Flag on the Play


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Logan knew he should be sad…or perhaps angry…maybe even a little upset. He was none of those things after he and his team got their asses handed to them the previous day. They were out of the playoffs and only had a few more weeks as the official Super Bowl champions. Not only that, he'd officially retired.

All of those things could not hinder his current giddy mood. He wanted to laugh at himself. He, The Wolverine, perpetual grouch and all around ornery guy was giddy. And he could barely hide his happiness even after a delayed flight, a short notice terminal change, and the person behind him on his flight constantly bumping the back of his seat. He was on his way to see Ororo.

They'd talked everyday since the initial phone call a week ago. The more he talked to her the more he liked her. And if he were a gambling man he'd put all his dollars on her feeling the same way about him. She put up a fight when he suggested he visit her on his way to his place upstate. She said it wasn't necessary. He knew that, but damn it, he wanted to see her, take her out…see her smile. She relented to his request after he offered up his car once it was completely restored.

He smiled at the thought as he watched the buildings pass from the backseat of a taxi on his way to her place. He'd been doing a lot of that lately…smiling. Life was good for Logan for the first time in a long while. Not that he thought it was bad or couldn't have been a hell of a lot worse; he knew it could be. However, now he felt like everything he'd done in his life was leading him to this woman. To his so called "Happily Ever After."

Ororo walked restlessly through her apartment making sure everything was in its place. For some reason she was a bit nervous about Logan's visit. She tried to calm her nerves and think of him as just a non-significant person dropping in for a visit. But deep down she knew that he was very significant.

They would talk for hours. The conversations were easy and she felt like they'd already moved past the façade that new couples put on to impress the other. Not that they were a couple. They were friends…sort of…that may or may not be a part of each other's lives for the next eighteen years if she was indeed pregnant.

He assured on several occasions no matter the outcome he wanted to get to know her better. And she reassured him, as she'd done on many occasions, that she did not date athletes. So they were friends. That's it.

Ororo sighed. There was nothing else she could do with her place. It was as clean and comfortable as she could make it. She checked her reflection in the mirror. He was due to arrive any minute. He'd texted her as soon as he landed. And for some reason as the minutes ticked by the more nervous she became. She had to calm herself.

She sat on her sofa and opened a business magazine. There was an article she'd been meaning to read and now was as good a time as any. After only one line into the article there was a firm knock on the door. Ororo's insides jumped in anticipation and a new round of nervousness. Throwing the book down on the table she approached the door and took a deep breath.

"Who is it?" she asked.

"It's Logan."

Another breath and a quick hair check. She opened the door and smiled. Not a big one. A friendly one. "Hello Logan. Please come in," she said. The calmness of her voice hid the nervousness that caused her heart to pound the moment she laid eyes on him.

Logan suppressed the grin that threatened to grace his face as he stepped inside. "Hello, darlin', he drawled then leaned in and planted a firm kiss on her lips. He let the smile emerge due to the look on her face. The kiss surprised her but she didn't pull away so that was a good sign.

She stepped back, "Did you have a good flight?" she asked after clearing her throat.

"It was good enough," he said as he sat his carry-on bag on the floor by the door. He couldn't help observing that she was as beautiful as ever even with just a shimmer of lip gloss and in her more conservative attire, as she called it. Looking at her in black slacks the clung to her shapely hips, white crisp shirt buttoned just above inappropriate, her hair pulled back in a severe ponytail and the patent leather kitten heel pumps reminded him of a naughty librarian. He grinned.

"Good," she repeated. "You want something to drink before dinner?"

"Sure. What'ya got?"

She smiled. "I have wine." He nodded. "And beer…" she finished.

"Ya don't seem like the beer type," he said as he sat on the micro suede-textured couch. His hands absently caressed the soft fabric.

"I'm not. I bought it for you. I believe you said you liked Labatt Blue," she said as she entered the kitchen and looked in the refrigerator for their beverages.

She jumped when she felt his hands on her waist. "Logan!" she said as she turned to him holding his beer.

He pulled her close to him; the cold beer bottle prevented them from touching completely. "Ya remembered," he said.

She hummed in acknowledgement. "It wasn't that hard," she said. Her words were a little more breathy than she'd expected.

Logan licked his lips and looked at hers. "It was still nice of ya," he said and leaned in to kiss her.

This time Ororo was ready and quickly side stepped him and walked to the counter and began opening drawers. "I had to go to an international market store to find it," she said as she pulled out a bottle opener. "But it's not a big deal. I just wanted you to have something you liked," she laughed nervously and handed him the bottle after she'd uncapped it.

Logan grunted noting her demeanor and took a swig from the bottle. "It's good. Thanks."

"No problem." She exhaled then turned and retrieved a wine glass from the cabinet. He moved to the side when he heard her soft "Excuse me," then went into the refrigerator again for a bottle of wine. He saw her hand hover over the bottle of white before deciding on the red.

"Ya think that's a good idea?" he asked with a slight frown.

She turned giving him a confused look. "What?"

"The wine…" he nodded at the bottle then continued when he realized she still wasn't getting it. "The baby…"

Ororo looked down at the bottle with crinkled brows before realization and embarrassment overtook her features. "Oh my…I almost forgot." She quickly turned and put the bottle back into the refrigerator.

"Come on, darlin'," Logan said as he took her hand and led her back to the living area. He sat on the couch and pulled her down next to him. A moment of silence passed between them. Logan could tell she was nervous but he had some things he needed to say to her. "I'm glad ya let me come, 'Roro. I really missed seeing ya."

The corners of Ororo's lips lifted into a soft smile. "I'm glad you could come too," she said. "But I don't want you think you had to. I'm a big girl."

"Naw, I wanted to. Like I said, I missed ya." Ororo blushed. "And I just think that I should be around to support ya. I know the possible sacrifice yer makin' and I just want ya to know that I appreciate it. I can't tell ya how much, darlin'."

Ororo smiled. "It's for me too. There's no point in putting off the present for an uncertain future." Logan slowly nodded his agreement. "So…" Ororo said changing the subject. "How about some dinner? What do you feel like?"

"I don't know. What ya got?"

Ororo looked at him with brows raised high. "You mean you expect me to cook?"


"Um…no. I don't cook. Bad things happen when I'm in the kitchen."

"Yer telling me my kid is going to starve?" Logan asked in a teasing manner.

"Yeah, unless he plans on drinking milk for the rest of his life." Ororo countered.

"That won't do, darlin'. Howlett men are big and strong and it didn't come from drinking milk. A lesson is in order." He put his beer down and rose. "Let's go shopping."

Ororo sat at the table with her mouth watering. It was a simple meal in presentation but she was sure it would be delicious. A burger and onion rings. However, the burger was seasoned with steak sauce and topped with blue cheese and bacon. Logan had hand sliced the onions, seasoned and battered them in a buttermilk concoction before frying them in a skillet Ororo didn't even know she had.

"It looks so good," Ororo said as she wrapped her fingers around the massive sandwich.

"It tastes better than it looks," Logan said from across the table. He watched as she lifted the burgers and fitted it into her mouth. He could hear her teeth crunch through the layers of lettuce, tomato and onion. Then his mouth almost watered. Not from the sight of the delectable burger but from the sound of pure satisfaction that escaped around her chewing, moans of appreciation.

"This is so good," she said, as she chewed not caring that her mouth was full. She had to express her delight. After she'd finished chewing and swallowed she looked at Logan and smiled, "I hate to admit it but this would be great with beer."

Logan laughed. "Trust me, it is," he said before he finally took a bite of his own food. He ate quietly as he listened to Ororo's commentary. He couldn't get enough of the praise she lavished on him and his culinary skills. And the sounds of pleasure she made with each bite also stirred the desire for her he'd promised himself he would suppress.

He wanted her to know that it wasn't just about sex. He wanted to build a relationship but he didn't know if he'd be able to contain himself until she finished her food. He felt the beginnings of an erection and he tried hard to will it away. But watching her smack her lips and sweep her tongue over them to catch spilling condiments only made matters worse.

"Logan, you aren't eating," she observed.

Logan scratched at his unruly dark hair and shifted a bit in his seat. "I'm more tired than hungry, I guess."

Ororo gave him a look of sympathy. "Yeah, I guess you would be. What hotel are you staying in?"

Logan looked at her with a devilish smirk on his face, "I was hoping Hotel Ororo."

"Here? No way!"

"Come on! Why not? I let you stay at my place when you needed to," he argued his point with a bit of amusement lacing his words.

Ororo frowned. He did have a point but… "You don't need to stay here. Plus, I don't know..." Ororo realized at some point since his arrival that she was truly interested in this man. The self-admission somewhat scared her. She'd just gotten out of a devastating relationship. Was she ready for another? A one-night stand was one thing. Having a baby with him was a commitment but one that could be easily maneuvered with rules and possibly the help of lawyers. However, a relationship didn't have rules. Hearts could be broken, specifically hers.

"Look, Ro, I'm not looking for a repeat performance of the last time we spent the night togeother…unless you want one." He looked at her inquisitively putting the offer on the table.

"It's just that I wasn't looking for a relationship and this is beginning to feel like one," she said as she stood and cleared her plate from the table.

"Yer beginning to sound like a broken record, 'Ro. I get that. But the thing is," he stood with his plate and approached her, "like it or not, we're in a relationship. It's not the one I want," he said as he placed his plate on the counter and took hers from her hands and placed it next to his, "It's messy," he stepped closer to her, "and challenging. Ya piss me off like nobody has ever done before."

Ororo watched his lips move. His words slow and precise and she found herself holding her breath as he advanced on her. "Ya make me crazy, Ro. But it's a good kind of crazy. The kind that makes me think about ya all day…" He explained placing his hands on her waist and pulling her close. His touch caused her heart to race. She looked down into his chocolaty eyes and saw a storm brewing. "…dream about ya at night," he looked at her lips and she licked them reflexively. Then suddenly he stepped away and she immediately felt the loss of his nearness. "But ya know, Ro," he shrugged, "I'm not the kind of man to chase after a woman. And if ya don't want…"

Ororo's lips on his muffled his words. Her fingers threaded into the tangles of his hair pulling him into a deep passion filled kiss. Then as suddenly as the kiss began it ended when Ororo abruptly pulled away. "Shut up and let me finish," she said in a tone that demanded no argument. "I wasn't looking for a relationship and this one is beginning to feel like one. And I have to admit that I like it. God help me but I think I might even like you too, Logan."

That was all he needed to hear. He had her enveloped in his arms and his lips on hers in the next moment. Their hands roamed each other's bodies and sounds of heightening passion escaped their lips.

Ororo grabbed the collar of Logan's sweater and began pulling him towards the other room. He gladly followed. He attempted to guide her towards the couch but was quickly corrected with one word from Ororo, "Bed."

Ororo woke the next morning and immediately smiled. Logan lay next to her in a tangle of sheets but the parts of him that were revealed made her think of the previous nights activities. His hands ignited a flame within her body then his mouth would stoke it to a blazing fire. Never had anyone made her body sing or cause her heart to flutter the way that man could.

Ororo shook her head as she rose to go to the bathroom. Ten minutes after their initial meeting if someone would have told her how far he and she would go, she would have slapped them. Chuckling softly to herself she let out a soft whoop of surprise when she felt his hand firmly smack her on the butt. "Ouch!" she said rubbing the spot and gave him a menacing stare.

"Ya liked it," he smiled then closed his eyes.

She smiled back. His teasing was one of the prominent characteristics that she liked about him. Usually she didn't argue. She was passive and went along with the flow of those around her in order to keep peace. But with Logan it was different. She loved the back and forth banter and the fact that she could speak freely with him without any pretenses. Once the nervousness of seeing him again, she realized she could be herself around him and she'd only known him for a week and a half. It was so crazy. Before she met him she was bitter about love and men in general and just like that, now she wasn't.

Once she was in the bathroom she looked in the mirror and smiled. She was happy.

Logan lay in the bed with his eyes closed waiting for Ororo to come back. He imagined waking up next to her every morning, spending his days with her…talking and laughing with her. The thoughts scared the hell out of him. He'd had those same thoughts about Raven and she'd managed to rip his heart out.

But Ororo wasn't like Raven. She had a passion in her that Raven didn't have. He'd learned that through long phone conversations they'd shared. Hell, he'd learned that on the night he'd met her. She'd paid her own way through college. Helped launch a profiting sought after company. And most of all, she really knew about cars. Eyes still closed, a smile creased his face. She could absolutely be the mother of his child.

Their children would be beautiful. Café au lait complexions and curly hair. The girls would have her eyes and the boys would have his strength. He let his imagination run away with him. They'd buy a place near his parents in Canada so his pop can teach the boys how to fish and hunt. And his mother will teach the girls how to sew and garden.

Ororo emerged from the bathroom covered in a short satiny robe. She quickly went to a drawer in her chifferobe, grabbed a couple of articles of clothing then disappeared back into the bathroom.

When she reappeared Logan was leaning on his elbow on his side waiting. "What's wrong, darlin'?" he asked when he observed the furrows of her brow and the hard purse of her usually soft lips.

She still wore the robe and adjusted it when she sat on the bed next to him. "I got my period."

"Oh," he breathed, realization and disappointment lacing the singular sound.

They sat in the silence of the morning both experiencing the loss of something they'd never had. The image of Logan's conjured family disappeared and in its place was an emptiness that he realized he wanted desperately to fill.

Ororo finally spoke, "I feel like I should apologize."

"What for?" he asked softly.

"I don't know. I guess for making a big deal out of the whole situation. It was something you really wanted." He looked at her with questioning eyes. "And I guess I wanted it too. And now it's over."

After a short moment of silence Logan finally spoke. "Is it over, Ro? I mean…me and you." He sat up and scooted over to her. "So yer not pregnant. But maybe you can have it all the way ya envisioned…ya know, with a husband and all that." He reached up and played with a curl of her hair as he waited for her response.

Ororo blinked and blinked again. Her face softened and a small smirk graced her lips. "Are you asking me to marry you?"

"No but yes," he grinned.

She turned to face him fully. "No? Yes? Which is it?"

"Well, darlin' what would you say if I were askin'…not that I am."

"I'd say hell no. I barely know you."

"Then hell no, I'm not askin'. But I am askin' that we keep seein' each other. Then after six months when you know me better I will ask you to marry me. I'm sure you'll say yes. Then we'll make each other miserable for the rest of our lives."

She laughed. "Really now," she continued after his nod, "But I don't date athletes."

"Lucky for you I'm retired."

"Lucky for me," she rolled her eyes in phony annoyance.

"Come on," he prodded. "Give me a chance to make you miserable," he said teasingly and nudged her with his elbow.

"Too late," she deadpanned good-naturedly. "Plus you're so short."

"I'll saw all the heels off of your shoes. Problem solved."

"How can I say no to never having to wear heels again?"

"Yer a smart woman; ya can't!" he laughed then leaned forward and kissed her.

"Yeah, I can't pass up such an alluring opportunity," she said against his lips.

"Mmm…allurin'," he repeated and began to kiss her thoroughly. His hand found her breast through the thin material. When she moaned he let his hand seek the inside of her robe, down her stomach where she quickly grabbed his hand halting his descent.

"My period, remember?"



Five Years Later

Ororo stood on the front porch of her and her husband's lake house. She watched as her mate gently tackled their oldest son running with the football to the ground. However the play wasn't over for the littlest member of their family. A late hit in an effort to defend his brother quickly turned their football game into a howling laughfest as the boys were tickled into submission.

Never had she felt such great satisfaction in her life. All of her well laid life plans had been fulfilled by a chance meeting with a rude, arrogant…short, jerk whom she loved more than life itself.

"Boys!" Ororo called. "It's time for dinner. Come inside!"

After a couple of moments more of play Logan settled the boys enough to get them to listen to their mother. She rustled their dark hair when they raced past her as she held the screen door open. "Wash your hands!" she called after them.

She then turned to look at Logan but closed the door when he sat on the bench next to the door and rubbed his knees. "Are you all right, honey?" she asked.

"Never better." He reached his hand out to her.

"Me too," she said as she took his hand and sat next to him.

"So ya aren't miserable yet?"

"Nope," she said. "What about you?"


"Our marriage is a failure. Nothing is working out the way we planned. Where's all the doom and gloom you promised?," she fake whined.

"Aw, darlin'," he said as he pulled her close in a consoling manner. "Maybe tomorrow."

"But tomorrow never comes," she pouted.

"Poor us. I don't know how we'll make it will all this happiness," he mocked. "Stop yer crying, crybaby."

"Shut up and kiss me you big jerk."

He did. "Love ya, Ro."

"Love you too, Logan."

The End.