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And They Wonder Why

By Waterrain

America was laying on his sofa trying to ignore England and he was somewhat successful.

"And your people are so bloody loud." England finished smoothly and he frowned for why was America smiling so brightly?

"Why are you smiling? What is it with you and the rest of your people smiling all the time? It is completely fake, America." England stated bluntly and the blue eyed Nation tried to ignore him. America decided to focus on what to have for lunch, what to watch on Tv, and how to work off the weight, but thought briefly smiling can really make others wonder.

"Are you listening to me, America?" England asked flatly and he received a thumbs up.

"Yep." America replied simply and his mind wandered back to all kinds of work outs to do.

"Your people are rude, insensitive, and arrogant when traveling abroad." England commented calmly and his words were tuned out by America, and he went on.

"Maybe I'm being a bit harsh, but it is true. Then again if more of your people would travel abroad and maybe then they could prove the rest of us wrong." England stated causally, America rolled his blue eyes, and mentally shook his head for the other Nation has completed a circle.

'And you wonder why not a lot of my people travel abroad.' America thought calmly and he was a little amused at England's words, but also annoyed.

"So England how do your people act when visiting the rest of the world?" America asked innocently and he was able to tune the green eyed Nation out completely. He did not really pay any attention, but wondered why England was getting all bent out of shape from his question.

"My people are more behaved than your people." England stated firmly and he noticed America's amused smile. "What? Am I wrong?"

"Heh, Your really defensive." America commented cheerfully and he blinked his blue eyes while smiling brightly. "Anyway in America and stuff..You and your people have the freedom to be complete assholes along with complaining on how America is not like England."

"What do you mean?" England asked in a defensive tone and his arms were crossed in annoyance.

"Of course with freedom there is responsibility and consequences." America replied happily and he smiled innocently at the green eyed Nation.

"Why do your people eat at McDonald's abroad?" England asked calmly and he looked relaxed.

'Shesh, There he goes again with changing the topic.' America thought and he covered up a yawn with his right hand.

"Is it because you believe McDonald's to be the best and—"

America rolled his eyes and decided to let the other Nation ramble on about it along with silently wondering when England will stop.

"Honestly unable to see any food past McDonald's." England finished smoothly and he noticed America's eyes were glazed over. "Were you listening?"

America yawned, stretched his arms out, and gave the other Nation a nod along with a 'Yep'.

"Can you answer me why they would eat at McDonald's when there are perfectly good restaurants abroad?" England asked calmly and the blue eyed Nation's smile was thin.

"England, You are insensitive." America replied cheerfully and he saw England's look of disbelief.

"Yep, Just think about it. The reasons and stuff. Home sickness, just wanting to have something familiar, having something quick to eat which means more time exploring, and is it a crime to have something that brings a person comfort when they are so far away from home." America stated firmly and he noticed how the other Nation just looked away.

'Plus it is not like my people only eat McDonald's.' America thought calmly and he forced a smile on his lips. 'And they wonder why not a lot of my people travel abroad. Also my people sometimes like making food at home, buying store bought food, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and there is so many other fast food places along with restaurants. McDonald's is not the only thing Americans eat for crying out loud.'

"It should be a crime to eat at McDonald's for it is unhealthy." England muttered and he didn't see how those blue eyes for a moment showed pure disappointment for England completely missed the point. The disappointment and sadness vanished in seconds because of America's stubbornness at not wanting the other Nation to see.

"Anyway, England. Do your people eat at McDonald's?" America asked innocently and he was able to tune out the green eyed Nation.

'I hate it when he goes on and on about my people going abroad..Complaining about them, but yet wanting there to be more..Makes no sense and causes my head to hurt.' America thought to himself and he sighed softly. 'They love it when my people spend money.'

"Why do you always smile, America? It is annoying and—" England started to say, but America's fierce blue eyes and thin smile cut him off.

"Would you prefer to have me cry my eyes out? To hurt myself, to make myself bleed, and tell you how I feel about what other Nations say about my people traveling to their Nation. I doubt you would care or bother to listen, England." America managed to say calmly and he looked at England's shocked expression.

'Yeah, I have feelings too. I don't tell the world for more than likely it will be used against me.' America thought and he took a deep breath. 'I really want to drink a cup of Cola and I'm not in the mood to deal with England anymore for today.'

"I prefer to smile and laugh along with thinking happy thoughts. I doubt anyone would care if I started crying. It doesn't matter how I really feel England and you can leave now." America stated bluntly, he watched as England silently opened the door, and left without a word.

'And England along with everyone else wonders why most of my people don't travel abroad.' America thought as he locked the door and slumped down against it. His head was on his knees, he allowed those silent tears to fall for no one was around, and there was no chance of being made fun of which is one of America's worst fears despite everything.

"Sometimes when someone says that it doesn't really matter. It really does matter." America whispered to himself, he pinched his cheeks harshly, and wiped away the tears. "No use in crying or getting all depressed."

America stood up from the carpet, he walked to his bedroom, and laid down while sighing heavily.

"Tomorrow I can explain how far away everyone is from me, prices, languages, and other stuff." America commented cheerfully and he forced a bright smile on his lips.

"It is just a lack of understanding. It is not like everyone abroad believes all of my people are stupid, loud, rude, insensitive, and other things." America muttered to himself and he closed his blue eyes.

'I'll feel better after a short nap and a few cups of Cola.' America thought before he drifted to sleep and a smile was on his lips. 'I'll be alright and happy again after having some cola. I'm just over thinking things.'


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