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And They Wonder Why

By Waterrain

"Do you really want to know why some of my people do impressions of other Nation's accents?" America asked calmly, he tilted his head to the side, and grinned widely. "Before I tell you the closely guarded National secrets of my heroic people…I want to hear two guesses."

"Out of pure boredom." England commented flatly. "Maybe it is because your people enjoy making fun of people from other Nation's."

"Heh, There are several reasons why some of my people do impressions of other Nation's accents. Some think your people's accents are pretty darn sexy and makes them want to win over said person having that hot accent…At times ending in failure because they make the mistake of getting carried away, saying 'I love your accent', and said person having sexy accent get's all pissed off…Being all like 'Oh, You only love my accent not my body?' and…then when my beloved citizen says 'You look sexy, but I love your accent' and well it all goes downhill from there…With the person with said sexy foreign accent getting all huffy and…" America trailed off and he sighed to himself.

"My poor heroic citizens shouldn't have mentioned loving the foreign accent because it only leads to trouble because your people don't understand Americans and some of your people get all sensitive about my people loving the accent. Seriously, Some of my people really love the foreign accents. German, Russian, French, Italian, and the list goes on. However hardly any of them will say that to the person carrying said sexy foreign accent because they don't want to risk the chance of being called shallow or being glared at by the person having a hot accent for making that comment of 'I love your accent'... " America went on and he took a deep breath. The other Nation's just stare at America.

"The line of I love your accent is not always a pick up line, but some of your people think when somebody says I love your accent it's a pick up line and they get the wrong idea." America commented calmly and he was unnerved by the silence. It will be for the best to change the subject from some of his people really loving foreign accents since the other Nation's seem to be shell shocked at the information. "Anyway, A few of my people think if they speak in accent that they can communicate with anyone in the entire world…You know speaking in English, but using some kind of accent. If in Russia speak in English, but having a Russian accent. If in Germany speak in English, but having a German accent."

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