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I've come a long, long way
Made a lot of mistakes
But I'm breathin', breathin'
That's right and I mean it, mean it
This time I'm a little run down
I've been living out loud
I could beat it, beat it
That's right, cause I'm feelin', feelin'

The Smackdown locker room was a lot different then the Raw one. People here treated you like you were a person and not a freak. It helped that I wasn't surrounded by the Nexus. I really did feel happy. I looked over at Justin who was clung to Wade and smiled brightly. He gave me the best smile he could back. This was the first time we would be back to work since we got hurt. We weren't set to debut until next week but they wanted us to get on the road again.

" We don't get a private dressing room anymore." Wade said as he looked around. " We share with a bunch of the upper mid carders. Do you boys want eat or relax." He asked us as he pulled off his hat and ran his fingers through the slightly curly black hair.

" I'm going to look around." I told him shifting my bag on my shoulder. " I'll come and find you guys before you have to go out okay." I told wade before kissing Justin on the cheek. I wouldn't want to leave him alone while Wade was wrestling. Both of them nodded and headed to the locker room.

I looked around and smiled happily. Everyone was laughing and talking. This seemed like a place I could make my home. I walked past catering and grabbed an apple. I could almost feel the note from those flowers burning a whole in my pocket. I needed to find him.

"Hey Wendy." I looked back and saw Adam standing there with a smirk on his face. He has on a black leather jacket and sunglasses.. He sauntered over to me still smirking. I swallowed hard and turned red.

" Hey Adam."I said rather shyly as I tossed the apple between my hand.

" Looking for Christian?" He asked with that same little smirked on his face. All I could do was nod quickly. I felt like that little country bumpkin again. "Locker room 8A, just knock." I swallowed again and nodded before turning in that direction.

I finally made it too the locker room and smiled slightly as I knocked on the door.

"Come in." Christian shouted as I turned the knob. The older Canadian was sitting on a couch rubbing that injured pec. I set my bag down and cleared my throat.

" Hi ya." I said standing close to the door. Christian looked back at me with wide eyes before he was on his feet standing in front of me looking all over, for what if guessing bruises. " I'm okay Christian, I really am."

" I should have done something, I knew he was an ass..but Adam told me to stay out of people business. He's abit of a bitch." He said as he fingers ghosted over a scar I had on my neck. " I should have kill Punk years ago."

"Let's...Lets not talk about him." I decided with a small smile. Christian nodded and smoothed down my hair. " How's the pec? You don't need a sling anymore?"

He motioned for me to join him on the couch. " The docs want me to spend a few hours not wearing it so I can get strength back in this arm. " He said rubbing the said pec again.

" Good." I said softly before looking at him. " Thank you for all of the stuff you sent to me."

" It;s nothing Heath. I wish I could have sent more. I felt horrible about what happened. I could have protected you." He rubbed his face roughly.

" You couldn't have done anything. " I said squeezing his arm gently. " I was stubborn, and I thought he loved me."

"I know and it pissed me off." He laughed. " I liked you but you were gaga over Punk."

I looked him with wide eyes before swallowing hard. " I was...gaga...over Punk because I heard you talking with Chris about me."

Christian turned red and laughed embarrassedly. " Chris is a great guy but he is an asshole sometimes. He found out I liked you and I didn't want to bug you about it since you were so new...I'm sorry Heath. You should have talked to me. I was stupid, I knew something was up. He is a monster and I-"

I cut Christian off by placing my mouth on his for a hesitant kiss. I heard the older man gasp slightly before his hand went into my hair pulling me even closer. This was the first time in a very long time I had been kissed. Christian pulled away and looked at me with sad eyes.

" Kid I don't want to rush anything." He said lightly touching my cheek. I didn't want tenderness now, I don't want people to feel sorry for me. I survived.

" Shut up." I said simply as I pushed him down flat on his back. I moved so I was straddling his lap. " I'm done being a shy little wall flower. I let what happen to me happen to me. I didn't tell a soul so the only thing I want you to be doing is moaning my name okay." I said before kissing him hard.

I'm glad Christian took the hint because soon he was kissing me back with the same aggression I was showing him. Soon he pulled off the tank top was I was wearing and threw it somewhere. Christian's hands were running up and down my chest tracing every bump, muscle and scar. He looked at me with sad eyes as his fingers ran over a ragged bumpy scar on my side. Punk left it when he slipped cutting my shirt off.

" Oh Heath." He said softly as his fingers traced over the scar. I smiled slightly and ran my fingers through that spiky hair. He leaned down and pressed his lips against the scar.

" I'm gonna protect you now." He said before flipping us over so I was on the bottom. He lazily pressed a trail of kisses and nibbled down my chest before he stopped at my waist band. " we should wait until after the show."

" Fuck the show." I said without a second thought. Christian just smiled as he pulled my shorts down past my ass. I let out a small gasp as his rough hand wrapped around my half hard dick loosely. I growled down at him and Christian just smiled as his hand tightened just a tiny bit.

"I'm taking it slow Heath. I want you to forget everything that happened in the past year." He said as his hand moved up and down.

" I'm yours." I said softly as I closed my eyes. I could feel Christians hot breath on my dick, my head was spinning and that's when I heard chuckling. I looked over to see Adam standing there with a smirk on his face and a tent in his pants.

" Baby brother..Wanna share?" He asked his eyes dark with lust. Christian looked up at me and looked like he was going to get up to kick Adam out but I stopped him and looked at the much taller blonde. I smirked at Adam and crooked my finger at him. This was going to be a night to remember.