This is just a little ficlet o/s that makesmyheadspin gave me the idea for. She's NerdStud's biggest fan, and gets to talk to him often ;) I have about three more NerdStud one-shots in the making that need finished, and they're all out of order. I'll post a list in my profile so you can see the chronological order, but this one takes place after they're married, but before they get pregnant. Enjoy!

In Which NerdStud Overreacts

I was taking a late shower one day before Sookie got home because we were supposed to go out for dinner that night. Only when I finished up and turned the water off I heard her moaning in our bedroom. I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked in to find my wife, half naked, her eyes closed, and her hand in her underwear, writhing and moaning.

My first instinct was to pounce on her, because it was hot to see her like that, but then I realized it was entirely possible she wasn't even thinking of me. Then I got angry. I cleared my throat loudly, and she jumped. She looked startled, then began to giggle, which just ticked me off.

"Am I not enough for you?" I asked. "Do you do this often? Jesus, Sookie."

I didn't even give her a chance to reply before I grabbed my robe and stormed out of the room and down the stairs to my study. I felt bad for it as soon as I got there, but my pride kept me from going back up to her. I heard her pacing the bedroom for a while, then I heard the shower turn on. All the while I stayed in my study, sitting on my couch wearing nothing but my robe.

Her shower was short, then there was a bit more pacing, and then I heard her coming down the stairs. She padded down the hall, and slowly opened the door of my study. She sat down next to me wearing nothing but her robe, and picked up my hand.

"Want to explain what that was about?" she asked gently.

"I just… I thought I was enough for you. I haven't had the urge to do that in a long, long time, and it hurts to know that you did."

"Are you sure there's nothing else?"

"I also don't like the idea of you thinking of someone else."

She sighed and stood up, then pulled me up too.

"Come on," she said, and led me out of the room by the hand.

She took me all the way back up to our bedroom, moved the bench at the end of the bed out a bit, and then pushed me to sit on it.

"Don't move until I tell you to," she said, then kissed me.

"What are you doing?" I asked when she dropped her robe and climbed onto our big, four-post bed.

"You want to know why I was touching myself?" she asked, kneeling in the middle of the bed, her knees slightly apart. I nodded.

"I got home just in time to hear you turn on the shower. I peeked in the bathroom before the glass steamed up and saw your body. Your beautiful, striking, perfect, naked body. It turned me on, Eric."

She had begun running her hands over her body, stopping to pinch her nipples once or twice. I got an instant erection.

"I thought about joining you, but then I realized how long it had been since I took the time to pleasure myself. I wondered if I could still do it. So I came in here, and I took off my skirt and jacket. I unbuttoned my blouse, and imagined it was you doing it. You, Eric. My husband."

I watched her lick her fingers, then play with each of her nipples. She swirled them with her wet fingers, and I watched them harden as the air hit them. She pinched them again and moaned.

"I thought of you as I touched myself. I thought of how it feels when you kiss me here," she said, letting one hand finally move between her thighs. Her hips bucked forward as she rubbed herself. "I love it the most when you have just a little bit of scruff on your face. I love when you look up at me while you're doing it. Then I moved on. I thought of when you're actually fucking me."

My jaw went slightly slack as I watched her slide two fingers into herself and start pumping.

"It feels good, Eric. So good. We fit each other perfectly. There's always that moment when I can feel you stretching me, then I'm overtaken by pure pleasure. I love when you take me hard, and fast, but I love it even more when you go slow and look into my eyes."

Her other hand left her breasts and began to rub her clit while her fingers kept pumping. She was moaning quite loudly now, and it was killing me not to be able to get up and help her along.

"Part of why I did it is because I just needed to get off right then, and the other part is that maybe, just maybe I was hoping you would catch me, and watch me. I like the idea of you watching me," she moaned, and her hands worked faster and faster. "I love that you're watching me right now. I'm so turned on, and so close. I didn't finish before."

God, that was a crime.

"I want to come now. Do you want me to come?"

"God, yes," I managed to choke out.

Her reaction was instant. Her eyes clenched shut, she took in a sharp breath, and her hips jerked. She fell back onto the pillows, panting and twitching. All I could do was sit there, like a rock, shocked. I'd never seen her do anything so unbelievably hot. After a moment she sat up, supported by her elbows, and smiled at me.

"See? That wasn't so bad, was it?"

My reaction was to throw my robe off and climb onto the bed slowly. I wanted her to feel like my prey, because I was about to devour her. I kissed her first, then I picked up her hand and slowly licked each of her fingers clean. She stared at me with such heat in her eyes that I thought she would spontaneously combust.

"That was amazing, Sookie. Fucking amazing. I'm sorry for my reaction," I said, then kissed a path down her body until I was resting between her legs. "So sorry," I whispered, and then I licked up all of her arousal until she was about to come again. Then I was inside her, slowly fucking her like she said she loved.

"I fucking love you," I told her. "You are so perfect."

I managed to bring us both to the edge at nearly the same time, before collapsing on top of her. She had confessed to me once that she actually didn't mind that for about ten seconds. "There's just something about the feel of your man on top of you," she'd said.

"You know," she said after I rolled off of her. "I wouldn't mind seeing you do the same…"

"Oh no. No, no, no," I laughed. "We're late for dinner, darling."

She only laughed and got up with me to get ready, but there was a twinkle in her eye.

A dangerous one.