Finn's POV

All we were told is that Megan Meade was coming to live with us while her parents went to Korea to live. And as this was at a family meeting you could imagine the outburst.

"WHAT! A chick can't live here!" Doug shouted, a look of pure outrage crossed over his face.

"A girl is coming to live with us?" Ian whispered to Caleb, grinning.

"And just for that Douglas, I am giving her your room." Mom said to him scowling. That's when all hell breaks loose.

"My room? MY ROOM!" Doug yelled in aggravation. He looked at dad in desperation but he was pointedly ignoring the looks and glares aimed at mom and him.

"Now Doug, if you don't be quite then I am giving you trash duty for a month." Mom said sternly glancing at the rest of us, "Now if there are any other complaints I will be giving out laundry duty also."

That shut everyone up, not that I had said a word of course. I glanced at every one of my brothers; Sean was sitting there looking at the window probably not taking in half of the situation; Evan was sitting in the big armchair with a bemused look on his face, I was sure he was remembering the last incident with Megan Meade when she amusingly clubbed him in the head with a Wiffle bat (that was only after we had hung her from a tree though); then Doug was glowering in his seat sneaking glares at dad like he expected to fix everything; Miller was being Miller, gazing down at the carpet reciting famous Yankee plays in his head, I guess that's all we could really ask of someone with intense Aspergers syndrome; The younger two, Ian and Caleb had a confused look on their faces, like they really had no idea what was going on. Mom and dad on the other side were looking positively excited for Megan to arrive; mom's face in particular was glowing in the rush that another female would be around to flank her.

The last I remember of Megan was the incident with the tree and the Wiffle bat, none of us could ever forget her shrieks as we hauled her up by her ankles. I smiled slightly from the memory, it had been a good day when Evan was hit with that bat, in my opinion he got what he deserved.

"Well anyway she is arriving in a week and I expect all of you to be on your best behavior." Dad told us sternly getting up and leaving for the kitchen, mom on his heels pausing only when to look at us and raise her eyebrows firmly implying us to do what he asked then added, "She is starting school here as well, so I expect you all to help her out on her first day."

Doug, when they left, started cursing loudly while Sean lifted himself off the couch and strode along the hallway to the garage. I sighed at my brothers and went upstairs to finish a math problem that really had me stuck.

A girl was coming to live with us? Well this is not going to go well. I suppose that she is living in our house so she will probably want to leave after a week, Doug will probably form some mini-plan with the littlies. I apologizes in advance, Megan, I really do.

About an hour later of unsuccessful homework, I went downstairs to find mom all giddy and excited. I smiled and went to the fridge to get a soda, i opened the back door to the lawn and was about to step over the threshold when mom stopped me.

"Not so fast," she said with a smile, I turned around to face her, confused and slightly annoyed, "I would like you in particular to look out for Megan when she's around your brothers. I'm sure you'll agree that something will happen and that I'd like you to help her when it does." She said nodding at her own words. I just stood there expressionless as she was about to continue,

"I would also like to inform you that Megan is starting Baker High next week and will be in the Junior class like yourself. You may share a couple of classes so be nice to her and don't ignore her, OK?" she asked. Mom really seemed to care about this girl; it must be hard growing up 7 boys, so very much unlike her. She must be craving the company of another girl around that she didn't want anything to mess up.

"Sure thing, mom. Can I go out and paint now?" I asked half turning towards the door. She gave a small nod and I headed out, across the lawn to my own art shed. It was old, and small and it sort of creaked if you opened the door too quickly. The sun on the other hand lights up the entire room with a small skylight in the roof. It was my own haven, my own safe place. Yet I suck at art, really truly suck. Not one single painting I have ever started has been completed. Not even the ones of Kayla Bird, the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Her tan glowing skin matches her long dark hair and when she smiles it lights up her entire face. Yet I still can't finish anything so I came to the conclusion that I sucked. Bad. But I will finish it someday, along with all the other rejected canvases yet to be completed. I will finish it when I ask her out, which I had still yet to do, even after knowing her for most of my life, especially at high school.

As I painted my mind drifted to various Megan related topics. At least having a girl in a household of guys could bring some order to the place. I admit seven boys is an abnormal number, I guess our parents desperately wanted a girl, with no apparent luck. Megan could be like a daughter for mom, give her someone to bond with. But then Megan could make us all feel uncomfortable. She may be very different from the last time we met. It didn't matter though, cause I knew for certain that things in the McGowan family were going to change. Whether the changes will have good or bad consequences is yet to be decided.