Here is Eric's reciprocation. You have makesmyheadspin and FarDarisMai2 to thank for this being written. Short, smutty... enjoy :)

"Remember that time you got yourself off in front of me?" I asked Sookie at the dinner table, causing her to snort into her water as she took a drink. Poor timing on my part.

"What?" she asked when she stopped choking.

"You told me you'd like to see me do the same. I think I want to."

"What on earth brought this on?"

"I was thinking about it the other day, and I just think it would fun to try. I want to see if you react the same way I did to you."

"Are you sure? Because I'm game. Completely," she said, her eyes wide and warm with her lust.

"Okay then," I said simply.

"Wait, that's it? You're not going to tell me when it's happening?"

"Nope. I want you to walk in on me like I did you. Only I'm sure you won't storm off like I did."

"Definitely not."

For the next week Sookie tried to walk in on me if I was alone, and I was having fun with it. I decided to wait until she stopped trying. It took another half a week for that to happen. I waited until she was in our bathroom getting ready for bed, and moved the bench out like she had for me. By the time she walked into the bedroom in her boy shorts and tank top, I was already sitting against the headboard, lazily stroking myself.

"Oh my god," she said as she stopped short when she saw me.

"Take a seat," I said, nodding to the bench.

She slowly walked over and sat down, never taking her eyes off of me and what my hand was doing.

"When I used to do this I would think of you. Of how I felt when I got to feel your skin for the first time. Of how you smelled. It starts off so innocent, much like we did."

Sookie's eyes were on mine until I started talking dirtier.

"Then I start to think of what you look like naked. All your soft, firm, perfect skin. Your breasts, so fucking perfect that I have to resist the urge to touch them every time we're in the same room. Your ass, round, firm, so hot I just want to grab a handful or smack it when I see it. Then your cunt," I said, lowering the timbre of my voice. Sookie loved it when I used dirtier words. She began to squirm as I continued. "Your hot, wet, perfect fucking cunt. I love the way it looks, the way it tastes, the way it feels. Like tight, hot silk all around my cock when I'm deep inside you."

She actually moaned at my words, which gave me confidence.

"You can touch yourself, darling," I told her, and she let out a sigh of relief as she stood up and removed her clothing.

Instead of sitting back on the bench, she climbed up onto the end of the bed, and knelt, sitting back on her heels with her knees spread just enough. Having her that close and not touching her made the whole thing that much hotter. She began to rub and pinch her nipples as she watched me.

"Tell me more," she begged. "Please."

"I always love that first thrust into you. The way your body has to make room for me, but it's not like an intrusion, it's more like a welcoming hug. I never want to leave. There is nothing better than the feeling of being inside of you, on top of you, kissing you, all at the same time."

I began adding a twist to my strokes, and one of Sookie's hands went between her legs. She moaned, which spurred me on even more. My hand moved faster, and I felt the tension start.

"I love how effortless it's always been with you. I don't have to work to get you to come, because it doesn't feel like work. It's just me inside you, and you all around me, this never-ending feeling of pleasure and warmth. Fuck, I want to fuck you right now just thinking about it."

"You can later," she panted. "I need you to come for me."

"You want to see that?" I asked. "You want to see me explode all over myself? I want you to see it."

"Yes, and then I want you to taste what you're doing to me until you're ready to fuck me again."

"Fuck, Sook," I groaned, and tightened my grip.

"Come, Eric," she moaned. "Come for me."

She moaned louder and louder, and the way she was touching herself, and pinching her nipples while watching my hands was enough to take me to the edge. Then she bit her lip, looked right into my eyes, and moaned out my name. That did it.

"Oh god, Sookie," I groaned as I came hard. Long hot spurts of come coated my chest, stomach, and hand, and I continued lazily stroking myself until I could think straight again.

Sookie had moved at some point to grab a towel, which she used to clean me up, and as soon as I was I had her on her back, legs apart, my head between her thighs. She cried out as I began, and threaded her fingers into my hair.

She was hot, and wet, and she tasted so fucking good. I licked, nibbled, sucked, and fingered her until she was begging me for release. By that time I was more than ready again, so I quickly climbed on top of her and entered her sharply. She gasped, then moaned loudly.

"Fuck me, Eric," she begged. "Hard and fast. Make me come."

To give into her request I quickly repositioned us so that both of her ankles were resting on my shoulders. Thank fuck for her interest in yoga, because I had her nearly bent in half as I fucked her just like she wanted. It only took a minute or two for her to scream my name as she came, and only about twenty seconds after that for me to scream hers.

"Holy fucking hell," Sookie panted from beneath me. "We have to do all that again some day."

I chuckled and rolled off of her. "How can you even think right now?"

"Because I'm a woman," she giggled. "And because you make me so completely happy that all I want is to do everything, with you, over and over again."

I wasn't sure she was aware of it, but what she'd just said made me ridiculously happy. One of my deep-seated fears was that Sookie would tire of me and want someone more experienced. That one day she would wake up and realize that I wasn't enough. Even after all these years, and getting married, I still worried about it sometimes.

"I love you," I told her, propping my head up with my hand and staring down at her.

She smiled and reached up to cup my cheek in her hand, then she gave me a soft, gentle kiss.

"I love you too."