Huff… I made it! In this chapter all the Vongola members will be joining in a huge mission to prevent World War 3. There will be some parings like 6996, 1827, 8059 and some threesomes.

"Mayday! Mayday! This is ship no. 18! We got attacked by the enemy!"

"3 cabins got sank! 2 generators have died!"

"Get ready to abandon the ship!"

"Send boss to the MIC-80. Don't listen to anything he said! Just put him in, lock and press the red button!" a silver haired man gave instructions to a black haired man with katana on his back.

"NO! GOKUDERA! YAMAMOTO! I DON'T WANT TO ABANDON YOU! Ugh…" he got hit on his head and fainted.

"That's the best thing we can do for you, boss. Sorry." The silver haired man put a letter inside his boss' pocket. "Hurry up! We don't have much time Gokudera! The machine is ready to launch him to that place."


"HURRY!" Gokudera put him inside the machine and he pressed the red button. The machine and the boss were directly sent to a faraway place that was safe to keep him alive.

"Mukuro-sama! Something had landed on our territory!" a girl with purple hair ran toward an indigo haired man.

"Don't worry Chrome. He is not an enemy, but someone that we should give help to." Chrome gave him a questioning expression. "Kufufufu… that was our dear boss."


"Boss? Have you regained your consciousness?" Tsuna woke up to see a purple haired girl staring at him.

"Chrome, I have to go back! I have to save Gokudera, Yamamoto and…" Tsuna's eyes went wider, and he suddenly grab Chrome. "Hi… Hibari-san… he didn't… he didn't… die right?"

"I got information that the enemy had not found him yet, neither was he in the ship nor at the sea. We don't know if he is saved … In the worst case scenario, he could have already… died." Mukuro suddenly appeared from nowhere.

"We have to go to the enemies' base! We have to save them!" Tsuna jumped off from the bed but suddenly, he felt a sharp headache.

"Not so fast hedgehog hair! Read this information first and decide on the wisest way." Mukuro threw a file to Tsuna. He took out a remote controller and the lights went out. A large screen then came out. Chrome sat in front of computer as Mukuro started to explain.

As you know, our enemy this time is the Cervillio. They planned to make World War 3, by attacking USA and Japan, to make them think that we were being attacked by the USA and the USA was being attacked by us. I found out that the location of our enemies' boss was in our own country, which surprised me. Didn't I Chrome?" Mukuro smiled and this made her blush. Mukuro then walked to Chrome and was about to kiss her when..

"Ahem… have you forgotten about me being in here?" asked Tsuna.

"Kufufufu… If you keep quiet then most probably I'll forget about you."

"Ummm… Mukuro –sama, I think that you shouldn't tease him now." Chrome cut in when she saw that Tsuna got a bit irritated.

"I won't tease him again if that's what you want, Chrome, but it feels like talking to a stone." Chrome gave a sullen expression to Mukuro and told him again to stop irritating Tsuna. Mukuro only smiled and whisper something that made Chrome shiver and Tsuna who was watching them only can shake his head. "Okay! Let's continue our talk to the stone boss."

"I am not a stone!"

"Whatever! I assume that their boss is this man." The screen showed a man about 45 years old, with short white hair and glasses. "He is the boss of the new company that produces the best newspaper and has its own television channel 'The Secret'. They have made the best news without any fake information in it and they even can get the smallest details.

I got information that they plann to launch a huge missile to USA. We have to cancel it, but unfortunately, we don't know where it is… I have broke into their secret files and found a file that says where is it, but I have to enter a code. I've tried every code that I know but none of them could open that file. But a few days ago, I found out that there's nothing inside that file. Instead there's a device that was kept in secret by this man, because it contain the location of the missile. That device is this red box." The screen shows a red box. "It looks like a usual box but it contains the location. And this boss will hold a press-conference at the end of this week. Chrome and I will disguise ourselves as a banker and as his beautiful assistant. Our main aim for that night is to catch this person and make him give us the information."

"I'll join you!" said Tsuna full of self-confidence.

"Kufufufu… do you want to be caught and killed? Their first aim is to eliminate the Vongola's boss you know?" Tsuna didn't believe what Mukuro had just said. He looked at Chrome begged her to get a better explanation.

"Sorry boss, you've got to stay here. Their aim is to kill you."

"Kufufufu… while we're gone you'll be in this room, watched by Ken, Chikusa and M.M. This room is specially made by me for you, and you can't escape from here. No windows and ventilation, but you can watch the people that goes to that press-conference as I'll put cameras on Chrome and I."

Tsuna didn't answer anything. He knows it was useless to struggle from Mukuro. "Okay! Just get back here safe and sound."

"Kufufu… have a great night, Sawada Tsunayoshi."

CLACK… the doors was closed and locked from outside. Tsuna looked at the screen, reading the enemies' information. He clenched his fist, and it could be seen his determined eyes that he will save his friends. I need a great plan to save my friends.