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'Fuck that woman!'

Vegeta snarled, punching a hole through the thick wall and causing the Capsule Corporation building to shake on its very foundation. He heard shrieks of alarm from the various people that the building held with his sensitive hearing, but thought nothing of it.

'That damned woman and Kakarott deserve each other!' He sneered, glancing out the window and glaring at nothing in particular, 'That low-class Kagome has never deserved the likes of me, the Prince of all Saiyans!'

And yet, he still felt a burning anger at just the thought of the two of them together – all happy with each other and their newborn son as they celebrated the peace brought with the defeat of Magatsuhi and Cell.

It was sickening.

The image in his mind had him punching yet another hole through the wall of his room and he knew he would be facing the wrath of Bulma within the next few minutes, yet he he didn't care in the least.

Let them have each other.

'It is only a matter of time before Kagome regrets her decision of choosing that clown over me!' Vegeta thought, not bothering to glance up when the door to his room abruptly slammed open and in walked the fiery blue-haired woman with an angry frown to her pretty face.

"Vegeta!" Bulma screeched loudly, irritating his ears at the volume, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" She growled impressively for a human, staring at the two holes he had made in the wall with his fist, "I allow you to stay here out of my own kindness and this is how you repay me? By punching holes in the walls?"

"Shut up, Woman!" Vegeta snarled back, not in the mood for her complaints, "Leave me be!" He ordered, his brow twitching in anger when Bulma did not back down like she should have. Instead, she merely placed her hands on her hips and moved closer towards him.

"If you have pent up frustrations, then go take them out in the gravity chamber, not my house!" Bulma glared, receiving a deadly one in return "You woke up Trunks with your pouting!"

"I do not pout, Woman," Vegeta huffed, crossing his arms over his chest, "Mind your own damn business!" He simply said, dismissing her, though she would not have it.

The Capsule Corp heiress angrily grit her teeth together, stomping her way up to the irate Saiyan, "Ever since you got back here yesterday, you've been nothing more than a pain in the ass – more so than usual!" She added quickly, "What has you so infuriated?" She asked in a quieter tone, hoping to diffuse the situation before Vegeta got even more violent.

"And what makes you think that I will tell you?" Vegeta smirked, allowing himself to enjoy the irritated twitch of her plucked brow, "Anything that concerns me is above your inferior mind." He insulted.

Bulma simply sighed and rubbed her temple as if to ward off an oncoming headache in response, "As much as you like to think, I'm actually not an idiot," She said dryly, choosing to ignore his huff of disbelief, "I can tell something is bothering you. Now, spill it." She demanded.

"Dammit, Woman – leave me be!" Vegeta repeated with a low threateningly growl, slightly impressed that Bulma did not back down even at this point (not that he would ever admit out loud).

"I refuse to leave this room until you tell me," Bulma said stubbornly, tapping her foot impatiently, "So, there."

Vegeta glanced at her with contempt, standing up from his position and stalking ever so closer to Bulma with predator-like steps that had her questioning her own actions, "There's a way to help me, Woman." He said lowly and she shrieked in surprise when his strong hands wrapped around each of her arms to pull her in close. He needed to get this frustration out somehow...

Bulma swallowed nervously, her eyes unable to move away from his dark stare, "W-what are you doing, Vegeta?" She asked shakily, trying to keep the tremble out of her voice.

"Shut up." And, much to her surprise, he was kissing her and she knew it was wrong and that she should stop this at once for many reasons (the biggest one was that she was still dating Yamcha).

She was flat on her back on Vegeta's bed within a matter of seconds with a lusty Saiyan hovering over as his hands easily ripped her clothing from her body. And when his lips were on hers once again, all protests quickly died down.

It was very wrong on all levels, but she just couldn't find the will to stop.


Kagome sighed contently, feeling the cool breeze on her face as the small infant unconsciously buried his face further into her stomach for the warmth her body provided.

"Kagome!" A cheerful voice called out and said female lazily glanced up to see Goku closing in on her with his signature goofy grin, "I got you some food! You must be starving!" He said, landing on the ground and dropping the large dead deer in front of him, "You like your meat raw, right?"

"Kakarott, you didn't need to," Kagome sat up, placing Goten in her lap as his nose twitched at the smell of meat, "But I appreciate it all the same." She said, feeling warmth in her chest when Goku beamed at her for the words.

"Not a problem!" Goku scratched the back of his head before he plopped on the ground beside her without a care, "I figure Goten must be hungry, too."

Kagome smiled, allowing the baby to clumsily crawl off her lap and towards the corpse of the deer where he examined it curiously.

"He can eat solid stuff even though he's so small, right?" Goku blinked, asking as Goten grabbed a handful of the deer's fur and tugged at it, easily ripping it from the animal's body with his Saiyan strength.

"Yes," Kagome answered, "We are a warrior race. Milk cannot substitute for what meat can do." She watched as Goten gurgled a growl and began tearing into the animal a bit more furiously to get access to the meat.

Goku nodded, resting back on the soft grass and looking up contently into the blue sky as Goten loudly chewed in pieces of the deer that Kagome ripped off for him to eat, "Say," Goku glanced up curiously as he relaxed his arms behind his head, "You never told me what Midoriko had to say to you."

"It doesn't matter," Kagome said simply, "We are both alive and there is no more Magatsuhi." She said, not wanting to go into details.

"I guess so." Goku didn't pry and the surroundings was then filled with a comfortable silence (other than Goten noisily chewing on his food). However, both jumped when a voice suddenly sounded in their minds.


"King Kai?" Goku sat up, looking around confusedly as Kagome blinked at the unexpected contact, "Whaddya want?"

"A fine way to greet me after getting me killed!" King Kai huffed, earning a nervous little laugh from Goku, "Thanks a lot for that, by the way!"

"Sorry?" Goku weakly offered, "So, what's up?" He asked curiously, "I didn't know you could contact me all the way from Reikai!"

"I'm King Kai, of course I can!" King Kai rolled his eyes underneath his shades, "Anyways, I contacted you because I want you to come to Reikai to train under me again."

"What?" Both Goku and Kagome looked taken back at the very suggestion, "But you're dead, King Kai and I'm not! How am I suppose to enter Reikai?"

"I arranged something with Enma," King Kai said impatiently, "So, Goku? What do you say?" He demanded.

"Would you like to train under me again?"


5 Weeks Later

Vegeta glanced up, sneering as Bulma hesitantly stepped into his room (and without knocking of course) and stared nervously at everything in the room except for him, "What is it?" He rudely asked, "Spit it out, Woman?"

Bulma finally glanced up at, averting her blue eyes quickly as she bit her lip anxiously, "Vegeta." She began quietly and her next words had Vegeta widening his eyes.

"I'm pregnant."

I know I said Bulla/Bra wasn't going to appear, but I need her to get the ball rolling with Vegeta and Kagome (Bulla will be a lot more kickass in this than she is in the anime)