So, this is my next multi-chapter fic. Hope you enjoy it - I'm really excited about this one.

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Chapter 1 - Goodbye

The room was dark. A dinghy dark so I could only see a few paces in front of me. Low lights flickered above, casting eerie shadows over walls dripping with dampness – the lines of condensation trickling slowly down until they reached the grey concrete floor and pooled into slimy puddles. I reloaded my gun and slowly stepped forward into the abyss.

It was deathly quiet.

My ears strained, listening in vain for any sound other than my footsteps, my heavy breathing and my racing heartbeat. He had to be round here somewhere…


"Aha! Got you!" With a sigh I slumped back into the sofa as my Call of Duty character fell forward with a knife in his back.

"Damn this game." I muttered, the replay showing Blaine's character stalk up behind me whilst I'd been admiring the walls.

"Hey, don't worry – you'll get better." He replied with a smile.

"I sincerely doubt that." Fighting games were not my speciality – in fact every game Finn had in his collection, I sucked at.

"You just need to screen watch more – that's how most people make out that they're really good when you're in multiplayer." Blaine's eyes returned to the screen, his fingers rapidly pressing buttons, and I noticed I had been respawned outside the dingy warehouse.

It was weird – I didn't think I'd be this relaxed the day before my transfer to Dalton. Blaine had offered to come round to help with packing and moral support, but apart from stuffing a few things in a suitcase it had been a normal visit. He'd spied the game resting by Finn's football helmet and had persuaded me to have a go – hence why I was currently being destroyed.

"Watch out Kurt – I'm coming to get yooooou!" Blaine cackled and I panicked, pressing what I thought was shoot but turned out to be a grenade drop – something I only realised when I exploded right as he reached my position.

"Oh." He said, suppressing a giggle and I switched off my controller.

"Well that's enough of that game." Blaine made a noise of protest.

"Ohhh! I was enjoying beating you." He said as he reluctantly handed over his and I shot him a sarcastic look.

"It's the only chance you're ever going to get."

Once everything was packed away neatly I sat back down next to Blaine. He had slouched down, his arms spread out across the top of the sofa so when I leant back his hand briefly brushed against my neck.

"So…" He began, tilting his head to the side as he looked at me, "are you going to miss your room?" I paused, pondering the question.

"I won't miss sharing." Finn's half of the room was so messy it made me feel sick just looking at it – every time a stray pair of boxers encroached onto my side it was a full scale operation to remove it.

"You'll probably have to share at Dalton though."

"Yeah, but hopefully public school boys are cleaner than Finn." Blaine laughed and I joined in, glancing around the room once more. My pin board and desk looked awfully bare without all the knick-knacks and pictures I usually had everywhere.

"I think I will miss it though." I was going to miss a lot of things about Lima and McKinley – especially all the great friends I had made there. But as Karofsky had made it his mission to make my life hell, in order to cover up his homosexual tendencies, I had no choice. Dalton loomed over my subconscious like a scary grey cloud, but I knew as long as I had Blaine, there would always be a light shining through it to the blue sky behind.

"Don't worry about it – everyone's going to love you." He said, smiling, but moving his hand away from me to rest in his lap. It was just a shame that shining light wasn't as hopelessly in love with me as I was with him.

"Well, that's everything." Carole passed the last box over to Dad, who lugged it out of the front door towards the car. I hadn't been allowed to go outside for some reason, so had spent the majority of the packing time twirling my Pashmina scarf around my fingers – the movement mirroring the churning of my stomach.

"Oh Kurt," she continued sadly, putting both hands on my shoulders, "I feel like we've only just got to know each other and already you're being taken away from me." She pulled me into a hug and I obliged awkwardly, not really knowing what to say. The guilt over Dad and Carole postponing their honeymoon to pay for my tuition fees still weighed on me – the fact they both seemed so fine with it making things even worse. We were doing what Blaine had warned me not to do – running away – but I could see no other option.

When we finished our hug I noticed that Dad and Finn had returned from the car. Finn's cheeks were flushed pink from the heavy lifting and his attempt to hide his deep breathing made me smile.

"So, son." Dad announced, clapping me on the shoulder. "It's time to go." I swallowed. This was the part I'd been dreading.

"But, not before some people you know say their goodbyes!" Carole pointed towards the open door and suddenly the rest of New Directions appeared from various hiding places around our garden. So that was why I hadn't been allowed outside!

"KURT!" Tina and Mercedes reached me first, engulfing me in a hug that was so powerful I nearly toppled over. Next were Quinn and Sam – Puck slapped me on the shoulder and Artie, Santana and Brittany brought up the rear. Whilst everyone fawned over me I noticed Finn standing at the back, grinning proudly, and figured he must have been the one that had organised this – the lump in my throat growing further. Come on Kurt – you promised yourself you wouldn't cry…

"I can't believe you're not going to be here anymore!" Tina exclaimed sadly.

"You have to write to us every day and come visit whenever you can." I shot Mercedes a look that said 'as if I wasn't going to do that already' and she laughed.

"I am going to miss you guys SO MUCH!" Everyone awwed, giving me another hug and suddenly the tears couldn't be held in any longer, slowly trickling down my face and into people's hair.

"We'll miss you too Kurt. New Directions won't be the same without you."

"Well – you've still got Rachel." I replied, trying to lighten the mood. Everyone laughed but I paused, looking around in confusion. "Where is Rachel?"

"I thought it would be appropriate for me to sing you out, so I am." A voice sounded from behind the crowd and everyone parted to reveal Rachel standing in the drive, Mike beside her. Out of everyone, I knew she was the one that viewed my transfer with the most concern, as I would most likely join The Warblers and therefore compete against McKinley at sectionals, but it was nice to see she had made an effort all the same.

"Right, final goodbyes guys, we need to get Kurt away to show these Dalton kids what real students are like!" Everyone lined up to give me one final hug, Mercedes holding on so tight I thought she might never let go and eventually I was released in front of the car. Finn opened up the back door for me, walking round to the other side as I got in and Carole and Dad occupied the front. As we reversed out of the drive, Rachel booming out 'So Long, Farewell' from the Sound of Music and Mike moon-walking around her, I sighed. This was finally it. Goodbye bedroom, goodbye house, goodbye Lima.

Hello Dalton.