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Summary: Even reborn in an entirely different situation, Kagome just has to have the worst luck in the universe...

Pairing: Goku/Kagome/Vegeta?

Rated: T (Hinted dark themes)

She was nothing. Not against them, at least.

She should have known that by now and it should have been beaten into her by now – but, every now and then, she couldn't help but to rebel because it was just in her blood and she could not stand her pathetic servitude to that vile creature called Frieza.

She kept in her moan of pain quiet as her back slammed harshly into the wall behind her and certainly did not let any whimper escape her mouth as a booted foot landed on her stomach, easily crushing a few of her ribs.

"Now, now," The voice was falsely sweet and pretended at disappointment, "How many times has this happened, Kagome?" The voice that she hated most in the universe scolded her like she was a mere and simple-minded child, "You really should know better to than to fight back. You will only lose."

Kagome clenched her teeth as the foot stepped down harder and the pain increased, "A-ah," She opened one of her eyes to glance at the smug-looking Frieza, "I-I don't know what came over me, Frieza-sama," She managed to grunt out, feeling the foot upon her stomach lighten somewhat, "We could possibly be nearing a full moon," She referenced to her heritage, causing a light scowl to appear on master's hideous face, "It won't happen again."

The following silence seemed to be deafening to Kagome's sensitive ears, and it was finally broken by Frieza's sigh, "Very well. I will forgive you this time," The booted foot lifted completely off her stomach, allowing her to breathe a quiet sigh of relief, "However, next time I won't be so lenient." Frieza warned with that pseudo-kind smile.

"You really should learn to behave yourself," Zarbon, the one who previously subdued her with ease, shook his head with disappointment, "You know that I just hate to ruin a beauty such as yours," He wiped away any stray hairs from his green-toned, but very attractive, face, "Learn your place and I won't be forced to tame your savage demeanour."

Kagome felt her fingers shake in her rage, though she knew better than to talk back to her 'superiors', "Y-yes, Zarbon-sama." She spat out, slowly sitting up and clutching at her damaged stomach. Even through her strong armour, Zarbon had managed to break a rib or two. She glared defiantly at the two, mentally cursing them within her mind.

"Go fix yourself up," Frieza ordered with a close look of disgust as he glanced at her appearance, "And you may want to prepare yourself. After all, Vegeta, Nappa, and Radditz will be arriving shortly." With that, Frieza dismissed the girl as he and Zarbon simply left her presence.

She took in a deep breath, ignoring any pain that came along with the action, 'They're coming back so soon?' Kagome shivered slightly, her long furry brown tail wrapping around her waist in an attempt at self-comfort. It didn't work so well, 'They were only just sent off.' Oh, she had a reason to be frightened, as Frieza had left her alive for one purpose and one purpose only.

She was a simple breeder. Just 'in case' he wanted to breed his own little Saiyan army in the future, if he so chose to. It was lucky that she was still rather young as she hadn't went through her heat cycle completely; she was probably only in her middle adolescence and Kagome couldn't hazard a guess as to what age she really could be.

Surprisingly, it wasn't Vegeta that she had to be worried about, as he refused to touch a 'low-class warrior' such as herself for some simple mindless pleasure, even if she was the only pure-blooded female Saiyan left alive.

Nappa and Radditz, on the other hand, had no problem with relieving their 'stress' with her every time they came back from whatever planet that had just conquered, 'I can't stand them.' She swallowed, leaning back against the wall behind her and closing her eyes as the pain in her stomach throbbed.

Saiyan mating certainly wasn't gentle and Kagome knew she had to mentally prepare herself for whatever shape her lithe body would possibly be in after their future encounters, 'If they weren't so rough every time, then maybe it wouldn't be so bad...' She vaguely thought, allowing her hand to rest on her badly-bruised stomach, 'What am I thinking? They're horrible no matter what they are like.'

Kagome let out another pained breath, biting her lip as she felt that familiar warmth flow through her fingers. Of course, she tried to keep her 'special' abilities a secret from everyone else, and so far, she seemed to have succeeded.

'Frieza would be far more interested in me if he ever found out,' Kagome thought grimly, seeing a light pale blue glow from behind her closed eyelids, 'Definitely can't let that happen.' Only a few moments later, the intense throbbing pain subsided into a low and dull sort.

She knew that she couldn't fully heal herself as Frieza would become suspicious and she certainly could not have that. Ever since she was born, she possessed rather amazing healing abilities that were pretty contradictory to her violent Saiyan heritage and she no idea why she was the odd one out.

She also possessed blue eyes, something unheard of in the Saiyan race. They were, apparently, the only thing that caught Frieza's interest in her and was pretty much the only reason she was alive today (the disgusting breeding idea had come from that repulsive Dodoria).

'It could have something to do with those strange dreams,' She thought, resting against even further against the wall. She had those dreams with those 'people' for her entire life and she had never figured it out, 'Friends with those creatures? (humans) That'll be the day...' She snorted, though she would willingly lower herself that much if only she could escape Frieza's grasp.

'Damn, they're already here!' Kagome was instantly to attention, seeing her fellow Saiyans' power readings on her scouter land on Frieza's ship, 'And knowing Nappa and Radditz, they will want to mate right away.' She grimaced at the very thought, knowing how those two were so impatient for sex and thus, took out their frustration on her.

It didn't take too long for the door to the room to open, and Kagome hesitantly opened her blue eyes, only to see two smug-looking faces and a rather impassive slash arrogant expression, "Vegeta-sama, Nappa, Radditz." She greeted with no emotion, purposely disrespecting the particular two Saiyans' she had come to hate.

Vegeta deserved her respect automatically because he was her race's prince, even if they were under Frieza's control and had virtually no freedom. And even he potentially saw her as dirt underneath his boot, he didn't ever touch nor violate her.

That was respect enough in her books, sadly.

"Woman, you're looking rather hurt over there," Nappa said with a smirk, and she bristled unconsciously at the sound of his voice; she did have a name other than 'woman', "Did you piss off Frieza again?"

Kagome fisted her gloved hands in her rather short black skirt, trying her best not to get riled up, "Who cares if the runt pissed off the boss again," Radditz snorted, insulting Kagome even more because of her rather small size, "I'm starving." He said hungrily, eyeing Kagome's body with a lust that she had, unfortunately, come to be familiar with.

"You're right." Nappa grinned darkly, watching with bemusement as Kagome struggled to her feet in a pathetic attempt to escape. She stiffened as Nappa quickly disappeared from her view and she reacted far too late as he reappeared right behind her; his large hand clenched firmly around her sensitive tail.

Radditz smirked evilly as he relocated in front of her, watching her stiffen over and almost fall to the ground, "Still haven't learned to strengthen this tail, eh?" He heard Nappa say, referring to her tail as a weakness, "Too bad for you." The bald Saiyan breathed into her ear and she felt shivers of disgust run down her spine.

'They both want it,' Kagome bit her lip, 'At the same time. Great.' She knew that both were probably too impatient to wait their own turns and she vaguely wondered how sore she would be after they were done with her.

"Don't fight, and it might be enjoyable for you too, this time." Radditz snickered, stroking the paralysed female Saiyan's slender waist through her armour.

"Don't go too overboard," Vegeta warned, speaking up for the first time as he crossed her arms over his armoured chest. He glared over to Nappa, Radditz, and their current captive, "We can't having her dying on us." He stated flatly and Kagome knew that he wasn't really defending her in particular, but more or less, defending her as the last female Saiyan.

She was his breeder, after all.

"You could always join in," Nappa casually invited, earning a glare of disgust from both Vegeta and Kagome. He frowned, tugging on the girl's tail and sadistically enjoying her noise of pain, "Suit yourself," He shrugged, taking a smug look at Radditz, who mirrored his dark expression, "I guess we'll just have the runt more to ourselves, then."

And Kagome quickly closed her blue eyes, hoping to nobody in particular that they would go a bit easier on this time.

She always wished Vegeta to just leave the room because she didn't want him, of all creatures, to see her humiliation.

And as usual, he simply sat in the corner, eyes watching every willing and unwilling movement their bodies twisted into.

Kagome mentally cursed her luck, wondering what the hell she had done in a previous life to ever deserve this hell.

'...Shikon no Tama...'

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