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So break me down if it makes you feel right
And hate me now if it keeps you alright
You can break me down if it takes all your might
'cause I'm so much more than meets the eye

"Get your fuckin' hand in the air." A sharp slap hit the back of my head after I heard the angry whisper. It was Heath, He was glaring at me angrily as the rest of The Nexus stared at the ring. We were under new management as David said, CM Punk was the new leader. I felt sick to my stomach as I put my fist in the air. I look as angry as the rest of them until the camera turned off. My eyes went to the floor as I followed the rest of them behind the curtain. I wanted to get away from them fast. I started to walk away when I felt a hand grab the back of my trunks and pull me backwards.

"Not so fast Justin." I shuddered as I felt David's hot breath on my ear. His hand started to trail down the inside of my trunks. I shut my eyes and hopped someone would walk down the hallway. But who am I kidding no one would help me. I'm a part of the Nexus, I'm just scum.

"What Dave?" I asked quietly as I tried to ignore the hand in the back of my trunks. I flinched and tried to pull away as David roughly pushed his finger inside me.

" I wanna see how tight you are. I heard those pretty little screams coming from your room last night. Husky must have had a good time." He grinned against my neck. " I'm gonna give you a night off, I don't want you when you're all loose like a whore." He started laughing and gave me a rough shove.

I fell forward and landed hard on my knees. I heard Heath make a comment on how I look very at home there. I felt my cheeks go red, this bullshit only started two weeks ago. Since Wade was in England healing from TLC. I've had no one to protect me and now they were passing me around and there wasn't anything I could do about it. Who would listen to me, I'm no one.

" I wonder how Barrett would feel seein' his little toy on his knees."

I was about to get up and punch that ginger freak in mouth when I saw someone standing in front of me just in kick pads, trunks and a brand new Nexus arm band. It was Cm Punk. He smiled and pulled me to my feet.

"You must be Justin Gabriel. You didn't come down and meet us all for breakfast this morning. I invited all of the Nexus." He grabbed my chin so I looked him in the eyes.

" I slept in." I said as I swallowed the lump in my throat. Punk didn't seem too bad.

" Oh the boys filled me in on why you were a little tired." My blood ran cold when I saw the smirk on his face. I pulled back and shot daggers at the group in yellow and black. " Oh what's wrong? The whole locker room knows you're a whore Angel."

I could handle alot of what they did to me. But only one person is allowed to call me Angel and he was the true leader of the Nexus, not this self righteous douche bag. That's why I slapped him across the face.

" Don't call me that." I seethed I was about to turn and walk away when a fist hit the back of my skull. The room started spinning and I collapsed hard on the ground.

"You meet us tomorrow at ten Angel baby." Our new leader gave me a firm slap on across the face as I laid face down on the cold ground trying not to vomit. I didn't move as the five men walked past me laughing. I wanted to stay here and not have to see them ever again. I couldn't do this anymore.

" Justin...Justin are you okay?..Randy pick him up..He's not moving." I groaned softly and turned on my back. I looked up and saw that little pixie Even Bourne and Randy Orton looking down at me.

" Justin your bleeding." Evan slid to his knees and lightly touched my face to wipe away the blood. I haven't seen him since me and Heath attacked him and the kid looked a lot different. His arm was in a sling and he was wearing thick framed glasses.

" I..I fell." I said quickly as I scrambled to my feet. I shouldn't have moved so fast, the punch to the back of my head really screwed me. I clung to the wall so I wouldn't fall over.

The brunette looked up at me with those big doe eyes. " Me and Randy will help you to your room okay. We just gotta wait for John." I was about to tell him no but my knees felt week and I just nodded slowly. I wasn't gonna fight the kid, it felt nice to be taken care of once in awhile.

I didn't know how but I ended up in my bed wearing a pair of sweat pants and a baggy shirt. I sat up and rubbed my face, I felt like I got hit by a truck, I must have passed out when Evan and his two boy toys helped me to my room.

I rolled out of the very plush bed and stumbled to the bathroom. My lip was busted open and my cheek was starting to bruise. I looked alot older than I did when I first started this stupid nexus angle.

" And this stupid stubble isn't helping." I said to myself as I looked at the razor. I could just shave it all off but then I would feel the wrath of it in the morning. "But it hides the bruises." With a sigh I turned to go and lay down in the quiet room. I loved being alone.

I didn't mind the fact I had no roommate, since they have started to share me the rest of the Nexus decided it would be unfair to my roommate if they had to listen to me getting fucked all night long. So I get my own king sized bed which I really love as long as I was in it alone. I started to relax when I heard my door open. I quickly tuned on my side and pretended to be a sleep. I just prayed they would do it fast so I could go back to sleep.

"Don't give them the satisfaction of scaring you. Be a man and stay quiet." I thought to myself as I felt the bed dip as the person crawled into the bed with me. Soon enough a clothed chest pulled me close.

This was weird. I knew it wasn't that fat ass Harris and whoever it was didn't stink like smoke and JD like that hick Heath. I also knew for sure it wasn't David or Michael. Michael is straight and David would have me on my back by now. I looked down and the arms wrapped around my waist. It was two very large and pale arms.