A/N: This idea has been done before. And I have enjoyed the ones I've read so much that I wanted to try my own... So, the team have got facebook.

Teresa had just changed her relationship status...




Teresa Lisbon has changed her relationship status to single to in a relationship

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Patrick Jane: Where's the dislike button on this thing?

Grace Van Pelt: Jane, you can't be serious.

Patrick Jane: On the contrary, my dear, I am perfectly serious.

Teresa Lisbon: Why, is someone jealous?

Patrick Jane: No, but your boyfriend should be worried. Haven't you told him about your undying love for me?

Teresa Lisbon: Jane, are you having insomniac issues again? Clearly no sleep makes one self delusional...

Matt Thomas: Teresa, what is the meaning of this?

Patrick Jane: Lisbon, you would know about my sleeping patterns wouldn't you ;) And Matt, it's true. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...

Teresa Lisbon: Jane, stop twisting everything I say into something sexual! Matt, this is Jane I've been telling you about. -.-

Patrick Jane: I meant nothing sexual by it. Your mind just immediately jumped to it. I wonder why?

Are those glare eyes, Lisbon? Cute.

Cho Kimball: Facebook is a very public place...just going to put that out there.

Patrick Jane: Yes and you're all thriving on this public drama...

Wayne Rigsby: That is a lie.

Patrick Jane: Don't try lying to me here. Just because I can't see you doesn't mean I don't know your lying. Besides, you all hovering over the computers only proves that I'm right. :) Like always. ;)

Matt Thomas: Lisbon maybe we need to talk...

Teresa Lisbon: Yes, where is the dislike button on this...

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Private Inbox

Messages between Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon

Patrick Jane

Subject: ?

Why didn't you tell me you were dating...


Teresa Lisbon

Subject: Because it's none of your business.

Please see upper line. And obviously I can't trust you with it because now Matt is mad at me!

Patrick Jane

Subject: We've been through this..

..you can trust me. I'm wounded, Lisbon.

Teresa Lisbon

Subject: You'll survive

I'm sure you'll get over it. Well, now you know. I'm dating Matt Thomas and he is brilliant.


Patrick Jane

Subject: Hmm..

He looks a little like me, Lisbon. What, you're so in love with me that you had to find someone like me? ;)

Teresa Lisbon

Subject: In my office, now!

Get in here, NOW!

Also, it's concerning that you're so obsessive...



Grace Van Pelt: Well, this is awkward...

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Wayne Rigsby: You can say that again...

Cho Kimball: They've been in that office for twenty minutes now. ;)

Grace Van Pelt: Should we be worried? Cho, are implying something, well, you know?

Cho Kimball: I'm implying what I'm saying.

Grace Van Pelt: How does he do that? You've been hanging around Patrick Jane too much.

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Wayne Rigsby: Jane, what happened?

Patrick Jane: Aw, were you concerned for me? I'm touched. :)

Cho Kimball: No. We were concerned for us, actually. You usually fight, nothing abnormal about that. But you almost ruined her relationship. That's gotta bring the claws out.

Wayne Rigsby: Yeah. Not cool man.

Patrick Jane: You, my friend, are giving me way too much credit.

Grace Van Pelt: Jane, you two really need to talk.

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Patrick Jane: Um, we just did..?

Cho Kimball: You know what she means.

Teresa Lisbon: And you all need to get back to work right now and stop discussing my life on facebook. :) Cho, I have claws, do I?

Cho Kimball: No ma'am.

Patrick Jane: She's only putting that smiley face on to soften her demand, she's not really happy.

Wayne Rigsby: Thanks for clearing that up Jane. What would we do without you?

Patrick Jane: I often wonder the same thing myself. :)

Teresa Lisbon: I do too, but in different terms than you. :)

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Patrick Jane: Teresa I am wounded. But you do in different terms, in heart broken terms.. ;)

Patrick Jane: Um...your lover boy just added me.

Teresa Lisbon: No, I really don't. I'm more heartbroken that you have to stay because you make my life miserable. And really? Well don't be such a baby.

Grace Van Pelt: Guys...can you talk about this in person? I'm getting a lot of notifications here...

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Patrick Jane: :)

Patrick Jane: ;)

Patrick Jane: =O

Grace Van Pelt: Jane!

Patrick Jane: Oh sorry, just trying to brighten your day by you seeing my name :)

Wayne Rigsby: Shut up, Jane.

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Matt Thomas Patrick Jane: So, you're Patrick Jane...


Patrick Jane: I would have thought that was quite obvious...

Matt Thomas: Teresa was unfortunately spot on about you.

Patrick Jane: I know, it's concerning for you, isn't it? ;)

Matt Thomas: No, it's quite the opposite ;)

Patrick Jane: Well if it's from Lisbon...I would disagree.

Matt Thomas: We're in a relationship. Stop trying to interfere. She's happy with me. Just a friendly warning.

Patrick Jane: I have an urge to put my hands up in the air...



Patrick Jane: No, Lisbon, I didn't want to test out if a stapler hurts or not. But thanks anyway.

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Patrick Jane: I always knew she liked it rough...