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Tony didn't have enough energy to calm down.

"Why is everyone on my case today!" Tony snapped at his boss. Gibbs gave him a hard glare at the raised tone Tony just used towards him.

"DiNozzo go home and pull your shit together, I want to see you here on time and in a respectful mood on Monday, none of whatever problems you have brought with you today" Gibbs orders were strong towards Tony and Gibbs raised his voice at his senior field agent. Tony didn't say another word; he glared at his boss and then grabbed his things and walked out. When Tony was gone Gibbs looked around and noticed no one was in the bullpen.

"Where the heck is everyone?" he exclaimed loudly, he wasn't in the best of moods any more. One of the agents from the area next to the bullpen approached Gibbs carefully; he had seen and heard what had happened and he thought if he explained to the well known special agent Gibbs about his team maybe Gibbs would calm down a bit.

"Um Agent Gibbs?" the young agent said as he approached Gibbs.

"What do you want Adams'?" Gibbs growled.

"Well I thought I would let you know, agent McGee went downstairs and agent David left the building, she took her things so I don't think she's coming back" Adams explained, Gibbs looked at the young agent and wondered how much he knew about what was going on.

"Why did agent David leave?" Gibbs asked.

"Um she and agent DiNozzo had a big fight and she left, she looked pretty upset" he explained. Gibbs nodded. Those two were always bickering but yet they seemed to care for each other.

"Ok thanks Adams" Gibbs replied. Adams nodded and walked back to his desk while Gibbs picked up his phone and dialed Ziva's number. She picked up on the third ring.

"David" Ziva said in a shaky voice, Gibbs knew she was or had been crying and he also knew it took a lot to make her cry.

"Ziver are you alright? How come you left the office?" Gibbs asked.

"I have to take the rest of the day off sick, I wasn't feeling great Gibbs" Ziva replied and Gibbs knew she was lying but he would let her be, he couldn't force her back into the office when she was emotionally upset about something that Tony did.

"Just make sure it's sorted out before Monday" Gibbs replied. Ziva knew he knew she was lying and he knew something by the sounds of things and she read the underlying message he gave her. Whatever she and Tony had a problem with it had to be fixed before they return to work.

"Ok Gibbs" she replied before hanging up. She wasn't looking forward to sorting this problem out with Tony but she knew it would have to be done.

Gibbs knew something was up between his two agents. They were close lately but he knew they weren't sleeping together, but something must have come between them for the fight they had had. If Tony's mood was anything to go by he knew it was something deep, and the fact Ziva was crying over something that had happened made it even worse. Gibbs had long forgotten about rule twelve as Tony and Ziva seemed to be doing things right and he didn't mind if it made his team work better.

But after this incident he was thinking it was a bad idea to forget about that rule, if they couldn't sort out their problems he would sadly have to move one to another team because them working in foul moods with each other would be dangerous to the whole team.

Ziva had made it home to her apartment after she had been called by Gibbs. She had cried as she drove, Tony had finally made her emotions burst at the seams. She ran up to her apartment and slammed the door before collapsing on her bed. She was sure she would be moved to another team because of what had happened. She didn't want that, she would miss McGee, Gibbs, Abby, Ducky, even Palmer. And even though her mind told her not to and how angry she was with him right now, she would miss Tony.

She couldn't believe she could miss him after what he does to her, but sometimes you can't fight love and she knew getting over Tony was going to be the hardest thing she ever did, harder than shooting her half brother Ari, and that was considered very hard. She heard her apartment door open and she immediately grabbed her gun that was still at her side holster.

She wiped her tears from her eyes and carefully exited her bedroom into the hall, holding her gun up, ready to defend from her intruder. She walked down the hall and when she got half way someone entered the hall coming right at her. At the start she was about to shoot before she registered just who it was. She contemplated shooting him anyways but she knew she couldn't actually shoot him.

"Ziva put the gun down" Tony exclaimed and held up his hands in defense. He almost wet his pants when he walked into the hallway with her pointing the gun at him with deadly anger in her eyes.

"Tony get out" she yelled, not putting the gun down, which worried him. She wasn't going to shoot him but she figured if he thought she might shoot him he would leave her alone.

"Ziva I'm not leaving, if your going to shoot me just do it!" he yelled back. She gripped her gun tighter before lowering it. A single tear escaped her eye and rolled down her cheek, did he really think she would actually shoot him? That thought made her sad if he really did. He took a step forward when she did.

"Don't come any closer to me" she snapped, she became angry again.

"Ziva why are you doing this to me?" he asked, trying to be calm with her.

"Me doing this to you? Seriously Tony" she scoffed in anger.

"What. Have. I. Done. To. You?" he asked, his anger coming back again.

"Tony if you cannot figure it out yourself that is your fault" she snapped and when he took a step forward she took one back. For a moment he just looked at her thinking over the conversation in the bathroom earlier.

"So you are mad at me for taking you to dinner and getting close to you?" he asked.

"No Tony I have no problem with that but the fact is every time you LEAVE when things get too much for you to handle, then you go off and sleep with other woman. I thought you had changed Tony but no your life still resolves around sex and nothing but that and I guess you don't want anything from me because you don't want to have sex with me or get close to me, but if that is so why do you do the things you do to me, leading me on thinking you want something more from me when you don't" Ziva yelled at Tony, he was an idiot sometimes and she hated that she loved him.

"Ziva" he said softly, he stepped forward and she reached forward and pushed him away harshly.

"No Tony just leave I can't handle this" she snapped and looked down as a few more tears escaped her eyes. Tony stepped forward again and went to grab her arms. But she began hitting him away.

"Tony don't!" she screamed at him but he continued to get closer and she couldn't get away from him, she began hitting his chest and trying to push him away. But he pulled her close to his chest, stopping her from hitting him as her hands were trapped against his chest.

"Tony stop it" she whisper yelled. Then the next thing he knew she was breaking down crying in his arms, shaking as the tears ripped through her. He was too close and it was making the emotions erupt from her. He brought his finger to her jaw and lifted her eyes to his. When he did he couldn't help it and he kissed her softly. He felt her kiss back for a millisecond before she ripped herself from his arms and looked at him.

"I hate you" she said and stumbled backwards and went into her bedroom and slammed the door behind her. He went to the door and tried opening it but she had sat against it so he couldn't get in, he could hear her crying through the door.

"Ziva can you listen to what I have to say for once? There is only one reason why I pull away from you, its because I want you so much, I want to wake up with you every morning, I want to start a life with you and I pull away because I am worried I will muck this up, I don't want to ruin what we have so I have tried to make it have a bit of distance" he spoke through the door to her, he could feel his own tears prick at his eyes.

"I have sex with other woman to try and keep myself from jumping you, we both know that would put things at the next level and I don't want to ruin what I have with you. I don't want to have sex with you Ziva I want to make love with you. I care way too much for you and I am always worried that I will ruin it, I know you hate me and I will leave you alone" he said, he leant his forehead against the door.

"I love you Ziva" he said before standing up and heading down the hallway, leaving her alone like she wants. He could feel the tears run down his cheeks now.

He stopped in his tracks when he heard her bedroom door open and Ziva softly call his name. He turned and looked at her, the tears stained her cheeks, and he knew he wouldn't look any better than she did.

"I love you Tony" she said softly. He looked at her, she looked at him and then all of a sudden they were both hastily walking towards each other. They met in the center and his lips crashed down on hers in a searing kiss. He brought both his hands up to cup her cheeks and hers rested softly around his neck. When they ran out of air they pulled back and their foreheads rested together.

"Don't think for one second that you could ever ruin this by getting closer to me" Ziva said softly.

"I'll never let you go" he whispered.

"Promise?" she asked in a whisper.

"I promise" he whispered back and he gently leant down and kissed her lips.

Sometimes the realization of what is really between two people is shown from the effects of jealously, sometimes that jealously can lead to secrets being revealed and emotions brought to the surface. Ziva knew that from this day forward she wouldn't be jealous of Tony, Tony was hers and he had picked up the pieces of her shattered heart and glued it back together with his love for her, which he would never shy away from again.

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