Flag On The Play

Part 1

AN: This is just a short ficlet I've had on my mind since football season started up. It will not be very long and the rating is subject to change due to coarse language and possible sexual content.

There is no real time line on this but will hopefully be done by the end of football season. Basically, it's a brief distraction from my longer piece, "Accidental Beginnings."

The thumping of the music was really getting on Logan's nerves. How people listened to this trash was beyond his comprehension let alone dance to it. Yet here he was in a packed club sandwiched between two extremely hot grinding women…and he was miserable.

It had been nine months since his break up with Raven Darkholme and it still hurt like hell. Not so much from heartbreak but she damn sure made a fool out of him.

He thought she would be the "one", the one he'd marry and have children with. But she was more in love with who he was and with the lifestyle of being an NFL player's girlfriend.

James Logan Howlett, also known as "The Wolverine," Five foot three inches, 200 lbs of fury, was one of the NFL's premier offensive players on the world champion team, the New Orleans' Saints. It was both a blessing and a burden. He was getting old, already thirty-five and his body was showing signs of its demise. His back constantly ached and his knees grinded with each step. Yet, he went out on the field every Sunday and played his heart out. It paid off. Their win today put them in the playoffs.

Last season was supposed to have been his last. But after he told Raven of his intensions and she dumped him after almost two years of dating he signed on for an extra year just to spite her.

He could usually spot a gold digger a mile away but Raven was good. She had a full time job, offered to pay on their outings, and never asked for anything. That was until…and he still had no idea how she'd managed to do it, until she moved in with him. At first it was articles of clothing left at his place so she didn't have to go home to get ready for work. Then it was a key to let herself in incase she'd forgotten something while he had away games. Next thing he knew she was there more than he was.

The thing that made Logan really feel like an ass was…he didn't see it happening. His best friend and team's go to wide receiver, Remy LeBeau saw it.

Remy, also known to fans as the "Ragin' Cajun" because he was, of course from the Bayou and had diabolical speed to take the ball into the end zone from the one yard line with no one close to catching him, was not only a professional football player but he was a professional player in the sense of today's youth terminology. There was no woman he couldn't manipulate and leave them coming back for more. He knew every trick in the book and had used some of them himself. So when he'd ask Logan when the landlord was going to renovate Raven's apartment, Logan never understood.

Now he does. It wasn't a renovation; it was mold. Mold had supposedly infested the walls of the building and everyone had to move out…and she didn't know where she'd go. Of course he offered his place. She was always there anyway. It only made sense for her to move in with him. Idiot.

After that, it didn't take long for her boss to become a real jerk. And Logan being the gentleman that he was let the jerk know that his woman didn't need to work at that shithole job, taking orders from a prick like him.

Remy would just shake his head with that shit eating grin plastered on his face like he knew something Logan didn't. Not that his friend didn't try to warn him…he did. He just didn't listen. He'd met her in the grocery store, not at some party or in the hotel waiting for the players to arrive. Raven wasn't a groupie…she was an opportunist. He saw that after weeks of trying to get her back only for her to tell him that she'd moved on to an heir of billions in old money. She failed to mention that the new fella was old enough to have used shells as currency. He'd laugh at her if he didn't feel so stupid.

All these months later his spitefulness had wane and he was tired of the single life. He'd bedded a few women but none of them were looking for more than a good time. He was okay with that for a while. But now Logan wanted a good girl. Someone he could take home to his parents. And he was damned sure he wasn't going to find her in the club.

Logan eased from between the two girls who didn't miss a beat. They pouted momentarily at his departure then started grinding on each other, gladly putting on a show for the men around them.

"Aye…where you going, homme? The party's just getting started," Remy said as he held Logan's arm in a firm grasp to keep him from disappearing into the crowd.

"I'm getting outta here. Gonna go find me a burger and hit the hay."

"Non, non, non! See them filles over there?" Remy gestured towards the bar. "We gone go chat them up."

Logan barely glanced in their direction. "Not interested."

As he began to move away another body blocked him. Logan looked directly into the chest of "The Boy Scout," Scott Summers, team quarterback. "You coming, Logan?" he asked.

"Nuh-uh…going home."

Scott's eyes stretched wide with panic. "No way, man! One of those women over there is quite possibly my future wife."

Logan sighed. "Seems like you'd be tired of marriage…"

Scott ignored him. His first marriage to Jean didn't work out well. To put it in a nutshell…she was crazy. He never knew if he was coming home to his loving wife or some deranged lunatic. But he was a romantic. One bad romance wasn't going to stop him. "Look, asshole, you're not going to ruin this for me. Remy's got the hot lil redhead and my eye is set on the blond."

"So go get'em, tiger," Logan said as he once again tried to get past.

"See, homme…there's a problem," Remy said. "Their friend. They don't want to leave her."

"So you want me to walk the dog while you two bury your bone? I don't think so."

"Come on! You owe me!" Scott said.

"I don't owe you a damned thing, bub."

"Bullshit!" Scott said as he lifted his shirt showing off his wrapped rib cage. "You were supposed to protect me today. I've got three cracked ribs because of you."

That did it. Logan felt bad. He didn't move as fast as he used to and his QB got hurt because of it.

"All right. All right. All right," Logan submitted. "But if she's a bitch I'm gone."

Remy and Scott gave each other high fives and led the way through the crowd back towards the girls.