"Have you guys noticed anything different about Harry and Draco?" Neville asked his friends as they all sat in the Gryffindor common room.

It was their sixth year, there was no Voldemort causing mayhem any more, and they've been in school for two months now. And Neville had immediately noticed something different about Harry and Draco's fights. He had brushed it off as his imagination but as these past two months passed he noticed there was still something. It was like their fights were about nothing, just fighting for the purpose of having the other's attention. Instead of the hate he used to see in their eyes when they looked at each other, Neville saw some other kind of heat. The tension between them was almost…Neville blushed at the thought. Sexual.

"What are you talking about?" Ron asked absently.

"Oh thank Merlin!" Hermione exclaimed as she set her book down. "I thought I was the only one."

Neville, Dean, and Seamus nodded as Ron looked around. Neville wasn't surprised since Ron wasn't the most observant person. If he was Ron would realize that a certain Slytherin had his eye on him just like he would realize that his best friend Hermione was secretly going out with Dean. Neville only knew because he was observant. It had nothing to do with walking in on them having sex on Dean's bed.

"What are you talking about?" Ron asked. "They're the same as every year. They fight."

"No Ron," Hermione sighed. "There's more than that."

"I highly doubt there's anything more between those two."

Neville and the other guys rolled their eyes while Hermione glared at the redhead.

Just then Harry walked in fuming and stormed upstairs. They all watched him go by and they didn't have to guess who he was angry about.

Pansy, Blaise, and Theo were sitting in the Slytherin common room and were having the same discussion as their rivals. "I don't see it," Blaise said, which surprised Pansy and Theo because Blaise was the most observant of their group.

"How can you not?" Pansy said. "The air is practically thick with sexual tension when they fight."

Blaise shrugged. "I don't see it."

"Maybe because you're constantly staring at a certain redhead so you don't notice anything else."

Pansy watched Blaise; she knew how the dark young man had the hots for Potter's best mate. It had come as a surprise since at the time Voldemort had been alive and Ron was working with Potter to get rid of him. But then she had gotten over her shock since Blaise was neutral and didn't care about the "Dark" side and the "Light" side.

Blaise smirked. "Yes he is delicious isn't he?"

Pansy rolled her eyes. She opened her mouth to say something about a delicious Weasley - which she found hard to believe - when Draco came storming through the portrait hole and stormed upstairs without a word.

"One guess on why he's upset," she said as they heard his door slam shut.

'Fucking Malfoy!'

It was all his fault! Why the hell did he have to look so gorgeous all of a sudden? Well, he's always been beautiful, even Harry could have admit that in the past five years, but this year -when he saw him at the Welcoming Feast - he went from beautiful to gorgeous. No! Not gorgeous. Breathtaking.

Who the hell does he think he is to take Harry's breath away?

Who gave him the right?

He could still remember the first time he saw him this year.


Harry had been happy to be back at Hogwarts; his home. Sure it was a little hard because he still was stared and gawked at after his defeat of Voldemort the year before but he was used to it so he just ignored it. He was talking and reconnecting with Neville and a few others of his house mates who he hadn't talked to on the train.

The first year sorting had started and out of habit he had looked across the Great Hall to the Slytherin table and felt his breath catch. There in his normal seat sat Draco Malfoy, his school enemy since first year. And he was breathtaking.

His blonde, white in a way, hair was cut short but a bit longer on the top. He finally stopped putting gel in his hair, so it was soft looking. So soft looking that Harry wanted to walk over there and run his fingers through it. His face had his usual sharpness that Harry thought was beautiful. Even from his seat across the room Harry could tell that Malfoy had a slim body under those robes and Harry immediately wanted to strip him of everything to see it.

But the most intense feature of Draco Malfoy was his eyes, which were now looking at Harry. Harry felt trapped by those eyes, he always had in the past years. Malfoy's eyes were like pools of gray, not steel like his father. But soft. Even when hate shined through his eyes at Harry whenever they made eye contact, they constantly stayed soft and now Harry felt like he was drowning.

That was until they both seemed to realize they were staring at each other. They sneered at each other and then looked away.

~End Flashback~

Harry growled as he felt his dick harden all because of the prick Malfoy. Growling again, Harry ripped his clothes off to take a shower. He quickly got under the shower spray and after letting the water wash over him for a few seconds, trying to ignore his hard on, he realized it was pointless. Annoyed and angered, Harry grabbed his erection and started stroking himself, images of Malfoy playing across his mind, them quickly morphing to images of him pushing Malfoy onto his knees and ordering him to suck Harry. Images of him kissing Malfoy with all the desire, anger, passion, and possessiveness he possessed came to him. Malfoy moaning into the kiss and becoming putty in Harry's hands. He imaged pushing Malfoy up against the shower stall, with his legs around Harry's waist as his arms circled his neck, and sliding into him.

He groaned and pumped faster as he imaged what Dra-Malfoy would feel like around him. Harry bet he would be tight, hot, and slick; just perfect, them fitting like they were made for each other. Dra-Malfoy! would moan and kiss him as Harry pounded into him.

He had to place his hand against the wall for support. He was basically fucking his own hand now, imagining it was Dra-Fuck it! Draco's perfect tight ass instead. Groaning, he pictured pulling back from Draco's lips and working his way down his neck, licking and sucking, pulling wonderful sounds from Draco's lips. As he imagined stroking Draco's cock so they came together, Harry came with Draco's name on his lips.

Quickly showering, Harry toweled off and changed into a clean pair of boxers before getting into bed. It was pretty late and he was tired. And irritated with himself. He started referring to Malfoy by his first name, which always happened during his fantasies. But that wasn't what irritated him. No, he was used to calling Malfoy by his first name as he fantasized and climaxed. What he was irritated about was that for two months, two weeks, three days, and who cares how many hours and minutes Harry's been fantasizing about Malfoy nonstop. In the past years he had a fantasy here or there but this year it was nonstop.

Down in the dungeons, Draco Malfoy was thinking the same thing.

'Fucking Potter!'

He did something to make him do what he just did for the ninetieth time. He just wanked to the fantasy of Potter claiming him. They've been in school for seventy-eight days and he's wanked off every night to Potter, sometimes he even wanked twice.

Potter must have done something. There was no way Draco felt this way for Potter of all people.

'You've been wanking to Potter a lot longer than that,'the voice inside him said.

He hated that voice.

'I most certainly have not!'

'Then what was it you fantasized about third year when you all had to sleep in the Great Hall?'

Draco grumbled as he slipped into bed and snuggled under the comforter. He didn't want to admit, even to the little voice, that he has been wanking to Potter since his third year and his first fantasy was sneaking into Potter's sleeping bag and giving him head; them trying to be quiet so that the other students and professors wouldn't hear them. Oh that had been an intense fantasy and he had done everything to not touch himself that night because he had been sure that someone would see him.

He heard the door open and saw Blaise and Theo come in. "You alright Draco?" Blaise asked.

He scowled. "Yes."

"Another fight with Potter?" he asked.

"Yes! The damn bastard had the nerve to ignore me when I confronted him about knocking into me! Who does he think he is to ignore me? He thinks because he's the 'Chosen One' that he can ignore me," he growled.

He didn't see Blaise and Theo share a look before heading for the shower. "That sucks mate," Theo said. "You shouldn't allow him to ignore you."

"You're right," Draco growled.

The next day, Friday, Harry and Draco's friends watched them. They could see the tension was high between them and could see that Draco was planning something.

Later that afternoon, after eating dinner, Harry stood up to head out and did some walking. He needed to be alone for a while.

He went to the empty hallway that he usually went to when he needed to be alone. He wasn't there for five minutes before he felt a presence behind him. Reflexes taking over he spun around with his wand in his hand and came face to face with Draco who had his own wand pointed at Harry.

Ron, Hermione, and Neville knew that Harry could take care of himself - they were the only ones who knew how powerful Harry really was, not even Dumbledore knew it - but instinctively they drew their wands. However the other three people with them stopped them. Blaise stopped Ron, Theo stopped Hermione, while Pansy stopped Neville.

"Let them do this alone," Theo whispered.

The Gryffindors looked at each other, silently communicating with each other before nodding and putting their wands away.

Hermione, Neville, Theo, and Pansy knew this could go two ways and they hoped it ended in the way they wanted. Ron was watching to see what his friends were talking about, and Blaise really didn't care. Sure he was interested to see if his friends were right about his best mate and Potter, but he was more interested in the redhead he was currently standing behind. He stepped closer a bit to be closer and leaned forward to smell Ron. He smelled wonderful.

The others looked at him and smirked while Ron was completely oblivious to Blaise's hungry stare.

"What the hell do you want Malfoy?" Harry asked with his wand pointed at Malfoy. He was powerful, only three people knew how powerful, but he would never harm Malfoy though the blonde didn't know that. The thought of actually harming his blonde Slytherin - yes Draco was his and his alone just like he was Draco's - caused Harry's heart to stop and his stomach dropped in pain.

"You bumped into me yesterday and then had the nerve to ignore me. No one ignores me! Are you so high and mighty ever since last year that you now ignore me?"

Harry rolled his eyes. "Seriously? You're here because I ignored you yesterday."

"Yes! No one ignores me."

Harry put his wand away. "So you do the only thing you can do to get the better of me," he growled. "Sneak up from behind. What a Malfoy thing to do."

He started to walk away but Malfoy grabbed his arm and turned him around. "Don't walk away from me!"

"Yeah I probably shouldn't since you'd probably attack me from behind."

"I'm not afraid of you Potter!" he sneered.

"You're record of attacking from behind shows differently."

"You bastard."


"You're such a bastard you're parents died to leave you."

Ron moved to attack Malfoy for that comment but he stopped when he felt an arm slip around his waist. He blinked down at the dark arm around him and turned to see Blaise.

Holy shit Blaise was holding him.

A blush assaulted his cheeks.

Blaise leaned forward to whisper. "Draco doesn't mean it. You can tell he was just desperate for something to say."

"Better my parents dead than have a father who's in Azkaban for life for being Voldemort's bitch!"

Draco glared at Harry and Harry felt a little thrill at getting the upper hand.

But it went away when Draco punched him. He doubled over but quickly straightened and tackled Draco down to the ground. Harry knocked Draco's wand away and trapped his arms above his head to the floor when Draco struggled and tried to punch him again - Harry couldn't bring himself to punch him back.

"How dare you!" Draco growled and struggled against him.

Harry felt a primal feeling go through him as he straddled Draco and continued to hold him down. He felt like he should mark his prize and he couldn't help but stare down at the beautiful creature. His face was flush with anger, and Harry wanted that flush to be due to pleasure. His eyes were flared with anger and Harry wanted it flared with desire.

He stared down at Draco's lips and couldn't help himself. He leaned down and crushed their lips together.

Ron held his breath when he saw Malfoy throw the first punch, and was surprised when Harry didn't punch him back. But then again Harry's never hit Malfoy or even hexed him too badly, even when the ferret deserved it. He felt nervous when Harry tackled him down and saw this primal glint enter his eyes.

He was prepared for anything but not for what he saw next.

He choked on his breath when he saw Harry swoop down to crash his lips on Malfoy's. Malfoy's eyes widened in shock before they closed and he moaned into the kiss, interlocking his fingers with Harry's.

Blaise's arm around him tightened and Ron could feel the Slytherin pull him back so that his back was flush against his chest. He could feel Blaise's breath coming fast and hot against his neck and when he felt lips against his neck, he blushed. Ron knew he shouldn't be watching this, but just like his friends and the three other Slytherins he couldn't look away. It was both beautiful watching them together, they made a beautiful pairing, but it was also a chilling thing. They were enemies for Merlin's sake! It wasn't right in a way, but as he watched Draco's legs open for Harry to lie between and watched as they ground against each other, Ron couldn't help but think about all their fights over the past years.

Ron hadn't liked Malfoy from the beginning because of their family rivalry and because of the way Malfoy had tried to take away his chance of being friends with Harry Potter. Then it grew to the way Malfoy treated Harry and Hermione. He hadn't really cared with the way he treated him, but he treated his two best friends badly and he didn't like it. But then it kind of lessened after Harry defeated Voldemort because Malfoy wasn't so influenced from his father. Malfoy even became tolerable this year, only being a bastard to Harry. So it seemed.

But it seemed now that the whole fights between Malfoy and Harry started from Harry refusing Malfoy's friendship but then it turned to where it seemed all Malfoy wanted was Harry's attention on him. And to keep the attention on him. Now that Ron thought about it, the fights after third year seemed to start over little and petty things.

"Why haven't I noticed this before?" he asked in a whisper as he watched Harry trail down to Malfoy's neck and his hands travel down his body while Malfoy's hands thread through Harry's hair. Harry opened Malfoy's robes and pushed the shirt up to feel Malfoy's pale stomach. And guessing from the moan coming from Harry, he liked what he felt and saw.

"You were busy with Voldemort," Theo murmured as he watched transfixed at Draco and Harry.

Draco was now ripping open Harry's robes and feeling Harry's abs now. And Ron didn't need Malfoy's moan to know he enjoyed them. Even Ron could admit that Harry had a nice body, toned and strong. But he'd hate to see Malfoy's face when and if he ever saw Harry's back. He had nasty scars from his relatives.

"We shouldn't be watching this," Hermione said but she made no move to leave.

"Speak for yourself," Pansy whispered. "This is hot."

Harry pushed Draco's shirt over his head and trailed his hands down his torso. So much skin!

Pale. Smooth. Draco's skin! His Draco's skin!

"Potter," Draco whimpered as Harry kissed his way down his body to kiss below his belly button. He unbuttoned his pants and hooked his fingers in.



"My name's Harry."

"I know that," he growled. "Now get a move on."

Harry flicked his wrist to remove all their clothes, surprising Draco with his wandless and wordless magic. "You'll say my name before I'm through with you."

Before Draco could retort Harry crushed his lips to Draco's again and instantly thrust his tongue past Draco's lips when he gasped. He dominated his mouth, tasting every inch. He moaned but smirked when Draco gasped. Harry had silently lubed his fingers and pushed a finger in.

"Bastard," Draco gasped as he threw his head back and panted. Harry assaulted his neck, leaving nice red marks and enjoyed every sound he was making come out of his Draco. He pushed in another finger, quickly finding that spot that made Draco moan and arch his back. "Potter."

He grimaced at his surname but continued to assault Draco's prostate, adding another finger to stretch Draco for him. He brushed Draco's prostate with each thrust of his fingers and soon Draco was thrusting back, trying to fuck Harry's fingers himself. It was the sexiest thing Harry ever saw and desperately needed Draco at that moment.

He smiled when Draco whimpered at the loss of his fingers but didn't make Draco miss him much. After silently lubing his cock he aligned himself to Draco's hole and looked at him. He pushed into Draco a bit, but before he could fully breach Draco, he pulled back.

"Potter," Draco whimpered and tried to thrust down to do it himself but Harry moved back.

He did it again, only pushing in enough so his head was in before pulling back out.

"Potter," he growled.

"Beg for it."


"Beg for it Draco," he ordered and thrust his head in again before pulling it out.

Draco whimpered and again tried to push down on Harry's cock himself, but Harry stayed out of reach.


"You can do better love," he whispered.

If Draco noticed that endearment he didn't mention it. He just stared into Harry's eyes and said more than what Harry expected to hear.

"Please. Please stuff your cock up my ass! I've wanted to feel your cock in me for years! Please do it. I want it!"

Harry growled as a shudder ran through him and thrust into Draco, causing him to scream and arch his back. Harry was worried he hurt Draco but Draco wrapped his legs around his waist and held him close. His arms circled Harry's neck and brought him down for a gentle kiss. It was swift and small but Harry felt his heart triple at that small sweet kiss when Harry started moving hard and fast. His head was in Draco's neck where he kissed and licked, tasting the skin as he moved in and out of his lover.

As he imagined, Draco was hot, tight, and perfect. No he was better. It was like they were made for each other and caused Harry's need to heighten. Draco was officially his now. He angled his thrust in a way to hit Draco's prostate and knew he hit it when Draco cried out and arched his back.

"Like that do you?" he growled in Draco's ear.

"Yes," Draco whimpered as he met each of Harry's thrusts.

As Harry felt his orgasm about to hit he wrapped his hand around Draco's dick and stroked it to match his thrusts. "Draco," he moaned over and over as he felt Draco's ass tighten around him. He moved faster.

"Say you're mine."


"Say my name Draco," he ordered. He needed to hear his name on Draco's sweet lips.

"…No." Draco gasped as he quickened to match Harry's thrusts.

Harry knew from the pause that Draco wanted to say his name, but was being stubborn.

"Say it," he growled out because he wanted to come but he couldn't without hearing his name.


"Say it!" He bit down on Draco's neck.


Harry came then, his come coming out to coat Draco's walls as Draco came across their chests.

He slumped on top of Draco and breathed in his scent, leisurely licking the part of his neck that he bit. He ran his fingers over it once he caught his breath. "Sorry," he whispered. "There will be a bruise."

Draco nodded and tightened his arms around Harry's neck which Harry smiled at. He had been afraid that Draco would try to get away from him as fast as possible but it seemed he was fine with him here and he wasn't screaming about the fact that Harry had bitten and that it was going to bruise his pale skin.

He nuzzled Draco's neck for a while before he slid out of him, not missing his hiss when he pulled out. He kissed Draco's lips again before he silently cleaned them and dressed them. He helped Draco stand and fixed his tie while Draco fixed his.

"Thanks love," Harry whispered as he pulled Draco close to kiss.

When he pulled back Draco looked at him with a smile. "I hate you."

Chuckling he wrapped his arm around Draco's waist as they headed out of the hallway. "I know. I wouldn't have it any other way."

They paused at the end of the hallway to give each other one more kiss before they parted. Harry watched Draco walk down one way that would lead him to the stairs down to the dungeons. Before he went the other way, Harry spoke.

"I understand you following us to make sure we didn't hurt each other, and I appreciate you putting up silencing charms since we didn't think of it, but if you ever watch us again like that you'll find out how powerful I really am. And I don't want you letting Draco know you saw us because I know it would make him uncomfortable and embarrassed and I don't want that. Is this clear?"

The six students came out of the alcove and Harry turned to them. He raised his eyebrow at them.

They quickly nodded; at least his friends did since they knew he meant it. Draco's friends just gave one short nod but Harry could see they didn't believe that Harry would follow through. He'd just have to show them if they ever tried to watch them again or he found out that Draco knew about them watching.

Harry nodded. "See you guys later," he said and left.

It was silent for a while after Harry left until Pansy couldn't hold it in any longer. "That was the hottest damn thing I've ever seen!"

Hermione fanned herself. "I agree. I think I'm going to go find Dean."

She left with a smile of anticipation, not seeing Ron's surprised face. Theo nodded and left. "I need to go find Daphne."

Neville and Pansy looked at each other. "Well my betrothed," Neville said with a bow. At least as much as he could bow with the huge erection he had. "May I escort you to a more private spot?"

"Betrothed?" Ron and Blaise asked.

"Yes, it was arranged years ago. I didn't want anything to do with Neville, but he wanted us to be happy so he pursued me when he could."

"And she finally accepted me last year." Neville smiled and grabbed her hand. "Now let's go. I have a few things I want to do with my lovely fiancé."

They left with huge grins and a spring in their step.

Ron felt nervous alone with Blaise. He avoided looking at Blaise, especially since he could feel the Slytherin's eyes on him.

"Um, well, I'll see you around."

He went to walk away but again was stopped by an arm around his waist. He was pulled back against Blaise's chest, feeling every contour of his body against his back. Ron blushed when felt Blaise's hard on in his back. He felt his breath quicken and quickly hardened when he heard him whispered huskily in his ear.

"The silencing charm is still up."

Ron smiled and turned around in his arms. He was going to have to thank Harry later for letting things change or he would never have let himself have Blaise.

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