A/N: This is the sequel to Unbreakable Bond; to those who haven't read it, I suggest you read it first before starting with this story because you might get confused. I know the ending left much to be desired and there was seriously no middle ground in regards to readers' feelings about it. People either hated it or loved it. I do want to point out that the title of the first story was not meant to mislead anyone; Bella may have left but it didn't mean it broke the bond between them. Sometimes, love just isn't enough to keep people together. Anyway, to those who wanted a sequel or were completely outraged by how I ended Unbreakable Bond, here is your compensation.


A toilet door was nearly thrown off its hinges as a hand carelessly slammed it open, allowing a brunette and a petit redhead to tumble through its frame. Just as quickly, the door was kicked shut, the bolt sliding into place.

The brunette pinned the smaller girl against the door, lips ravishing her neck. One hand snaked down, encircling strong supple fingers around a thin wrist before yanking the arm up over the redhead's head. It wasn't long before her other arm followed suit and the brunette had no trouble locking the smaller girl's arms above them with one hand even as her lips trailed a blaze of fire back to the redhead's mouth.

It was a collision of passion and lust. Lips slid and slipped over each other, each vying for dominance through it was clear that the brunette was running the show. She teased the smaller girl's lower lip with her tongue, flicking it over the lush softness until the redhead moaned aloud. The brunette took the opportunity to plunge her tongue into the smaller girl's hot, wet mouth where tongues twisted against the other, seeking out warmth, wetness and taste. Breathing was fasting becoming vital but neither broke the heated lip lock, too busy trying to devour the other.

The air around the interlocking pair fairly crackled with sexual heat and tension, the smell of arousal a thick and heady fog that would have put the most erotically scented perfume to shame. Beyond the four walls of the bathroom, the dull thumping of drumbeats could be heard blasting out of the club's loudspeakers, along with the muted murmurs of patrons laughing, talking and clinking glasses. But none of that mattered. What mattered was the brunette getting what she wanted. And what she wanted, was the redhead girl. Needing more, the brunette reached down between them, fumbling with the redhead's belt before she eased open the buttons of her jeans. She wasted no time in slithering her hand in, finding a thrill of satisfaction lick down her spine as her fingers were instantly drenched in hot wet fluid. The brunette purred her approval against the redhead's neck, her lips having relocated to the pulse point at the side of the smaller girl's neck, where she suckled the throbbing point vigorously, making sure to leave a mark.

The redhead groaned, the erotic sensations sending her body into overdrive. She thrust her hips against the brunette's hand, a silent plea for a firmer touch. She shivered as the brunette grazed her teeth along the vulnerable skin of her nape then nearly screamed as three fingers drove into her with unbridled force. Her knees buckled and she would have fallen had the brunette not kept her pinned securely to the door. The redhead threw her head back, her mind clouded over in a red haze of lust as her hips moved in rhythm to the thrusting of the brunette's hand. She felt her orgasm approach and her hands, still locked above her head, bunched into fists as she helplessly lost control of her body.

When the smaller girl felt those long fingers curl inside her, rubbing against that sweet spot she wasn't sure existed, her world exploded into a kaleidoscope of color and stars. She screamed out her ecstasy, uncaring of who heard her, and then screamed again as a burst of sharp pain sung out its sweet song from her neck. Too lost in the throes of orgasm, she failed to notice the brunette siphoning her blood from a small nick she made with her teeth, though the pain combined with pleasure made her want to pass out.

The brunette nearly orgasmed herself as the redhead's blood trickled onto her tongue, hot and alive with pheromones and adrenaline. She had learned that a human's blood tasted sweetest to her when they climaxed and she had proved her theory correct each time she brought a girl to the height of passion. Careful not to take too much, she savored what she could before licking over the wound, taking one last suckle before extracting her lips from the redhead's neck. The redhead in question was sagged against the toilet door, aftershocks of her orgasm still rumbling through her body and the brunette held her until she was steady enough to stand on her own two feet. One cursory glance at the wound on the smaller girl's neck ensured the brunette that it looked like an overzealous hickey rather than an actual bite and the brunette couldn't help but lean down to lick at the mark she made; the skin around was bruised red and purple, effectively disguising the small almost unnoticeable gash made by her teeth.

The redhead shuddered at the feel of the brunette's tongue on her neck; the hickey the taller girl gave her, throbbing, though not unpleasantly. She looked up into iridescent eyes, the color of dark melted chocolate with the most curious specks of silver-blue that seem to glow in the dim light.

"Can you stand?" the brunette queried, her voice low and husky from their encounter.

Unable to vocalize her answer, the redhead merely nodded.

"I'll see you around then." The brunette reached down to brush her lips against the smaller girl's before she unlocked the bathroom door, slipping out stealthily before the redhead had a chance to protest her leaving.

Now alone, the redhead, sank down onto the toilet seat, her legs still quivering from her recently spent passion. She knew she would probably never see the mysterious brunette again but their short time together made it all worthwhile. She remained seated for a few minutes more then pushed herself unsteadily to her feet before leaving the stall to go rejoin her friends.


Outside, the brunette gripped hard at the brick walls that lined the dark alley of the club. Fingers dug so hard into the bricks that they crumbled beneath her fingernails. Her breathing came out in small puffs, the night having reached a measly 36 degrees. The cold didn't bother her, it never would. But what she had become was slowly tearing away another piece of her soul. She could still taste the redhead's blood on her tongue and the feeling of euphoria when she fed.

Sickened to her stomach, the brunette pushed off the grimy brick wall and began her walk back to her apartment.

Not for the first time in two years since she had become this...abomination, Bella Swan was irrevocably disgusted with herself.