silence.

"Wow Jay, a secret admirer; that's so amazing!" the light blue haired duelist happily said.

"Yeah, that's great and all Sy but…but…"

"But what, Jaden?" the black dressed teen asked.

The brown eyed teen cutely tilted his head to the side and asked with a confused smile, "What's a secret admirer?"

At that moment, he heard a loud thud. He saw that his friends fell out of their chairs onto the floor anime style, "Is there a problem, guys?"

The three duelists hurried back on their feet and all gave him astonished looks. "Is there a problem he asks?" Chazz began, "How could you not know what a secret admirer is after hanging out with me?"

"Well, I never had one so I never knew!" Jaden explained as he held up his hands in his defense.

The rich teen groaned as he slapped his hand against his forehead, "You are so clueless!"

"Okay, that's it!" Syrus grabbed his friend's arm and started walking towards the door with Chazz and Hassleberry following after them.

"Uh Sy, where are you taking me?" the brunet asked his friend in wonder.

"To the one person who can help you." the smaller replied.

"Who the guidance counselor?" Jaden asked as the others groaned again.

"Get a move on Syrus, the slacker's getting dumber by the minute." the black wearing teed said bluntly.

The brown eyed teen looked back at the other, "Hey!" Then he turned back to Syrus, "Seriously Sy, what about Crowler's class?"

"Since when have you worried about Crowler's class or any class for that matter?" Chazz asked bluntly.

"But guys…!"

"This is no time for buts soldier, march!" the Ra yellow student commanded as they hurried to their destination.

In their room in the Obelisk blue dorm, Zane and Atticus were on their beds organizing their decks while their visitor, Aster was sitting in a chair reading a book. At that moment, they all heard a knock at the door. The cyber duelist turned to his roommate and asked, "Atticus, could you get that?"

"Sure thing," the dark brown haired teen turned to the door and yelled, "come in!"

Zane and Aster turned to him and stared in disbelief. Atticus looked at them and shrugged his shoulders, "What?"

"I believe he meant get up and answer the door." the silver haired teen answered.

"Why didn't he just say that in the first place?" the dragon duelist got off his bed to answer the door.

Aster turned to Zane with a questionable look as the other shook his head, "Just leave it alone."

When Atticus opened the door, he saw Syrus, Jaden, Hassleberry, and Chazz standing in front of him. "Hey guys!" the brown haired upperclassmen greeted, "Uh, shouldn't you be in class right now?"

"Shouldn't you?" the rich teen asked back.

"We're upperclassmen; we hardly ever go to class."

"Listen Atticus, we hate to interrupt, but Jay needs some advice." Syrus explained.

"Look Sy, I'm sure it can wait till you boys get done with Crowler's class."

"Yeah, but this is something that can actually help the guy in life." the ebony eyed teen added.

"Whataya mean?"

Syrus, Hassleberry, and Chazz took a deep breath and answered, "He doesn't know what a secret admirer is."

Atticus stared at Jaden in disbelief then back at his friends. "Why didn't you say that two minutes ago; get in here!" the dragon duelist said as he hurried the four teens into his room. As he did, he said, "Let me the first to say that I'm flattered that you came here for my overwhelming guidance on L'amour."

When he closed the door, he heard the black wearing teen say, "What guidance?"

"Quiet you!" the upperclassmen yelled at the other.

When there was no one in sight, a lone dark clad figure stood from behind the corner. On his shoulder, was a small creature with two sets of big ears, bright ruby eyes, and long blue tail with a red orb attached to end of it. "Looks like he received my gift, girl." the mysterious figure said to his accomplice.

"Rubi?" the cat like creature cried in a questioning tone.

He nodded, "Yes girl, it's time for the next gift." So the duo walked down the hall to prepare for the next surprise.

To Be Continued…

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