Color of the Roses

Chapter 6: A Sweet and Pure Romance

It was the day that Jaden would finally find out who his secret admirer is. Ever since he began thinking about who it could be, he always had this feeling that it was someone familiar to him, but he never could figure out who it could be. He woke up early to get ready and meet with his secret admirer. Once he was dressed and ready to go, he checked himself in his mirror to make sure he looked okay.

After that, he headed to the door. Before he grabbed the knob to open it, he took a deep breath then exhaled, "Well, here goes nothing."

The chocolate eyed teen came out of the Slifer dorm and headed towards his destination. Unaware to him, his friends just happened to see him leave. "Hey, there goes Jaden." Syrus said.

"Today is the day that the Serge meets his secret admirer, right?" Hassleberry asked.

"No Bumble berry, he's going for an afternoon swim; what do you think?" Chazz replied.

Before the dino duelist could even retort, the younger Truesdale stopped them, "Again I say, don't start!"

"Well you guys know what we have to do right?" Atticus asked receiving questionable looks from his friends.

"We wait for Jaden to come back and tell us who his secret admirer is himself?" Aster suggested hopefully.

"Pssh! Of course not, Aster; who has that kind of time?" the dark brown haired teen replied bluntly.

The Destiny Hero duelist placed his hand over his forehead with a grown as Zane said, "Even I saw that one coming."

Aster sighed, "I should've known better."

"You're not suggesting that we spy on Jaden are you?" Alexis asked her brother.

"Don't think of it as spying dear sister, think of it as discovering the truth."

"Don't even try to sugar coat this;" the ebony haired teen said, "we all know that you're just trying to be noisy."

"Look, we can stand here and have a debate on what you're calling this, but I'm going to go see who it is." Atticus began to head in the same direction that Jaden was going, "Hurry up or I'll leave you guys behind!"

"Shouldn't we stop him?" Syrus asked.

"That's like trying to stop a tornado." the cyber duelist answered bluntly.

"That's my brother for you Sy, nothing stops him when something exciting like this happens." Alexis added.

"We better follow him." Hassleberry said as they all came to an agreement and ran after their friend.

Unaware that his friends were following him, Jaden continued on his way to the beach. He went through the forest towards his destination. Once he came upon the forest's clearing, he heard the sound of gentle, rolling waves. He looked up and saw that he was at the beach. The young brunet stepped onto the sandy shore then looked at his watch for the time. "Well, it's noon right on the dot." He lifted his head up and searched around for his secret admirer, "Where is the mystery duelist?"

"Hey Jaden, over here!" The said teen turned around and saw Jesse coming towards him with his hands behind his back.

The brunet smiled as he ran up to his friend, "Jesse, it's been ages since I last saw you; how have you been?"

"I've been doing good and you?"

"I'm doing just fine."

"So what brings you to the beach today, Jay?"

"Well, I'm supposed to be meeting someone here at noon, but they don't seem to be here yet."

"Really?" The other as the bluenette grinned, "Are you waiting for someone who has to tell you something important by any chance?"

"Yeah I am, but how did you know?" Jaden asked his friend in wonder.

The gang poked their heads up from behind some bushes at the forest clearing and saw Jaden and Jesse talking to each other. "Hey, what's Jesse doing here?"

"Good question, Syrus." Alexis added.

"Let's keep watchin and find out." Hassleberry said as the rest of the gang continued to observe the two teens.

"Jaden, there's something that I would like to give you." Jesse said finally.

"What is it, pal?" the young Slifer asked.

The teal eyed teen pulled his hands out from behind his back and revealed that he was holding two crystal roses in one hand. One was light pink and the other was white as snow. The rose glistened in the sunlight. Jaden's eyes widened as he stared at the roses then at Jesse as he said, "These are for you, Jay."

"What did he give the Serge?" Hassleberry asked.

"It looks like roses." Aster answered.

"And they're shiny too like crystals." Alexis added.

Just then, a thought struck Syrus. "Wait, if those are crystal roses then…"

"No way." Chazz added, beginning to catch on to what the other was getting at.

"Jesse?" Jaden began to ask.

"Yes Jay?"

"Did the mystery duelist ask you to come meet me here instead?" the confused teen asked.

From behind the bushes, the gang fell over anime style, astonished at their friend's simple-mindness. Chazz sat up with a frown on his face and clutching his hand in a fist, "How dense can a guy be?!"

The silver haired teen gritted his teeth, "It ought to be a crime to be that clueless!"

"I really do worry about that kid." Zane said as Syrus, Hassleberry, and Alexis nodded in agreement.

Atticus shook his head with grin, "Our little Jaden has a lot to learn in the lessons of life."

Jesse was shocked by the question for a brief second then began to laugh, "Oh Jay, sometimes you can be so clueless, but that's just one of the things I find cute about you."

"Funny, that's what the others always say." the chocolate eyed teen said. Then his eyes widened at the other's final words, "Wait, did you just call me cute?"

The bluenette smiled as he nodded his head, "That I did and actually, there's something you should know. I know all about the mystery duelist and how he won the day with you. I also already knew about your secret admirer before Syrus even told me about it."

"But how could you have known about all of that, Jesse?"

The said teen's cheeks grew bright red as he shyly ran his free hand through his blue hair, "Because I am the mystery duelist and your secret admirer." The young Slifer's chocolate eyes widened in shock at his friend's words as he continued, "I'm the one who has been sending you those roses and letters. When I heard about that school tournament Atticus threw where you were the grand prize, I didn't want to risk losing you to someone else. Then it dawned on me that maybe the tournament was a ploy to reveal me to you before I had the chance to. So I became the mystery duelist so I could duel without anyone suspecting me. You have no idea how happy I was to win the tournament and the day with you."

Jaden blushed as he took the two crystal roses from his friend. "You did all that for me?" the brunet asked.

"Of course I did, Jay. Just like I've been saying in my letters, I really do care about you. I wanted to tell you sooner, but I was afraid that it would have hurt our friendship. But the more time that I spent with you, the more my love for you grew. So I sent you roses if different colors that have different meanings and the letters to give you an understanding of how I felt."

A loving, sweet smile arose on Jaden's face as his chocolate colored eyes glistened with happiness, "Wow Jesse, that's the most awesome thing that anyone has ever done for me."

"I'm glad that you feel that way, Jay." the bluenette said happily.

"Who would've thought that it was Jesse all along?" Syrus said.

Hassleberry sniffed as water came to his eyes as he cried, "I know right."

"Um Hassleberry," Alexis began, "are you crying?"

"Why not; the Serge looks so happy and these touching moments always get to me!" the dino duelist said as he used his forearm to wipe away his stray tears.

"It's okay; let it out, big fella." Syrus said as he gently patted the other's shoulder trying to console him.

"I gotta admit even I could learn a thing or two from that slacker." Chazz said.

Atticus brought a handkerchief to his eye as he sniffled, "There's nothing more romantic than two teens finding love and this is all thanks to my interference! What a great friend I am!" The dragon duelist burst out into tears of joy and rested his head on Aster's shoulder as the others stared blankly at him.

Aster rolled his eyes as he gently patted the other's head, "There, there."

Zane shook his head at his friend then smiled, "So Jesse finally told Jaden how he feels about him. It's about time that he told him what's been going on."

The others turned to the cyber duelist with surprised looks. "Wait a minute Zane, you knew about this all along?" Alexis asked.

"Well, I always had my suspicions on who Jaden's admirer was and I happened to come across Jesse changing out of his mystery duelist outfit and he told me everything."

"If you knew that then why didn't you say something?" Atticus asked, flabbergasted that his friend kept a secret this big from him.

"Now you know that I had to keep it from you, Atticus. If I had told you, then you would've blabbered about it to the whole school." Zane replied.

The dark brown haired teen placed his against on his chest, shocked at his friend's words, "Are you insinuating that I would tell someone's personal business to complete strangers?"

"Well let's see, you held a tournament where Jesse would've nearly lost his chance to be with Jaden." Aster answered bluntly as the others nodded in agreement.

"…Well!" the dragon duelist scoffed.

"Anyway, it's not that hard to figure out when you think about it." the bluenette added.

"Okay let's see…wait, crystal roses…" Syrus began to conclude.

"And Jesse duels with the Crystal Beast deck." Hassleberry added.

"Each rose was also a color of the rainbow." Alexis concluded.

"Crystal beasts…crystal roses; why didn't I see that?" Aster asked.

"That slacker is really good." Chazz said to himself.

The blond Obelisk rose to her feet then turned to her friends, "Come on you guys, we better leave these two alone now."

"The lady's got a point, soldiers." the dino duelist agreed as he and the others stood up to head back to the school.

"Yeah," the light blue haired teen began, "those two have a lot to talk about. When Jaden tells us about this, everyone act surprised."

"Got it." the gang said in unison as they headed back towards the school.

As Zane was about to leave, he turned and saw Aster staying behind. He tapped the other's shoulder, "Hey Aster, aren't you coming?"

"Yeah; hey Zane, you mind if we stop by my yacht? There's something that I want to talk with you about." the sapphire eyed teen said.

"Sure thing." the bluenette said as he and Aster headed towards the docks.

"So Jesse, what do these two roses represent?" Jaden asked the other in wonder.

"The pink rose represents sweet thoughts and grace and the white rose represents innocence and purity. My head is always full of sweet thoughts of you. Of all the roses that I have given you, I feel the white rose represents you the most because you're so innocent and you have a pure heart."

Jaden blushed as a smile arose on his face, "Gee, thanks Jesse, that's really nice of you to say."

"You're welcome Jay; say, are you hungry?"

"Am I ever?"

"I figured that which is why," the bluenette turned to present a picnic basket sitting on top of a navy blue beach blanket with two plates, two cups, and two sets of silverware placed out, "I set this up for us."

"Wow!" the brunet said with glee as he and Jesse walked over to the beach blanket to sit down. "Jesse, this is amazing; thank you!"

The blue haired Obelisk smiled, "Your very welcome, Jay."

When the two teens were settled on the beach blanket, Jesse opened the basket and pulled out a container full of something that made Jaden's eyes sparkle with joy, "Jesse, is that what I think it is?"

"You certainly have good eyes, Jay." The bluenette opened the lid of the container to reveal that it was full of fried shrimp, Jaden's favorite. "Now, why don't we get our grub on?"

"Yeah let's!" the young Slifer agreed wholeheartedly as they began to eat.

After they finished their meal, they had a rousing game of duel monsters. Then they began talking creating great conversation. The two teens were having such a great time together that they didn't even notice that the sun was setting. "So Jesse, how come you didn't duel with your crystal beast deck in the school tournament?" Jaden asked the other.

"Well, I didn't want anyone to suspect me while I was the mystery duelist so I had to duel with another duel deck. My duel spirits weren't pleased with my decision at first, but they eventually understood why I had to do it."

"Well, you completely had me fooled!" the brunet said with a cheeky smile.

"...Oh I know."

"So, you think we should head on back to my dorm and hang out for awhile?"

"Actually," Jesse began, "I was hoping that we should stay for a little while longer."

"How come?"

"There's something special happening later on tonight and I wanted us to watch it together."

"O-O-O-O, what is it?" the chocolate eyed teen asked with curiosity.

"You'll see…"

(A few hours later…)

The sun had set and the sky became dark blue and a gentle, cool breeze swept across the beach. Jaden and Jesse were sitting on top of the beach blanket gazing at the calming beach scenery before them. The ocean waves were rolling gently onto the shore. The stars were shining like diamonds in the night sky. "C'mon Jesse, where's this something special that's supposed to happen; the suspense is killing me!" the brunet said with such anticipation.

The blue haired Obelisk chuckled at the other's excitement, "Patience Jay, it's about to start…now."

Just then, the young Slifer saw something twinkle out the corner of his eye. He looked up at the starlit sky and saw lots of bright, shooting stars fall across the night sky. Jaden stared in awe at the sight. His chocolate colored eyes glowed with excitement as a bright smile arose on his face. Jesse smiled lovingly at his love as he was enjoying the wonderful sight, "So I take that you're enjoying the surprise?"

"I sure am; you knew that there would be a meteor shower tonight?"

"Yeah I did; after all, I did want our day together to be special."

Jaden smiled sweetly at his friend. He was so touched that Jesse went through all of this just for him; he couldn't be happier. Then he leaned his head against the other's shoulder and sighed happily, "Jesse, this had been one of the greatest days of my life."

The bluenette blushed slightly then smiled, "Mine too, Jaden." He wrapped his free arm around the brunet, holding him close as they continued to watching the falling stars shoot across the sky.

These two teens weren't the only ones enjoying this sparkling show. Syrus, Hassleberry, Alexis, Chazz, and Atticus were all hanging out in the Slifer dorm and just happened to notice the meteor shower happening outside of the window. "Wow, what an amazing sight." the light blue haired teen said in awe.

"Ten-four, son." the dino duelist said in agreement.

"Yeah, it certainly is beautiful." Alexis added.

"Yeah, but your beauty surpasses those stars Lexi!" Chazz said lovingly to the blond Obelisk who simply smiled nervously at him.

"Aw-w-w," Atticus said placing his hand over his chest looking touched "isn't that sweet? Looks like Chazz is finally stepping up; wouldn't you agree, guys?"

The two Ra yellows looked at each other with narrowed eyes and pursed lips then back at the dark haired teen, "…Right."

"Say Atticus, do you know where my brother is; I thought that he would be here by now." Syrus asked.

"Yeah and where's Aster?" Hassleberry asked.

Atticus thought for a minute then giggled, "Let's just say that those two are have a lovely, little get together." He giggled again as the other stared at him then at each other with questioning looks.

At the docks, Zane and Aster were standing on the deck of Aster's yacht, watching the meteor shower as well. "This is an interesting way to end the festivities." the silver haired teen said to the other.

"You could say that." the cyber duelist replied as he joined hands with his new lover while they continued to watch the falling stars.

"You know something, Jesse." Jaden said snuggling close to the other.

"What is it, Jaden?"

"I was kinda hoping that you were my secret admirer."

"Oh really?"

The chocolate eyed teen's cheeks began to grow bright red, "Well yeah, because I've grown to like you for awhile too, and after all of this, I'm really glad that it all worked out."

"I am too, Jay and now that we're together, I promise to always be by your side no matter what until your roses wilt."

Jaden stared at the other with a perplexing look, "But Jesse, those roses are made of crystal; they will never wilt."

Jesse just smiled lovingly at him, "Exactly."

The brunet thought about what he said then began to understand. "Oh…" Jaden said with reddened cheeks, "I'll say it again Jesse, you have such a way with words."

"Call it a weakness." the bluenette replied.

At that moment, the both of them stared aimlessly into each other's eyes for what seemed like eternity. Warm, chocolate orbs met dazzling aqua green eyes. Then they both leaned in close till their lips met into their first kiss. What made the sweet gesture even more special was that stars continued to fall across the night sky above them.

The End

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