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Patrick Jane: Finally


Grace Van Pelt: What?

Teresa Lisbon: Don't put personal things on facebook!

Cho Kimball: Uh, not to be rude or seem disrespectful but you and everyone else have done that repeatedly over the past couple of weeks.

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Patrick Jane: Only so people like you can secretly enjoy it ;) I know you do, don't deny it!

Cho Kimball: Wasn't gonna.

Wayne Rigsby: Haha Cho you make me laugh!

Patrick Jane: He actually lies, Cho. He was sitting across from me when he wrote that and I heard no laughter.

Cho Kimball: So it was like a lol?

Grace Van Pelt: Please don't say lol… not you.

Wayne Rigsby: lol

Patrick Jane: I hate those form of texts… so pointless…

Teresa Lisbon: You know what I hate? When my team sits around on facebook…

Patrick Jane: But I'm booorreeeeed.

Teresa Lisbon: Then go home!

Patrick Jane: Why Teresa I'm only here for you, I know you like walking by and seeing me on the couch.


Patrick Jane: …I'm scared.



Teresa Lisbon: Date night! Haven't been on one of these in awhile.

Grace Van Pelt: You're going to look amazing, that I know for sure! Thanks to me (:

Teresa Lisbon: Thanks Grace, you know how much I appreciate it!

Grace Van Pelt: What could I do… you said you've been waiting for this for some time, the guy must be special!

Teresa Lisbon: Special in the head.

Teresa Lisbon: No just kidding, he is…

Cho Kimball: Patrick Jane is being very quiet about this…

Patrick Jane: I'm not always on facebook like you are Cho ;)

Cho Kimball: Yet here you comment…

Patrick Jane: Physic ;) Plus you said my name.

Teresa Lisbon: Aren't you going to wish me a good night? Say something weirdly protective like only you would?

Patrick Jane: My gut tells me you will… also, I don't have to say anything weird. The guy will be good or else ;)

Wayne Rigsby: I feel like I'm missing something…

Cho Kimball: You're always missing something.

Wayne Rigsby: Why are you so mean to me?

Patrick Jane: To cover up his undying love for you.

Wayne Rigsby: …

Cho Kimball: I know Patrick thinks he's a physic but you want to know what I know that Patrick is for sure?

Wayne Rigsby: What?

Cho Kimball: An absolute idiot.

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Patrick Jane: I am wounded, Cho! Anyway you won't hear from me tonight so I hope you find something else to entertain you!

Grace Van Pelt: I don't believe this.

Patrick Jane: You mean you don't want to believe this…

Cho Kimball: How will I go on…

Patrick Jane: You're smart ass will find a way ;)



Cho Kimball: Why is facebook boring, this makes me sad.

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Cho Kimball: I waited an hour for a Patrick Jane remark ):



Cho Kimball: Where is everyone ?



Grace Van Pelt: Enjoying the movies with Wayne Rigsby!

Cho Kimball: How's the movie of his mouth...starring your tongue and his?

Grace Van Pelt: Shut up wanna be Patrick Jane!

Cho Kimball: You wound me...

Cho Kimball: Mad invite guys ):

Cho Kimball: Keep it PG!

Cho Kimball: Just trying to be like Patrick Jane is tiring...

Patrick Jane: Not for me, it comes effortlessly ;)



Teresa Lisbon and Patrick Jane are now in a relationship.

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Jane Henry: Congratulations!

Nicholas James: Congrats Lizzy!

Cho Kimball: I KNEW IT!

Grace Van Pelt: You still trying to be like Patrick?

Wayne Rigsby: Is this even allowed?

Patrick Jane: You're just snooty because it IS allowed and you and Grace are against regulation.

Cho Kimball: It doesn't stop them anyway behind closed doors.

Patrick Jane: Um, ew.

Grace Van Pelt: Ignoring that... I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS! About freaking time!

Teresa Lisbon: Well I survived the date with him so we made it official (:

Patrick Jane: What Teresa actually means is OMG IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT EVEEERRRRRRRRR!

Teresa Lisbon: That was actually Jane's reaction (:

Cho Kimball: Haha oh have you met your match. This is going to be one interesting relationship. I'm stocking up on popcorn...

Teresa Lisbon: Or you could go out and get your own love dramas or watch actual movies.

Wayne Rigsby: Nah you guys are better. Should have your own show.

Teresa Lisbon: We are not that interesting...

Patrick Jane: No Lisbon, we really are. ;)



Patrick Jane: Remember when I used to say that Miley Cyrus's song, Can't Be Tamed, was my theme song? Well, I stand corrected...

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Teresa Lisbon: It's even better when you're the person who tames them, and corrects them (:

Cho Kimball: Ew are you going to be all gross now?

Patrick Jane: We know you love it, we know you also love the money we won you ;)

Grace Van Pelt: Thanks...

Wayne Rigsby: Never bet against Cho...

Teresa Lisbon: Or me.

Patrick Jane: Actually me because I knew she was it all along.



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