13 years ago

Third Person POV

It was stirring from its sleep of a hundred millennia, subconsciously of course. It wasn't an evil being neither a good being. It has awoken from its slumber quite a few times recently, only for it to continue its sleep and the world cannot have this being in its realm because this being would bring discord to our world and the name of this being is Chaos.

6 months later

Hades' POV

I was sitting on my throne in the Underworld, thinking about my kids that were in a casino in Nevada where time practically stopped. This train of thought led me to thoughts of my late wife Maria Di Angelo, I actually find it depressing and ironic how I'm the god of death but yet I can't even resurrect my dead wife. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I almost didn't realize that there were unworldly yells and cries coming from Tartarus.

I bolted to the cliff edge of Tartarus and heard cries of ghastly immortals saying "He has stirred there is no hope, no hope I tell you."

"Silence" I yelled to the depths of Tartarus. They all quieted down, "It has stirred not he, Krios" Coeus, the smartest of the Titans said.

"Oh shut up, you snobby braniac." Krios retorted.

"That's a pretty lame insult."

"I said shut up!"

"If I don't shut up what will you do, huh, throw your detached leg at me."

"Oh no you didn't, you son of bitc-

"I told you to stop!" I interjected to stop the silly quarrel between the two Titans

"I want to know what thing is stirring and where" I asked demandingly.

After a few moments of silence Coeus spoke up. "I'll tell you of what phenomenon has just happened and I can't wait for your fellow Olympians to hear this, especially my own grandchildren" he sneered, hatred evident in his tone

"Chaos has awoken!"

4 months later at Olympus

Athena's POV

All of the Olympians (including myself) had gathered around the throne room to discuss important matters that had occurred recently. I noticed Hades was unworldly pale today, I mean paler than a person who lived under the sun for three thousand years. I also noticed that Poseidon looked rather worried but also very content (AN: Poseidon is worried because he doesn't want Zeus to find he's breaking the oath and happy because he seeinhg Sally Jackson). Apollo and Artemis were arguing about which one was the oldest and I felt the urge to tell Apollo that Artemis was older because she helped their mom, Leto, give birth to Apollo but I didn't interject because I didn't want to receive further teasing from the sun god.

"Enough" Zeus shouted to silence all conversations in the room.

"Has anyone received important information throughout the past six months?" He asked.

Hades raised up his hand and Zeus nodded for him to go on, "Brother, I hate to tell you this but there has been rumours in the Underworld that Chaos has stirred."

"Are these rumors true." Zeus replied and and Hades simply nodded his head in confirmation.

The throne room fell completely silent and every Olympian paled, even Apollo's head stopped bobbing from the music he was listening to from his walkman. My heart stopped because that would mean the apocalypse. Suddenly, an idea started to formulate in my mind.

I remembered reading from an ancient ritual book from Hecate's library that you can seal an immortal's being in a very powerful demigod's body, especially children of the Big Three. But I remembered the great prophecy and how the elder gods took an oath to not sire anymore children. But immortals can never change their ways. I couldn't ask Zeus if he has been currently seeing a mortal lover because his children already had been born. So I grudgingly decided to ask Poseidon since I didn't trust Hades.

'"Poseidon have you been seeing any mortal lovers." All the gods stared at me like I had gone nuts and I realized I didn't explain myself. "I have a plan to seal Chaos in a demigod of the Big Three, but also have the powers of all the Olympians and most minor and primordial gods like Hecate and Chronos, powers of previous heroes too and invulnerability from bathing in the River Styx to maintain and yet control the being of Chaos within and also to use him to save Olympus as the Great Prophecy states 'A child of the eldest gods' and when I say Olympians, I include Hestia and Hades. So resuming to my former question, Poseidon are you currently seeing any mortal lovers." I explained.

"Yes, I am currently seeing Sally Jackson." He responded.

"Good but the night before you conceive, we'll give you our powers and blessings.

"Very well." Poseidon answered.

9 months later

Third Person's POV

Poseidon cradled the baby boy and swaddled him with white blankets, tears in his eyes due to the fact that his wife just died by giving birth to such a powerful being that's withholding the creator of the Universe inside him, Poseidon begged Sally not to go through with this because there was a big possibility she could die but she just said this was for the greater good and she would go through with it no matter what.

Poseidon was interrupted by the baby opening its eyes and Poseidon almost fell back with fear. The newborn child had the same sea-green eyes as his father but the baby had much more intelligible, piercing eyes than his father, they looked like they could see right through you soul.

Hestia had comforted Poseidon from grieving over his late wife and told him "Even though a soul very close to you has come to an end, a soul very close to you has come to a beginning." She also told him his son was to be raised on Olympus after bathing in the River Styx. The sea god worried about his son's life being like a normal tragic hero story but then he realized the name that Sally gave their child and he leaned in and whispered in his son's ear "Do not worry much about your life leading a path like a tragic heroes' because you, unlike most heroes, have a happy ending because your namesake foretells that future,", pausing as Poseidon was about to use his newborn child's full name for the first time and for a weird reason, he was quite nervous about it, "Perseus Jackson."