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Chapter 47 - Graduation

My legs and arms were very sore for the next couple of days. Every time Blaine and I saw each other during class we'd blush and remember, looking down at the floor and making everyone but Scott extremely confused. My cheerios outfit was something to be used only on special occasions, but boy, were those occasions special.

The weeks passed quickly. Far too quickly. Lessons began to dwindle but I was still fairly busy. After a lot of thinking (and a discussion with Blaine) I'd decided to nominate myself for Wilde Head Boy next year. Nathaniel had decided to be my chief backer, showing me the ropes and helping me with my campaign, whilst Scott turned himself into a one-man promotion machine, sticking up pictures of my face in places where people weren't even going to vote.

In the final week everything was reaching boiling point, from the final final lessons that weren't really lessons anymore, to the preparations for the final senior assembly, where everyone graduating would be commended and awards would be given out.

I felt sick. Today was the day. The final day of my first year at Dalton. And my penultimate year. I glanced across the room at Blaine, who was straightening his tie in the mirror. All the seniors were allowed to invite their parents for the final assembly – so I would finally get to meet Mr and Mrs Anderson. To say I was nervous was an understatement.

"Here." I walked over, turning my boyfriend around so I could help him and straighten out his collar. And my fingers ran along the stiff cotton I accidentally brushed against the skin of his neck and felt us both shiver.

"Thanks." He replied. For a second we stared at each other, thinking about what this day meant for us, for the future.

"Is there any way you can take a year off?" I asked, even though I knew it was pushing the boundaries. I wished I wasn't the year below him, the he didn't have to run off to college whilst I was still stuck here at high school like some little kid. Blaine sighed.

"I wish. But it's all sorted now. My Dad has been talking about me going to NYADA for months. The only way for me to stay was to fail. And you wouldn't let me do that." He smiled, lifting up his finger to iron out the creases that had appeared in my brown upon the mention of that subject again. Right now Blaine failing seemed like a good option.

"Remember we have the whole summer." He said. "And once you've met my parents they wont have any problem with you staying round lots." He grinned, taking that extra little step forward and craning his head so our lips could touch in a soft kiss. I immediately moved my hand to the back of his head and tried to deepen it, but he pulled away.

"Nuh uh," he tutted, wagging his finger, "need to keep pristine." He pointed to his immaculate uniform and I groaned in annoyance, making him smile. He pressed a kiss to the top of my head and sighed. "You're gonna be the death of me you know that?" He muttered, before slipping his hand into mine. "You ready?" I nodded, grabbing the 'Kurt for Wilde Head Boy' badge Scott had made me and pinning it on my blazer as we walked out the door.

Nearly all the members of Wilde were in the common room, as well as a lot of Wordsworthians. The last time I'd seen it this busy had been when we'd had our first house get-together. Wow. That brought back memories. I squeezed Blaine's hand as we entered and he smiled. Nathaniel was standing across the other side of the room, chatting to Stephen, Wade and Connor. Standing next to him was a tall, pretty girl in a beautiful mint green dress. Tugging Blaine along with me I headed straight to them.

"Hi!" I exclaimed happily. Nathaniel turned to look and smiled when he saw me, also looking extremely smart and handsome.

"Well if it isn't our new Head Boy!" He said, holding out his arm so everyone turned to look at me. I blushed.

"Sssh, nothing's been announced yet." I mumbled, walking over and giving my friend a hug.

"Well I've already placed my bet." Nathaniel grinned and I gave him a soft shove, before turning to the girl.

"Hi Sarah." She immediately blushed, but it added to her pale complexion and made her look beautiful. She tightened her grip on Nathaniel's hand and he smiled, kissing her softly on the head.

"You remember Kurt and Blaine right? From the hospital?" She nodded, raising her hand slightly and giving a small wave.

"Hi." Blaine slipped his hands round my waist and nuzzled his nose into the side of my face. Feeling his warm breath made me relax and for a moment I completely forgot where I was. Then a thought popped into my head.

"Where's Scott?"

As if on cue a crash sounded outside. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to look as my best friend shot into the room. His uniform looked to have been put on in a rush, with his collar askew and his tie and blazer uneven. He stumbled forward a few paces, the whole room silent as they watched him, before stopping, looking around and raising his hands in the air.

"The party's here!"As he bounded over I smiled, breaking away from Blaine so I could give him a hug.

"You are ridiculous." I said, sorting out his collar and straightening his tie as I spoke. Sometimes I felt more like his Mum than his best friend.

"I was making last minute promotion adjustments." Scott grinned - I saw a large 'Kurt for Head Boy' badge pinned to his blazer and chuckled.

"The voting is over now, I don't think it matters. And this isn't my day anyway - it's everyone else's" Signaling to Blaine and Nathaniel both seniors smiled, Blaine kissing me on the cheek.

"Well we want to celebrate your win too."

"Ok, ok, everybody needs to stop with the 'you're gonna win' speeches now," I said, holding up my hands in protest, "you're gonna jinx it." Laughter rang around the room and I scowled, before Blaine pulled me in close again and Nathaniel continued the story he'd previously been telling.

Everyone gathered together in the cafeteria for lunch - it was the first time I'd seen every student of Dalton in the same place apart from at the Yule Ball. Space was tight so my legs were squished up against Blaine's on the bench, but I didn't mind. Everyone was chattering excitedly to each other - talking about when their parents were coming or what colleges they were going to. Nathaniel had been accepted into Brown - he was going to study medicine. For the first time I let Blaine talk about college freely, without putting up a fight. This was his day - his time to shine and move on to the next stage of his life. Our relationship was minor in comparison, as was the part I played in deciding where he went.

Later on everyone cleared up and prepared for the arrival of their parents. All the non seniors could leave at this point until the final assembly, but I stayed with Blaine, saying goodbye to Scott with butterflies raging in my stomach.

"You'll do fine," he said, punching my arm in his usual way that supposed to be comforting, but actually almost made me fall over, "They'll love you." I smiled, waving goodbye and watching as he disappeared into the safety of the corridor. The cafeteria seemed much emptier now, emptier and bigger. Blaine sensed my nerves.

"Don't be nervous." He said, turning me to face him and putting his hands on my hips. I laughed.

"That's easy for you to say - you've already met my parents."

"True." Blaine nodded, gazing off into space for a few seconds. "And that was very scary."

"Exactly my point." I buried my head into his chest and groaned. My boyfriend laughed at the sound.

"But that went fine. Just as this will. They'll love you." Suddenly Blaine's hip buzzed and I jumped away, surprised. He rummaged around in his pocket, pulling out his phone and looking at it. "They're here. Shall we meet them outside?" Nodding, even though I didn't want to leave he grabbed hold of my hand, pulling me along as we both walked out into the corridor.

Now I was bricking it. Was there a way for me to get out of this without hurting Blaine? I didn't think there was. But right now I was considering anything. My boyfriend kept having to tug me to move faster and I realised I was probably being selfish. He hadn't seen his parents in a while. Taking a deep breath I drew level with him and he smiled, before we reached the front entrance to Dalton that spilt out into the car park. There were fancy cars everywhere. I was kind of glad Dad and Carole weren't coming until later because they probably would have been embarrassed parking next to these. My eyes widened as I took in the Phantoms, Ferrari's, Rolls Royces... If Blaine himself owned a Cadillac, I hated to think what his parents drove.

"Ah, there they are." Looking into the distance and waving I followed my boyfriend's gaze to see two smartly dressed people walking towards us, leaving behind-

"A HUMMER?" Blaine laughed, seeing my eyes widen.

"Yeah. Mum's been trying to get rid of that thing for ages. She says it's embarrassing. But Dad loves it." Before I had time to say anything else, Blaine's parents reached hearing distance and I gave them a good look. Mr Anderson was the epitome of Blaine – tall, dark slightly curly hair, incredibly handsome. He seemed to radiate power, but it was a friendly power, more like charisma. I would have said Blaine got all his good looks from that side, but his Mum was stunning too. Her hair was a reddish colour, slightly wavy, and pulled up into the most gorgeous messy bun (that obviously wasn't messy at all). I felt my self-confidence dip a considerable amount just looking at them. Blaine lived in a family of supermodels.

"Blaine!" Mrs Anderson ran forward to engulf her son in a big hug. He had to let go of my hand briefly, but he let it hover in the air feeling for me and he rested his face on her shoulder.

"Hi Mum." Once they had broken apart Blaine's Dad hugged him too, this one slightly more manly but with the same care. It reminded me of when I hugged my Dad and I sighed, happy for him.

"How are you?" Mr Anderson asked. His voice was deep and strangely attractive (stop it Kurt), but had a light tone to it.

"Good," Blaine replied, smiling, "great." He linked his fingers back up with mine and both parents turned to look at me. Immediately I felt the butterflies return. "This is Kurt." I waited for the disapproving looks, the furrowed eyebrows, maybe even the 'is that it?' comments. I even closed my eyes, flinching, ready to take the hit. When I heard nothing I opened my eyes and wondered if, even worse, they didn't have anything to say about me at all.

"Well isn't he a catch?" Blaine's Mum was the first to speak – at first I didn't quite understand what she was saying, but then the words processed and my eyes widened for about the fiftieth time that day. What?

"I'm Kirsten." Holding out her hand I stared at the dainty manicured nails for a few seconds, before Blaine nudged me and I realised I had to shake it.

"I'm sorry." I blurted out, immediately feeling embarrassed, "I'm not rude. It's just…you have really pretty hands." Oh sweet Lord. What a great first sentence. I expected Kirsten to scowl and release my hand, but instead she laughed, gripping it tighter.

"I should think so," she said, smiling, "I spent all morning getting these done." I realised she was joking and laughed nervously. How were they so nice? I was their son's boyfriend – they should be quizzing me about my background and wealth and…suddenly the realization hit. Maybe Blaine's parents didn't care about that.

"Sandy." I had another hand thrust towards me and this time I took it with no comment – his handshake was very strong and I felt like my arm was being pulled off. Sandy Anderson…

"Or you can call him Sandy Andy." Blaine interjected, grinning. I laughed, before glancing quickly at his Dad to check whether that had been a faux pas.

"Of course. The old work nickname. Can't get enough of that thing." He smiled and I decided he looked possibly even more attractive than before.

"So…" Sandy asked, once again catching me off guard with just how charismatic he was, "how have you found today so far Kurt?" I paused, wondering what to say.

"Well, it's been great. Having everyone together for the last time. But it's sad, I mean, it's sad that Blaine's leaving." I glanced up at my boyfriend and saw him gazing at me adoringly, a look that made my insides turn to jelly and my eyes gaze back in the exact same way. Suddenly Kirsten squealed, making us both jump, and Sandy laughed, a loud booming laugh not dissimilar to Artem's.

"You two are just adorable." She said, smiling and pushing us both together so my nose bumped into Blaine's shoulder. "Well I can safely say you are welcome round any time during the summer Kurt. And from what Blaine tells me you're an excellent cook – maybe we can make dinner together or something." I had to stop my mouth dropping open – astonished at how amazing this whole situation was. Blaine's parents hadn't batted an eyelid at me. I was gay, Blaine was gay, we were in love. None of that mattered to them. If Blaine was happy – they were happy.

"I'd, I'd love that." Suddenly I felt emotion welling up inside me, a love that I hadn't felt in a long time, except around my Dad and Carol. Acceptance.

"Well that's settled then!" Clapping his son on the shoulder Sandy beamed, before motioning towards the school. "Shall we go in?" Everyone nodded and we all began walking, Blaine squeezing my hand tightly as we walked up the stone steps.

The main hall was packed. There was barely any air to breathe – it was all being taken up by seniors and parents and greedy little freshmen that hadn't learnt to breathe through their noses yet. I glanced across at Scott, who was sitting next to me, fidgeting already. He was supposed to be sitting with the other Wordsworth juniors, but as per usual he'd completely disregarded the rules and plonked himself here. On my other side was Artem, Stefan next to him. We were all here. Blaine was sat all the way across the other side of the hall, next to Nathaniel, and ironically, Xavier. He looked so smart, his serious head Boy face on and his uniform primped to perfection. Kirsten had made sure it looked that way before we went in, despite Blaine trying to loosen his tie and get me to play with his collar as we sat talking. Saying goodbye had been really hard, even though it wasn't really goodbye at all. It felt too much like the real one we would be having all to soon. As I gazed over at him, love in my eyes, Scott nudged me and I looked over.

"It's not good to look at Nathaniel like that." He said with a grin. "His girlfriend is right over there." I gave him a shove, before glancing over briefly at Sarah, sat next to Nathaniel's Mum and a girl I assumed must be Nikki, with Sandy and Kirsten right behind. There was another family meeting session that had gone well.

"Attention students, teachers, everybody else." My Cox said, stepping up to the microphone that had been set up on the stage and smiling at the crowd. "Welcome to the final assembly of the 2010-2011 school year at Dalton Academy." He paused, giving everyone time to soak in the statement. This really was the last time we'd be together before summer. "Thank you very much for all coming – I know some of you have traveled great distances to be here. It is very important here at Dalton that we acknowledge the incredible achievements our senior students have made, and that the other younger students witness this recognition, so they in turn, can be inspired to do the same before they graduate." We watched him glance from the parents, to the seniors, and then the rest of the school. When you thought about it, he really was a good principal. Everybody respected him.

"Now I know this year hasn't been easy for everyone – and I don't just mean exams." A small titter rang around the room and Mr Cox smiled briefly, before his expression went serious. "We've had to deal with many things, including a fire and several ambulances on campus." It was hard not to look at Nathaniel and Blaine. The Wilde head boy immediately blushed but Blaine stayed strong, nudging him comfortingly and smiling. "But despite all this everyone has clubbed together and we've got through it. Some of us have even become better people as a result." Now every eye was trained to the side of the stage. "I think it would be hard not to identify Nathaniel Archibald as a student that has truly excelled himself this year. Not just in his studies, which have lead him to be accepted into Brown for medicine, but also in the courage he has shown and being a Head Boy, and also a hero." Now I felt tears beginning to well in my eyes. Sarah was already blubbering, her head buried into Nathaniel's mother's shoulder, who was crying too. "Not many people understand the sacrifice this young man made for one of his friends – how much that sacrifice that nearly cost him. At Dalton we teach our students to be brave and honest, but Nathaniel has gone above and beyond these lessons. For this we have decided to award him with a special commemoration, for services to the school." A gasp rang out across the room. Nathaniel's eyes widened in shock, his mouth dropping open. I felt a smile stretch across my face and unable to stop myself I began to clap. Several people around me looked at me, but Scott joined in and so did my row – pretty soon the whole hall was clapping. Blaine gave a cheer, slapping Nathaniel on the back and he stumbled up to the stage, looking like he'd just won the lottery. When he reached Cox the principal shook his hand briskly, before handing what looked like a trophy and an envelope. Nathaniel seemed dazed but was suddenly handed a microphone. He stared at it for a couple of seconds before looking around gingerly and speaking.

"Wow." Laughter rang out again and he smiled briefly. "I, I was not expecting this. Wow." Glancing down at the trophy in his hands he seemed overwhelmed. "I've had my ups and downs here at Dalton. I was overjoyed when everyone in Wilde voted for me to be Head Boy – I hadn't actually thought I would win. The fact they thought I was capable was a massive boost. I know my methods are slightly…unorthodox." Suddenly cheers rang out around me. Several Wilde students had jumped to their feet and were whooping and hollering. Nathaniel laughed, almost dropping his trophy. "And I know lots of people thought I was weird and a freak." The laughter died down, everyone becoming more serious. "But that never really mattered. Because I knew what I was doing made me happy. And I know it's good to help everyone else out and I generally did that. But overall you have to put yourself first in your life. You won't achieve anything if you focus just on what other people say. Thankfully however, I found some people who accepted me for who I was, even the weird parts." He paused for a second. His eyes went to Blaine, who nodded, then he searched the crowd until he found me. I knew my tears couldn't be held back much longer – I was desperately trying to pretend I had something in my eye but Scott put his hand on my shoulder and suddenly they were rolling down my face. "These people taught me that it's ok to be yourself, and that you can use those traits for good. And I paid them back for their kindness." Holy Prada. This was too much. I was now sobbing. Loudly. Scott put his arm around me and whispered about me leaving the room, but I fought against myself, wanting to stay for the whole of Nathaniel's speech.

"So to all of you still at this school." He continued, standing up tall and strong, looking more of a man than I'd ever seen before. "Stay strong. Work hard. Do good. You will always be rewarded. And you may even find yourself a hot nurse girlfriend at the end of it." Suddenly a squeal rang out. Sarah, so overcome with emotion and embarrassment a being singled out, had let out the noise and immediately flushed crimson red. Nathaniel grinned, looking straight at her with what could only be described as love and I felt myself wanting to sob again. Thankfully the sound of everybody clapping drowned me out and Nathaniel returned to his seat beaming, but also with a few tears running down his face.

"Well…" Cox said once the noise had died down and he had returned to the microphone. That was a speech and a half. I am going to have to do well to top it." People around me laughed again and I sniffed, trying to regain my composure. "We also have three other Head Boys that we have to say goodbye to this year, Xavier Winklevoss, Hunter Marquis and Blaine Anderson." Scott suddenly let out a loud whoop at the sound of Blaine's name – I went to pull him down but suddenly realised I should be doing it too. Blaine laughed, smiling at me and I grinned back, before we both sat down. "All three have shown exceptional leadership skills and Blaine had the honour of leading the winners for the House Cup." All the Wordsworth students cheered, Wes and David standing up, and Blaine bounded up to the stage to collect the official House Cup trophy. He held it aloft for a second and more cheers rang out, before taking it back to his seat. "The boys will be attending Harvard, Yale and NYADA respectively and we wish them all the best of luck." Looking at his notes for what was next, Cox smiled. "Ah. Now, as we say goodbye to our senior head boys, we say hello to our new junior ones." My stomach immediately clenched. Scott grabbed my arm in excitement and Blaine immediately looked my way – giving me a supportive nod. I bit my lip and chewed on it nervously.

"For those of you that don't know, several students from each house nominate themselves for the position of Head Boy – they make campaigns and then each house individually votes for their new leader." Looking to Mr Banner, the history teacher walked up and handed him an envelope, obviously containing the names. My stomach twisted further. "Ok. I have the results here. For Darwin, our new Head Boy is…Andrew Lee." Cheers rang out – a Chinese boy I'd never really seen before stood up and went to the front of the stage, shaking hands with Cox before sitting down in the four new seats that had been set up next to the current head boys. Xavier smirked, obviously unhappy to be giving up his power. "The new Head Boy for Wordsworth…Jimmy Filan" I cheered, surprised as my Trig classmate also walked up to the stage and took his seat. "The new Head Boy for Dahl…Damien Dubrisque." Oh no. Groans rang out from several W students, the loudest of all Scott. I hadn't even known he'd nominated himself. As Damien sauntered up to the stage, that same wild look in his eyes as he smirked I wondered if anyone had even voted in Dahl at all. That was certainly going to be an interesting house next year. "And finally. The new Head Boy for Wilde…" Scott's grip on my arm tightened, so tight I almost lost the blood flow. I held my breath, the wait seeming like months, no years. "…Kurt Hummel."

My vision went white. Scott immediately jumped on me, letting out the biggest whoop I had ever heard – it blasted my eardrums to pieces. Artem and Stefan also attacked me, grabbing hold of my arm and hoisting me up so I struggled to keep my balance. Everyone around me was cheering, slapping my back, calling out my name. I stumbled up towards the stage, still unable to believe this was happening, and shook Cox's hand in a daze. When I reached the chairs I saw Blaine on his feet, the pride bursting from him as his hands clapped together frantically. I wanted to run up and kiss him but knew that would be inappropriate, so took my seat next to Damien – my new co-worker.

"Kurt." He said, his voice stilted and full of hidden meaning that right now I couldn't be bothered to decipher.

"Damien." We looked away from each other and I stared back at the Wilde students, who were still going crazy. They had voted for me. All of them. Well most of them – I didn't care how many. I was head boy.

When the assembly finished I'd barely had time to stand up from my seat when Blaine picked me up. I felt myself being whirled around in a circle and screamed, before he dropped me down slowly and kissed me passionately.

"My little head boy." He said, beaming from ear to ear. I began to cry again of happiness, pressing kisses to his forehead as he did the same along my jaw. I could have stayed like that for hours but Scott engulfed us again and began jumping up and down. I was jolted about vigorously but didn't care.

"KURT WON! KURT WON!" He cheered, almost as happy as I was. When I was finally released I saw Kirsten and Sandy looking on proudly. Blaine beckoned them over, his arm still round my waist and they beamed at me as they approached.

"Congratulations!" Kirsten said, holding out her arms and giving me a hug. I accepted it gratefully, blown away by their kindness. Sandy shook my hand again and I felt myself grow at least three inches taller. I had all this responsibility now – it made me feel like a man.

"You'll get a kick ass room next year." Blaine said with a grin, rubbing my shoulder with his free hand.

"Dibs on the couch!" Scott shouted, making everyone laugh. Suddenly Nathaniel approached, hand in hand with Sarah and I ran over to give him a hug.

"I knew you could do it." He said, also grinning. I sighed.

"Well I have a tough act to follow. I've gotta win an special award and everything." My friend chuckled.

"Just bring the House Cup home to Wilde next year. Wipe the smug grin off that guys face." He pointed to Blaine, who pretended to be offended and we all laughed.

"Eh hum." Suddenly I heard a noise behind me and turned round to see who it was. My eyebrows raised.

"Kurt." Xavier said. He looked almost pained, like he was building himself up to say something he didn't quite want to say. "I know we've, er, had our ups and downs this year." He tried not to look at Blaine, but I could tell it was hard. "And, we probably don't like each other that much. But I er, just wanted to say...congratulations." My surprise grew. "Oh getting Head Boy." He continued, as if I didn't already know. "You will probably, um, be good." Wow. I had to stop the laughter that was threatening to bubble out of me. Here was Xavier - the guy I openly hated - congratulating me!

"Um...thanks." I said in reply, not really knowing how to respond. "I guess."

"Cool." Suddenly he raised his hand and I looked at it for a couple of seconds. He seemed even less eager to be offering it, but I took it anyway and we shook hands quickly, before immediately returning them to our sides.

"Good luck with Harvard." I added quickly, wanting to sound at least a bit grateful. Xavier stared at me, probably wondering why I was still talking, before swiftly turning round and walking off. As I watched him return to a pair of extremely rich and powerful looking adults I spun back round to face Blaine, my eyes wide.

"What the hell was that?"

"I have no idea." Blaine shrugged his shoulders, before we both burst out laughing.

"Hey guys!" Artem suddenly said, running over from what looked to be a crowd of Wildeans. "Celebration party in Wilde before we leave!" Everyone cheered, Blaine looking to his parents for approval, who nodded, and we all sprinted off, feeling like we were running on clouds.

It didn't quite feel real when I stood by Blaine's car – all his cases being hauled into the trunk by Sandy. (I'd joked about them having a butler but apparently he'd been awarded an holiday so wasn't there. Jeez.) Burt and Carol weren't due for another couple of hours, which was a good thing because I was nowhere near packed. The Wilde party had gone on for longer than expected and I'd forced Blaine to stay and extra ten minutes for half an hour. Even he had struggled to be ready in time.

"Well." Blaine said, as the last case was loaded. "This is it." His hands gripped hold of mine tightly and we stared into each other's eyes.

"Don't go." I said, even though I knew it was stupid. Blaine sighed, smiling as he took one hand and brushed back a strand of my hair.

"It's just like Christmas." He said. "We were apart then."

"Yeah, but Christmas was different. We weren't together." He nodded and I pouted, making him smile again.

"You are coming to visit me as soon as you can." He said, tapping my nose with his finger. I nodded, feeling like a three year old.

"Yes. I'll come tomorrow." Blaine chuckled and I ran my fingers across his lips. "I'll miss you." At this his face fell. Both of us realised what this meant. We were saying goodbye. And though it wouldn't be for long, there would be a time when I would say goodbye to Blaine at an airport. And then he would leave.

Pressing his lips earnestly to mine I pulled my boyfriend in close, wanting to taste all of him just that last time, trying to store him up inside me so I could call on the supply when I needed it. Blaine pulled my waist to his and for a second I forgot that we were in a parking lot – that his parents and probably several other people were all watching. It was just us.

"I love you." Blaine said as we broke away, staring into my eyes so I immediately started crying.

"I love you too."

"Come on lovebirds." Kirsten broke up the party, pulling at Blaine's shoulder softly so he groaned. I clung to him for a couple of seconds, not wanting to let go, before slowly and reluctantly, my fingers fell away. Already my body felt cold and I very nearly jumped into the trunk with his bags before it was shut.

"I'll call you as soon as I get home." Blaine said, his eyes never leaving mine as he was herded to the passenger seat by his Mum. I nodded vigorously, now crying my eyes out. "Come visit me!"

"I will."

"I love you!"

"I love you too!" The car door was shut – Blaine craned his neck around to look at me and I blew him kisses, following the car out the parking lot until it got too fast and I watched it speed away from me into the distance. Turning back towards Dalton I realised I could pretty much see the whole building from here. I paused, taking in the school that had now become my home – that I would help lead next year. Summer was here. I was going to miss it. But I would be back.


I straightened my tie in the mirror. This one was bigger than in my last room – I could see all my body without my feet being cut off. My new shoes shone in the light from the window. Running my hands through my hair I checked my reflection one final time, searching for any imperfection that might make me a less desirable head boy to anyone I was about to meet. When I was finally satisfied I checked my watch, walked out of my room at the end of the corridor and shut the door behind me.

My steps felt ominous down the cold marble steps. Nobody else was in the building – I'd been the first to arrive. As I stood outside the main doorway I glanced to my left at the 'Wilde House' sign, the picture of Oscar above it. It looked like it had been cleaned over the summer, like most of Dalton. Sighing deeply I checked my blazer yet again and waited for the first student to appear on the horizon. I remembered what it had felt like this time last year – stepping into an unfamiliar setting. Dalton had seemed so alien, so neat and pristine. I remembered I'd been so scared about stepping on the flowerbeds I'd kicked to pieces in a rage several months later. It was amazing how things changed when you got used to them. How I had changed.

Suddenly I spotted several figures making their way towards me. This boy looked like a Freshman, and he seemed about ready to pass out. His father was lugging his suitcase behind him whilst his mother held his hand and navigated him around the flowerbeds. As they approached I took one final deep breath, smiled and held out my arms.

"Welcome to Wilde!"


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