I shouldn't start another, but I watched boy with the answer last night and this popped in my head.

Doctor Temperance Brennan lay on her side with her back to her husband Seeley Booth, his arm lay limp over her waist sleeping soundly when the dream playing behind her eyelids made her jerk awake. Booth woke up too, "Bones, what's wrong?"

"The gravedigger."

"Bones, you're safe with me, Taffet is in a mental hospital for the criminally insane. She can't hurt anyone."

"But in my dream she escaped-"

"Bones, it's just a dream, it isn't real." Booth pulled Brennan into his arms and began rubbing her back, when a cry came from across the hall. Booth smiled a little," go get Josh settled and when you get back I'll rub your back until you fall asleep." Brennan nodded and got up, going to their five month old son's room.

Booth smiled as Brennan's whispered voice floated across the hall. A half hour later she came back, "Josh go down okay?" it took you a Little longer than normal." Brennan got in bed, her back to Booth; he put his hand under her t-shirt and began slow circles. "Josh was asleep in twenty minutes; I just wanted to hold him. Booth, what- "

"Shh, go to sleep." Booth kissed her temple.


"No buts, go to sleep, it was just a dream."

Brennan sighed and sank deeper into the mattress, "I love you, Booth."

"I love you too, Bones." Booth rubbed a sleeping Brennan's back until he fell asleep.

The next morning Brennan got up and made the coffee and toast for her and Booth, neither mentioned Brennan's dream. After Brennan got done eating, she went upstairs to get ready for work and to get Josh ready for daycare. Meanwhile in the kitchen Booth phone rang and after listening to the call he swallowed the sick felling in his throat and went upstairs to find Brennan he found her putting in her earrings. Booth put both hands on her shoulders, "Bones, Cullen called he got a call from Red Pines…Taffet…escaped… "

The earring in Brennan's had bounced off the dresser as she ran to the bathroom, barely making it before her stomach emptied. Booth stood behind Brennan waiting with a wet washcloth. When Brennan was done Booth handed her the cloth and pulled her back to him."You okay Bones?"

Brennan wiped her face."I'm fine now, every time I think about it, I get sick to my stomach."

Booth nodded, "Why don't you stay home and hang out with Josh today? He'd like it."

Brennan surprised Booth by saying," so would I."

By this point Booth had arranged Brennan in his lap, so that she was leaning into him.

"How? "

"Everyone went to the dining room for breakfast, there was a fight, a likely diversion and when all the staff was occupied with that Taffit walked out the front door."

"You have to have a pass key to get through the door!"

"In the fisticuffs a nurse left her pass key on the reception desk, they found it outside."

Brennan scrunched her brow up, "I don't like it."

"Neither does Cullen, he's personally doing the security review. "


On a normal day Booth would ask Brennan to elaborate, but today he took a guess. "Bones Parker is on fall break, would you feel better if he was here with us?"


"Okay why don't you go lay down while I call Rebecca?" Booth helped Brennan up and guided her to the bed. Once Brennan was under the blankets, Booth kissed her."Josh-"

"I'll get him ready and bring him in here then call Rebecca."

"Thank you."

Booth kissed Brennan again and returned five minutes later and put Josh on his side of the bed, Brennan rolled over and put her arms around him."I'm going to stop by the Hoover and get some files then get Parker; you want anything from the lab?"

"No." Booth didn't say anything, he knew Brennan wasn't okay with things and he didn't want to leave her but he had to get Parker himself.

Forty minutes later Booth stood in the doorway of the bedroom, "Bones, I'm back."

"Where is Parker?"

"His room putting his stuff away, why?"

"Do you think he'd be up for a movie in bed with me and Josh?"

Booth smiled, "let's see it's 8:30 in the morning and he gets to spend the day in a king size bed, watching movies with his mom and baby brother, yeah I think he'd be up for it. I'll go tell him to get some DVDs and put some comfortable clothes on."


To anyone else they looked happy, but their worst fears were coming true in the days ahead.