"Daddy, why can't I go on the train?" Lily asked.

Draco smiled at his daughter and pulled her to sit on his lap. "Because you're not old enough yet sweetie." He tickled her stomach when she pouted, instantly getting her to giggle. He loved her giggle. "You have to wait a few more years."

She pouted again but before he could do anything, Scorpius yelled, "Dad! Where's my green sweater!"

"In the second drawer!" Draco yelled back, making a face to Lily to get her to giggle. "I swear your brother wouldn't be able to find anything without me."

"Like papa?" Lily asked.

"Yes, like your papa."

"Did I hear my name?"

"Papa!" Lily yelled and squirmed off Draco's lap and ran to Harry.

Draco watched as Harry smiled and scooped up Lily and twirled her around. Their quarters filled with her laughter. He smiled as he watched them and couldn't help but send a thanks above for the life he's had.

After they graduated, Harry had traveled the world for thirteen years, always coming back home for the holidays, or for when Dumbledore passed on or one of their friends' weddings, and studied under the masters of defense. His first master he apprenticed under was Moody and that had been intense. He had to go through the Auror course twice a week, train with Moody over forty hours a week, read whatever book Moody told him to, and not to mention the occasional surprise attack from Moody. Moody also made him experience every hex, jinx, and curse. Moody didn't want him throwing curses at people without knowing how they felt, so Harry's been hit with every spell imaginable. Including two of the Unforgivables though he's been able to throw the Imperius since his teens, he's experienced the Crucio from Voldemort since his fourth year, and he's survived the Killing Curse twice.

The Auror course was an intense training field that made you test your defense – like going against a vampire and such - and always had some of goal, like save the hostage or find the five pumpkin juice jugs. The time limit was always the same but the field always changed. The size didn't – Harry said it was the size of three and a half football fields which he had to explain – but the way the field looked changed. It could be a forest in one test and then the next one could be a small.

At first, Harry couldn't finish the course in the time limit or he became too injured, which was the only way for the time to stop except for to finish it. But being injured didn't mean he had a bloody nose and black eye. Being injured enough for the time to stop was a concussion, a few broken ribs, a broken wrist along with broken fingers, a sprained ankle, and a few cuts and bruises. Draco still couldn't look at Moody without wanting to kill the man for making that just one day out of Harry's training. But over time Harry was able to finish the course, and over time he was able to finish the course with less injuries and in shorter time. Aurors usually only went through the course maybe once a month or once every two months, but Harry went through it twice a week for six months before Moody pushed it to three times a week for the last four months of Harry's apprenticeship. And with Harry being Harry he had survived.

Then he moved on to France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Iran, India, Russia, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America, Brazil, Egypt, and then finished in Spain. He hadn't worried about the language barrier since there was a spell to cast on yourself to speak and understand the language that was being spoken to you. He stayed in some places longer than others but he never stayed longer than a full year. And while he worked on his defense, he worked on inventing on his free time.

While Harry had traveled Draco had apprenticed under Severus for a few years before he got his masters in potions and opened small store where he made potions for customers. Whether it be a full order to refill Hogwarts' infirmary – which gave Severus free time to work on Salazar's potions – or for a customer off the street who needed a potion for a cold. He had lived in an apartment above his shop, which had been fine with him since it was big enough to have friends over but not so big that he felt overwhelmed.

Harry and Draco had of course stayed in touch with letters and firecalls, and Harry would occasionally pop in whenever he had some free time between whatever tasks his masters had him doing. Those visits were always just times to talk and just be together but when Harry came for a few days because of the holidays, Harry and Draco never left the apartment for two days because it was their time together. Then they would leave the apartment to go be with friends and family.

When Harry finished his apprenticeship he had taken his masters test, which he passed with flying colors – Harry had scored higher than anyone who had taken the masters – and had presented some of the shields he invented. He had also invented some curses but he waited for a later time to show those. Draco couldn't help but smile at the memory of Harry walking into the Ministry and telling a random Auror to Crucio him. The looks he got were hilarious. He had to keep assuring people that he wanted them to do it, and had to ask a few different Aurors that passed before he got fed up and told the people who had to watch to follow him as he went to Moody's office.


Harry rode the lift, along with the necessary people who needed to see and witness the testing, mumbling about baby's and how in the world the people were supposed to feel safe when Aurors couldn't even bring themselves to Crucio him. They came to the Auror floor and Harry stomped through, getting looks from everyone, and made his way to Moody's cubicle. Wizards aged slower than muggles, so a wizard in his prime was about in his sixties which Moody was a about halfway through his sixties. Moody would always be an active Auror, never taking a desk job or becoming head Auror, at least until ordered other wise, so it was easy to find Moody because he's had the same cubicle for years.

"Moody," he said as he came up.

"Potter." He had never gotten to calling Harry by his name. "When'd you get back?"

"Two days ago. Had to spend some time with Draco before I came in here to test. I passed by the way."

"Knew you would. What can I do for you? And what's up with the suits?"

"I invented a shield for the Cruciatus and no one will Crucio me."

Moody smirked. "So you came to me?"

"Of course. I knew you wouldn't hesitate."

"You're right." And instantly a Crucio was being thrown at him. Harry ignored the cries from the "suits" and the other Aurors that had been watching and threw up his shield. Everyone stared in awe as he was still standing and not writhing on the floor crying. Which he wouldn't have anyway since Moody had made him get so use to the Crucio that he didn't cry out and he hardly twitched. He would have still twitched, anyone would have, but he had gotten so used to it that it wasn't so bad.

~End Flashback~

Harry had shown him the memory when he got back to their apartment and Draco had laughed at how some of the "suits" and Aurors had fainted. Moody had laughed also and had instantly started asking about how he came up with the shield and if he came up with one for the other two. Harry hadn't come up with one for the other two but continued to try.

After Harry got his masters, Harry and Draco had celebrated the way they could. Making love. For two more days. Harry had proposed after the first and they announced their engagement after the second, but the engagement didn't last long. Harry and Draco hadn't wanted to wait after all the years they've been together so McGonagall had performed the ceremony that day in front of their friends and family. A few weeks later Draco found out he was pregnant, which had made Harry faint and that still made Draco laugh. The big strong Harry Potter had fainted over finding out that Draco was pregnant because even after all his years in the wizarding world he hadn't heard that it was possible for men to become pregnant.

The pregnancy had gone smoothly, them giving birth to a beautiful baby boy. Scorpius James Black-Potter had Draco's high aristocrat features, but everything else was Harry. His Avada Kedavra green eyes, black unruly hair, and his natural tan. He was exactly like Harry. He was strong and powerful, a leader, and only trusted a few people enough to call them friends. Harry asked Remus to be his godfather while Draco had asked Pansy to be his godmother. Both agreed immediately and took their jobs seriously; spoiling him rotten – Remus admitted he was spoiling Scorpius while Pansy, being Slytherin, said she was just teaching him to be Slytherin – they were there to babysit if Draco and Harry ever wanted a night to themselves, and they were there for the few times Scorpius wanted someone to talk to but didn't want to tell Harry and Draco, or his friends.

After Scorpius was born McGonagall offered Harry the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, and after talking to Draco he accepted it where Draco also accepted the job of Potions professor. Severus had retired from teaching but not potion making. He actually took over Draco's shop, which had both men happy since Draco didn't want his shop closed and Severus didn't want to stop making potions.

All three moved to live in the school but they had bought a home a few later for them to stay in during the summer. They loved Hogwarts but they didn't want to stay in all year.

After a few years, Draco found he was pregnant again, but with a girl. Lily Elizabeth Black-Potter. She was a girl version of Draco. She had the aristocrat features, pale skin, long blonde hair and her eyes were like Draco's. Gray. Harry had practically melted when Lily's eyes opened for the first time and Draco knew instantly that Lily was going to have Harry wrapped around her little finger and he had been right. All she had to do was give Harry the puppy dog look and Harry caved, just like when Draco gave Harry the puppy dog look. Scorpius knew how to get what he wanted, not that he really had to do anything since Draco and Harry practically gave them everything they wanted. Draco had been worried that their children would turn out spoiled little brats, like he had been at an early age, but they hadn't. They had grown respectful and thought of others before themselves. They knew when they couldn't get what they wanted with a puppy dog look and they took their punishments like mature children because when Harry and Draco punished them they explained what it was for so they learned not to do it again.

They had asked Hermione and Blaise to be her godparents, which they accepted. But even though they were the official godparents, just like Remus and Pansy were Scorpius' godparents, their other friends; Neville, Ron, and Theo, acted like their godparents too. They all were called Aunt or Uncle, including Sirius and Severus. Though they were at the age of being their grandparents, and acted like it, they were still called Uncle. Narcissa and Kingsley on the other hand were called Grandma and Grandpa.

Draco never thought his life would be so great, and have such a big family, but it has and has that family.

Harry carried Lily on his hip as he walked over to Draco and even at the age of 41 Harry still took Draco's breath away. Draco tipped his head back to look up at Harry when he stopped in front of him. "Hello," Draco said.

Harry smiled. "Hello love." He leaned forward, with Lily's arms around his neck, and kissed Draco.

"Eww," Lily said and hid her face in Harry's neck so she didn't have to see them. Harry chuckled at her and ran his fingers through her hair before sitting down beside Draco. She peeked out to check and the raised her head when there was no sign of them still kissing.

"How was the Ministry?" Draco asked.

Harry had finally found a shield for the Imperius and had gone to present it.

"How do you think? They were ecstatic about another shield against an Unforgivable."

"Dad! Where's my jacket?"

Harry looked at Draco and Draco rolled his eyes again. 'They really would be lost without me.'

"In the closet!"

"I checked there!"

"On the far right!"

"…Found it!"

'They are so alike. It never crossed their mind to Accio what they're looking for.' Draco looked to Harry and saw Harry smiling and Lily giggling behind her hand. "What?"

"Nothing," Harry said.

"Daddy says you and Scorpius wouldn't find anything without him," Lily spoke up.

"Is that so?" Harry asked.


"Well, your daddy's right."

"Told you," Draco smirked and Lily giggled again.

Just then Scorpius came out into the living room. "Hey Papa," he said. "When'd you get here?"

"A few minutes ago. You all packed?"

Scorpius nodded his head enthusiastically. "Yes."

"I don't know why you didn't pack yesterday."

Scorpius frowned at Draco and he looks so much like Harry then that Draco smiled. "Because."

He knew that was the only answer he was getting, such a Harry answer, that he just shrugged it off.

"You ready to ride the train?" Harry asked.

Even though they lived at Hogwarts they thought that Scorpius should experience the first ride to Hogwarts on the Hogwarts Express, and to experience the ride across the late on the boats. So they were going to apparate to the platform and apparate back.

"Definitely," Scorpius said with a smile.

Lily pouted and hid her face in Harry's neck, which Harry automatically ran his fingers through her hair. Draco accio'd Scorpius' trunk from his room and shrunk it. "Let's go."

He grabbed Scorpius' hand and Harry kept Lily on his hip as they walked out of Hogwarts and past the ward so they could apparate. "Hold on you two."

They arrived at the platform and walked over to resize Scorpius' trunk and load it up.

Draco looked around and shook his head. Even after all these years Harry was still stared at and talked about in the newspaper. Whether it was because he's the Boy-Who-Lived to the Boy-Who-Conquered or because of his inventions Harry was still in the spotlight and that was one of the reasons Scorpius wasn't too trusting when it came to making friends. He had a bit of an experience when he was younger. The Ministry had made a school for children to go to before Hogwarts that taught them the primary subjects including Muggle studies and a selection of languages. When Scorpius' classmates found out who one of his father's were everyone tried to become friends with him. He had already been friends with some of the students because he'd known them since birth – Blaise and Ron's son, there daughter was older so not in his class, Dean and Hermione's daughter, and Neville and Pansy's twins – but he had tried to be friends with other kids. And he had succeeded, at least he thought he did until the kids started asking questions about Harry and if they could meet him and if Harry could invite them and their parents to the Ministry balls.

Scorpius had been angry and saddened by it but he was like Harry. He cut off his friendship with them, picked himself up, stayed friends with his real friends, and kept himself guarded around others. Harry had been furious about the happenings because he hadn't wanted his son to have to go through the same thing Harry had to when he started Hogwarts. But there had been nothing he could do except for be there for Scorpius.

Now Scorpius knew how to tell if someone really wanted to be his friend or if to only be friends with him because of Harry. And he protected Lily from the same thing happening to her when she had started primary school.

Scorpius started waving enthusiastically and Draco looked up to see Blaise and Ron had just arrived with their two children Hugo and Alicia. Alicia was entering her last year while Hugo was just starting Hogwarts along with Scorpius. Hugo and Alicia were mixed, with Blaise's dark skin and Ron's pale skin. Both had Ron's hair type but Blaise's color; their hair flowing but dark brown, almost black. But while Hugo had Blaise's eyes; chocolate brown, Alicia got Ron's eyes, blue. She was a striking young woman.

Right after them Hermione and Dean showed up with Rose and Jason. Rose was just starting while Jason was entering his sixth year. They were mixed, like Hugo and Alicia, and it was easy to see who took after who. Rose had Hermione's bushy hair, but it was more tame than Hermione's had been at that age, and Jason looked like a spitting image of Dean.

Draco and Harry waved to Theo and Daphne. Their only child had graduated years ago but still showed up to wave all the kids off much to the pleasure of the kids. Sirius, Remus, and Severus also came to wave everyone off, but this year was a must since it was Scorpius' first year and Remus was his godfather.

Neville and Pansy came a few minutes later, joining the group that was already big with all the kids and adults. The twins, Anthony and Alexandra, were joining Scorpius, Rose, and Hugo in their first year. Keera had already graduated the year before, along with Frank, the eldest, who had graduated four years ago. But they had come to wave off their younger siblings.

The whistle blew to signal five minutes and the hugs, goodbyes, and last minute talks started. Lily was hugging all the kids, like she wasn't going to see them again, which had all of them laughing.

"Lily," Scorpius chuckled, "I'm going to see you again at the Welcoming Feast."

"But I'll be at the teacher's table as usual while you'll be at your own table."

"You'll be okay," Scorpius said. "You'll be with Dad and Papa."

She scowled and Draco had to admit that at six years old, that was a pretty good scowl. She took after him so it must have come naturally.

"Hey!" Harry said, scooping her up and tickling her. "What's wrong with staying with us?"

Lily's laughter was loud and contagious.

Draco looked at Scorpius who was laughing at his sister and he suddenly felt like Lily. He was proud of his son starting Hogwarts but he was sad. Both Scorpius and Lily always ate with them at the teacher's table but this year Scorpius wouldn't be eating with them. It felt like only yesterday that Draco was cradling Scorpius in his arms as they ate at the teacher's table.

Scorpius felt eyes on him and turned his head to see his dad staring at him with teary eyes. Scorpius loved his papa, after all he took after him, but he felt closer to his dad some times. He walked to his dad and hugged him around the waist, suddenly understanding why Lily had been sad. Even though they were still going to be in Hogwarts together it was going to be different. Scorpius wasn't going to be eating and living with his parents like the last eleven years. He was going to be sorted into a house and live in the dorm, he'll be with his friends more, and he'll eat at his house's table. He'll have to actually make time for his parents and thinking that way was very odd.

"I'm proud of you Scorpius and we'll be proud of you, no matter what house you end up in."

Scorpius nodded and released his dad.

"My turn," his papa said and after Lily was passed to their dad, his papa pulled him into a tight hug. Scorpius closed his eyes and held tight to his papa. His papa has always been there, even during those times Scorpius didn't want to talk to him. Scorpius will always love his papa for being there for him during his primary years when he had thought he made friends but they had only wanted to be friends with him because of his papa. Papa knew how he had felt because of who he was so he had been there with advice and there to pick him up when he was hurt. "No matter what house you get in we're proud."

"I know papa," he said.

"Good. See you in a while," he said as he pulled back and ruffled his hair. Scorpius slapped his away and tried to fix his hair, not that it really helped because he had his papa's hair.

"Come on Scorpius!" Rose yelled.

Lily held onto her papa's hand as they walked to the Great Hall. She's always loved the Great Hall. It was pretty. You could see the sky! They all walked up the teacher's table and she crawled up onto the chair. She was a big girl. She didn't need help anymore getting into the chair. Though, sometimes she needed her papa or daddy to make her seat higher because her knees would hurt after sitting on them for a while.

"Hello Lily."

She looked up past papa to see Professor McGonagall looking at her with a smile. She liked Professor McGonagall though she did have trouble saying her name when she was younger so she had to call her Ms. M.

"Hello," she smiled.

"Are you excited to see what house your brother will be in?"

"Yeah," she bounced. She felt her daddy's hand on her back and she looked back to look at him.

"Just making sure you don't fall baby."

"Okay." She turned back to talk to Professor McGonagall. "I think he'll be in Slytherin like daddy and papa."

"Your papa hadn't always been in Slytherin," she said.

Lily stared wide eyed at Professor McGonagall. "Really?"


She looked to papa. "Papa?"

"I used to be in Gryffindor until my sixth year where I went to Slytherin."


"Yep. Professor McGonagall was my head of house." He leaned down and whispered, "She was scary."

Lily giggled behind her hand and glanced at Professor McGonagall who was smirking. She couldn't imagine Professor McGonagall being scary, she always gave Lily sweets when she came to talk to papa and daddy, but she guess if her students had been bad then she could be scary. Like when papa got mad. Papa's been upset sometimes when she or Scorpius did something back, but never mad or angry. He only became mad or angry when someone meant her, Scorpius, or daddy harm and when that happened…look out.

The doors opened a few minutes later and Lily watched as the older students went to their house's tables. She waved to Jason and Alicia when she saw them and they waved back. She liked Alicia and Jason. They were nice and fun.

Another few minutes later, the door opened and the first years came led by Professor Sprout. Lily saw her brother and friends right away. She also saw how all the other kids were staring up at the sky. Lily looked too and smiled. She liked seeing the sky.

Professor Sprout brought out the stool and hat and started calling names. Lily didn't really like the hat but papa said he was nice so she didn't really think about him. Lily waved to Scorpius' friends when they came up for their turn and then waved enthusiastically to Scorpius when it was his turn. She smiled when he waved back.


Lily clapped along with everyone else and saw her papa smirk at Professor McGonagall. She just shrugged it off and watched as Scorpius joined his friends at the table since all of them ended up in Slytherin so far. She hoped she ended up in Slytherin when it was her turn to start school.

Dinner started and Lily picked at her dinner. "Lily sweetie," daddy said.

She looked up at him. "Hmm."

"What's the matter?"

She shrugged and went back to picking at her food. She missed Scorpius already.


She looked up and saw Scorpius standing in front of her. "What?"

"You want to eat with me?"

Lily perked up at that. "Really?" Scorpius nodded and she turned to papa. "Can I papa? Can I?" She knew she should probably ask daddy since he was head of the Slytherin house, but she had turned to papa first so she wasn't going to switch now.

"I don't know," he slowly said. She slumped her shoulders and got teary eyes. She really wanted to go sit with Scorpius and his friends. She wanted to sit with her brother. "Alright, alright. Just stop looking so sad."

She smiled and stood on her chair to kiss papa. "Thank you papa!" She hopped down off her chair and after giving daddy a kiss too, walked around the table and took Scorpius' hand. They walked down to the Slytherin table and after sitting down, her plate from the teacher's table appeared in front of her. She looked back at her parent's to see them smiling.

Harry tucked Lily into bed after dinner and after she bathed and Harry read her a bedtime story. He pressed a kiss to her forehead and left the room, leaving the door cracked a bit if she ever needed to come to them because of a nightmare.

Harry found Draco in the living room, sitting on the couch reading a book. He walked over to his love and lied down with his head in Draco's lap. Harry loved laying his head in Draco's lap, feeling Draco run his fingers through his hair. It was soothing and he just loved it. Especially during the times Draco was pregnant since his head had been right there by his belly and he could talk to the babies.

"That girl has you wrapped around her finger," Draco said, breaking the silence.

"She does not," Harry denied even though it was the truth.

"Uh-huh. So why did you let her go sit with the Slytherins at dinner?"

"Because…" 'Because she had looked so sad and upset that I didn't want to be the reason to she stayed sad.' "Because I thought she deserved it."

"Uh-huh." He looked up to see Draco smiling, and he looked like he was trying not to laugh.

Harry sighed. "Fine. Because I didn't want to see her sad anymore."

Draco looked down at him and smiled. At the age of 41 Draco was so damn gorgeous that Harry sometimes had a hard time keeping his hands to himself. He's sometimes pull Draco into an alcove between their classes just to have a taste of him to keep him held over until they could be alone later that night. And when he smiled like that, well it was dangerous. Sometimes Harry forgot how to breathe.

"What are you staring at?"

"You," Harry said and reached up to brush the back of his fingers across Draco's cheek. "You're so beautiful."

Draco smiled and leaned down to press his lips to his. Harry just kept his lips pressed against Draco's, enjoying the contact. It was sweet and gentle, just contact they needed. "I love you," Harry whispered against Draco's lips when he pulled back.

"I love you too."

Harry silently summoned what he picked up earlier that day and held it up in front of his face. Draco pulled back to look at it, smiled, and plucked the Lily of the Valley out from between his fingers. He smelled it and smiled. Harry stared at that smile. It was so sweet and beautiful. "Harry?"


"Do you know what this means?"

"Of course I do. I knew the meaning of all the past flowers I've given you haven't I?"

"Yes," he nodded still smiling.

"Well, I knew this meaning and it's true. You've made my life complete. You've brought me love, made me feel beautiful even with my past, stuck with me when I was gone all those years apprenticing. You said I love you, you said yes, you married me, you stuck with me even when I fainted at the news of Scorpius." Draco chuckled and Harry smiled. Yeah, he remembered that moment vividly. It was hard not to when Draco constantly reminded him. "You gave me Scorpius, stayed with me even when there were people who disapproved and even threatened you, and you gave me Lily. You've completed my life."

"You can be mushy sometimes," Draco said smiling and shaking his head. "But I love that because you're only mushy with me." He leaned down.

"I'm only mushy because you love me being mushy." Harry said against Draco's lips.

"Yeah, yeah. Just shut up and kiss me."

"Yes sir."

Their lips met and Harry immediately wanted entrance to Draco's delicious mouth.

Lily giggled behind her hand and slowly closed the door so she didn't have to see papa and daddy kiss. Her parents were mushy all the time. Papa was always giving daddy flowers and poems that made daddy cry or laugh and each time they kissed. Something she could go without seeing.

But she was happy. She knew about how they used to be enemies, she's heard the story many times because she loved hearing it. It was funny and sweet, especially if daddy and papa were telling it together and they argued about how something went or didn't go. Scorpius also liked hearing the story.

Papa and daddy say that things always change and that sometimes it's for the best. Like them; going from enemies to being together. Lily was glad things changed, even if they were all mushy together after all these years. She just wished they didn't kiss so much.

The End.

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