John Meyers walked the halls of the University, not bothering to look into any of the open doors which held partying college students. Hellboy, who had pulled on a large hat to cover his head and had his large trench coat pulled up to hide his red skin. He nudged Meyers' shoulder with one of his gloved hands. "Hey, kid. How do you know your friend's not in one of those rooms partying hard?" he asked.

Meyers snorted to himself. "It's finals week," he said before stopping outside a large door. From the other side, they heard loud thumping and yells.

"I hope your friend isn't going to be too battered to help us," Hellboy said, chuckling.

Meyers rolled his eyes and opened the door silently. Hellboy followed him into the room and they stood against the wall. Hellboy's mouth fell open, but Meyers just smiled. Standing in the middle of the room, surrounded by sore fighters not willing to get back up and fight; was a young woman dressed in Sensei's gi. Her fiery red hair was pulled back into a high pony tail and her deep green eyes sparkled with laughter.

She turned and spread her arms. "Honestly," she said, her Scottish bur filling the room. "Did ye nae learn anything, lads? Clean the wax out of yer ears, lads, and shape up. Finals are this week and I might nae go as easy on ye as I did today." Her gaze traveled up and landed on Meyers. She smiled and said, "Class dismissed. If ye can walk, that is."

The men filed out of the room and the woman hurried forward. She threw her arms around Meyers and smiled. "Glad to see ye, Johnny Boy. I thought ye were in the Antarctic, though." She pulled back and looked at Hellboy. "I believe he is the one who sent ye to that icy tundra?"

Meyers chuckled. "This is him. Hellboy, this is Molly Smithson. An old friend and my fighting mentor," he said.

"Ye dinnae learn anything, though. Two semesters in me class, and ye still could nae block a single punch." Molly smiled, but it slowly faded. "But when ye come here with a strange being, I have to wonder if this is more than a social call."

"Well, Molly," Meyers said, but she stopped him with a raised hand.

"I'll make you some coffee," she said, turning. Molly raised her hand and swung it in an arch. The blinds and windows in the room closed, securing themselves so the light wasn't shining through. With another wave, chairs flew from the corners, a table set itself up between the three chairs, and a coffee pot settled on a cozy and a couple of mugs set themselves in front of the chairs. Molly extended her arm. "Please. Have a seat."

She took a seat and poured the black brew into the cups. Meyers took a seat and picked up the cup. Hellboy hesitated for a moment before sitting down and picking up the cup. He took a sip and coughed. "What did you put in this?"

Molly smirked a bit. "It's good old Irish Coffee."

"But you're Scottish." Hellboy said.

She laughed. "Donnae have to be Irish to enjoy their coffee. And I'm only half Scottish. The other half's Irish. I have the right." She turned her attention to Meyers. "Why are ye here?" she asked a little more forceful this time.

Meyers sighed and said, "Well, I'm not actually here as an FBI agent." Molly raised her eyebrow in a questioning look, but said nothing. "And Hellboy and the others aren't part of the FBI, either. This is strictly off the books and records."

When Meyers said this, Molly raised her hand to silence him for a moment. She snapped her fingers sharply and the sound of locks clicking filled the room and then silence. Not even the sounds of partying could enter the room. Molly picked up her cup again and said, "Continue."

"Monsters are appearing all over town and, though they quit the B.P.R.D., Hellboy and his team are still fighting. Unfortunately, Hellboy's wife is busy with her new children, and the team needs a fill in."

Molly smiled at the red man. "Shagged her good, did ya? Must have if she's willing to put up with yer ugly mug," she said with a smile. She wasn't going to touch on the children. Too sore a subject, she guessed, with this one.

Hellboy smiled a bit. "I like her," he said to Meyers.

Meyers only rolled his eyes. Before he could continue, though, Molly said, "Why come to me? Ye need a replacement, fine, I get that. But why travel all the way over to ask me, when I may nae come? Either ye have great confidence in yer ability to persuade me into doing this," here she smiled, but it faded after a moment. "Or it's someone I already took care of long ago and ye need my help with them."

Meyers looked sort of guilty at her words. Molly blanched, setting her coffee down on the table without a sound. "Who is it?" she asked quietly.

Meyers looked up, meeting her eye, and said, "It's Morrigan."

Molly sighed and ran a hand over her face. "I thought I was done with her," she said. "Doesnae she have anything better to do than to bother me?"

Hellboy raised an eyebrow. The name sounded familiar. "Do you mean Morgana?" he asked. Myers stared at him as if his horns had grown back with super speed. "What? I pay attention sometimes. She's that witch from the King Arthur tales, right?"

Molly chuckled. "Nice guess," she said, shaking her head. "But, nae. This is Morrigan; the equivalent of a German Valkyrie or a Greek Fury. Nasty woman to fight, though I've drunk her under the table a few times."

"You make it a habit of drinking with the people you've defeated?" Hellboy asked.

Molly laughed. "Lord, nae," she said. "I donnae have enough money to play that up. I'd be nursin' a hangover every day, if I were to do that. Nae; Morgana and I have a history together...kind of like Johnny Boy, here. We go way back. She's like the older sisters that I never had."

"Sisters? But it's just one woman, right?" Hellboy said, confused.

Molly smiled. "I see I've confused ye. Morrigan is often depicted as three separate women, dependin' on where ye are. But, it's just like goddesses to have split personalities."

"Goddess?" Hellboy said. He turned to Meyers. "Hey, boy. You said nothing about no damn goddesses."

Molly snorted. "And he would nae. Myers dosenae ken one thing about Celtic Mythology. Sure, ye can quiz him on baseball and all that rubbish until the cows come home; but give him a simple question about who Danu was, and he draws a complete blank." Molly sighed in exasperation. "Honestly, I donnae ken why we're friends sometimes."

Hellboy looked at Myers and gave him a questioning look. This was the person who was going to help them with this case? Myers rolled his eyes, probably having heard this all many times before, but Molly only reached over and smacked his wrist. "Hey!" he cried, jumping a bit.

"Serves you right for nae listening to me, Johnny Boy," she reprimanded.

"Sorry," he said, rubbing his hand. "But we do need your help. You're the only one I know that can do this job and keep it under the radar."

She chuckled. "I'm afraid I cannae do that," she said, standing up and walking over to her desk. Hellboy hadn't seen it in the corner, it being so small and discreet. There were even padded mats wrapped around the little office area. Probably for anyone who had been thrown hard enough to have used them.

Molly opened a desk and grabbed something as Myers said, "Why is that, Moll?"

She turned and tossed him a piece of folded over leather. Myers caught it and Hellboy took the opportunity to look at it as the leather was pulled back. There, resting on the brown fabric, was a shinny piece of metal. And, inscribed one the metal, were the words 'Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense'. On the other side of the folded leather was Molly's id, along with the words, "Special Agent Molly Smithson, Scotland Liaison Officer."

Myers looked up at his friend. "You're an agent?" he said, sounding shocked.

"I took a page from yer book, actually," she said, sitting back down again. "Became one not too long after ye were deployed to that tundra. Wanted to do some good for the world, besides teaching stupid idiots how to fight. So I joined the B.P.R.D., figuring I'd be of more help in that general area. Thought I donnae care for that useless twit, Manning." She said the last while glowering at her coffee, as if it had offended her in some way.

Hellboy had felt anger at Myers bringing him here to an agent, but it faded at the comment she'd made. He laughed and said, "I guess he might have some good points."

"Only if ye look under a looking glass," Molly said. "Anyway, I work here part time, when I'm nae needed. But, since ye came to me for help, I'm suppose to bring ye in to the Bureau. Donnae worry, though. I'll make sure Manning's behaves himself. He'd be a stupid lad not to."

Myers raised an eyebrow. "Does that mean you'll help us?"

Molly finished her coffee and smiled. "Aye," she said with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. "That I will, Johnny Boy. That I will."