Booth paced the third hole in Brennan's office floor; he had been pacing the platform when Cam banished him to Brennan's office after two hours of his pacing. Booth flopped down on the couch and resisted the urge to call Brennan, he wanted to see how she was, but Booth knew if he called Brennan would accuse him of being 'alpha male'. He also didn't call because he didn't have nothing to tell her, Taffit had been very careful this time the dirt was commercial potting soil that you could get at any department store or garden center in the United States. Booth wanted a bit longer and went to the platform, Cam smiled when she heard the beep of the card reader, "Booth I don't have-"

"But I do." Hodgins called from the stairs. Booth whorled around and saw Hodgins grinning slightly.

"What ya got bug man?"

"I sifted the dirt though the finest screen I have and I got metal flecks and fiberglass strands, medium quality nothing really stands out, but I'm confident in saying that the particulates came from an abandoned construction site. I know it's not a lot to go on, but at least we have something."

Booth was about to say something when Angela's heals running up the platform stairs cut him off,"Idon'tknowifthismeansanythingbut-"

Booth put his hands on Angela's shoulders and smiled a little,"Ange, slow down, breathe, and start over."

Angela took a few breaths and began, "I don't know if this means anything, but I ran all of Taffit's aliases, and didn't get anything, but I ran her mother's maiden name. Rosalie Lynch died last year, but one credit card was left open and it was used to reserve a hotel room in Chevy Chase early this morning."

"Ange, can you see if there are any abandon construction sites within 100 miles of the hotel? And I need the name of the hotel."

"Yeah, the hotel is the Dollar hotel, it's seedy."

"Thanks." Booth got his phone and sent Agents to the hotel while he waited for Angela to do her thing.

Forty-five minutes later Angela found Booth sitting in Brennan's desk chair, "Studly, Bren will have your head if you adjusted her chair don't put it back the way she has it."

"I didn't move anything. Did you find anything?"

"Yeah, two possibilities, the second one is your best bet. It's been abandoned for years and it has an uncapped elevator shaft that they never put the elevator in. here's the address. "Angela handed Booth a post-it note.

"Thanks ange. Don't tell Bones about this, I will once I get there and find out what we're dealing with. If he's not there or…I don't want her to find out on the phone."

Angela nodded, "Just go get Max."

Booth nodded and headed for the door. Four hours later Booth pulled into the parking lot, early stopping before getting out and running to the other techs that were waiting for him. "Sims, what have you got?"

The elevator shaft has been recently capped."

"Uncap it."

"We're working on it, she sealed it tighter than Fort Knox." Booth couldn't help but grin. It seemed like an eternity, but it was only a little over an hour when the cap was finally pried off. Booth ran to the shaft and was met with solid blackness Booth called to Max and was met with an echo. Sims fed a camera down the shaft and in a few seconds Max's body appeared on the screen. "We gotta get somebody down there NOW! Bryson get down there." A skinny kid fresh out of Quantico grabbed repelling equipment and suited up," Yes sir."

A few minutes later Bryson's voice cracked through the radio, "he's alive, but out of it. We need a medic pronto."

Booth put the radio down, "WE NEED A MEDIC!"

Booth watched an hour later as the medics loaded a still unconscious Max into an ambulance; the conman didn't look that good. Booth fought the urge to call Brennan, he knew the more details he had to give her the better off they'd both be. A doctor was waiting for them as soon as they got to the E.R. It was almost two hours later when Booth bunched in Jared's cell number.


"Yeah Jared it's me. We got Max, he's banged up and groggy, but he'll be okay. How's Bones?"

"Tempe's worried but she did okay, she broke down the first time you called."

"Can you get her for me?"

"Yeah she's getting Josh ready for bed." Jared went upstairs and stuck his head in the nursery door. Brennan was putting Josh's PJ's on him. "Tempe, Seeley's on the phone."

Brennan looked nervous, "Can you finish?"


Brennan took Jared's phone and sat in the rocker, "Booth."

"Babe, we found your Dad. Taffit gave him a lot more sedatives than she gave us, he must have fought her hard. The Docs say your Dad will be okay in a few days once everything gets out of his system. He's got minor bumps, bruises and he had to get stitches in his forehead."

"Can I talk to him?"

"Bones, he's out of it right now. I'm on my way to get you. Pack some stuff for us to stay here until Max comes home. Jared will stay with the boys, I asked him to before I left."


"Bones, Max is okay, you can breathe now." Brennan breath came out in a sob.

Booth hated the fact he was at best 2 ½ hours away."Bones, I'm sorry that I'm not there. I love you."

"Love you too, Booth. I'm fine, see you soon."

"See you."

Brennan handed Jared back his phone and went to pack an overnight bag. Booth pulled up 2 ½ hours later and ran in the house for a bathroom break and a sandwich to go. After they'd been on the road for a while Brennan turned to Booth."Taffit?"

Booth took Brennan's hand and glanced at her, "on my order SWAT took her out once we got to the hotel and came under fire."

Brennan squeezed Booth's hand, "I know how much you hated doing that, but thank you."

Booth squeezed Brennan's hand in reply and concentrated on driving. Once they got to the hospital Booth flashed his badge to get Brennan into Max's room. A nurse was checking on him, she smiled."Max is doing good, he woke up for a few minutes to ask where Agent Booth was once I told him that he'd gone to get you he kind of smiled and went to sleep again. Completely normal, his body is healing."

Brennan nodded and picked up Max's hand, Booth put his hands on her shoulders. After a few minutes Booth drug the vinyl recliner closer to the bed and eased Brennan into it and covered her with blanket, he'd quietly asked the nurse for. "You stay here for the night; I'll be in the family room at the end of the hall."

"Thank you."

Booth gently kissed Brennan,"you're welcome."

Three days later Max followed Brennan and Booth into their house and Booted Parker from the couch.

The end