Alma de Hierro

Summary: Alma de hierro means soul of iron. Miele's going to need that when she breaks out of the mold set for her by being the sister of a Winx Club member and attends Cloud Tower instead of Alfea. There she meets other witches in training as well as a few fairies and specialists. And learns that no matter how far you run, you can't escape who you are.

Note: I know that a lot of people know Flora's sister as Rose from the 4Kids version of Winx Club, but I liked the name Miele better. So since this is my story, that's what her name is going to be.

Dedication: Anyone who was waiting for me to update my other story about Miele at Alfea.

Disclaimer: Nearby is the country they call life, you will know it by its seriousness. Give me your hand.

Chapter One: We Are Not Amused


Miele was rushing around her bedroom at her parents' house trying to finish packing while her sister Flora bustled around unpacking her bags. Flora then repacked them in a way that she liked better much to Miele's ire.

"I can't believe you're all grown up and heading off to I for school." Flora gushed as she refolded her little sister's underclothes and pajamas then stuck them back in the suitcase.

Miele looked over at Flora and sighed, she'd been hoping to get her bags packed and downstairs before the shuttle came for this year of school, not the next one.

"Yeah I know." Miele replied calmly as she moved her last bag out of Flora's reach so she couldn't re-pack it. "Mom and dad said the same thing to me last night before you and Helia came over with your news."

"I know! But it's just so exciting. Making new friends, getting to know your professors, learning new spells." Flora began to get misty eyed.

Miele winced when her sister mentioned the part about spells, but held her tongue and continued to stuff the last few pairs of pants into her duffel bag.

"You're just going to love Alfea." Flora gushed.

Miele sighed loudly as she grabbed the suitcase Flora had been re-arranging then turned to face her sister. "Flora, there's something I need to tell you."

"Yes? What is it?"

The younger brunette checked to make sure Flora couldn't reach anything sharp or heavy, and then plunged in.

"I'm not going to Alfea." Miele announced solemnly.

"Then where are you going? I know Red Fountain started accepting girls now."

"It's not Red Fountain. I talked it over with mom and dad over the summer and they're okay with it."

"But if you're not going to Alfea or Red Fountain, where is it that mom and dad are okay with you going to?" Flora asked in a quietly confused tone of voice.

"I enrolled at Cloud Tower School for witches." Miele replied calmly.

Flora's cries of protest were loud enough to get the rest of the household rushing up the stairs like a herd of wild animals.

"What's happening here?" Dahlia, Flora and Miele's mom asked in worried voice looking around for signs of a struggle. Seeing that neither girl was bruised or even scratched she heaved a sigh of relief then commenced to scolding.

"Flora, why are you carrying on like that?"

"Miele's going to Cloud Tower!" Flora shouted at her mother. "And you and daddy knew about it!"

Helia turned as white as a lily and clutched the doorjamb."You're kidding right?" He croaked, worry straining his features.

"No, I'm not kidding." Miele snapped. "Why can't either of you see it my way?"

"And what way is that?" Flora demanded icily. "How can you want to go to Cloud Tower of all places?"

"At Alfea everyone would know me as the sister of one of the Winx girls. I'd be expected to act like you, have your personality, your strengths and weaknesses. I'd practically be expected to be you!"

Miele paused so Flora could absorb what she was saying, and then continued. "I love being your sister, but I don't love being expected to be just like you."

Flora was silent mulling over everything that had just happened. Her little sister had just confessed to being accepted into Cloud Tower because she didn't want to live in Flora's shadow. And their parents were condoning the whole thing. She just couldn't believe it.

Finally Flora decided to speak, and it may have been the pregnancy hormones, or the fact that she'd been kept in the dark all summer, but Flora sounded pissed.

"I really wish you'd told me how you felt sooner Miele." Flora stated in an icy tone.

Miele looked up at her sister shocked, "Well I didn't see how it was any of your business where I was going to school." She snapped back, matching Flora's tone perfectly. "And seeing how you're acting, I believe I did the right thing not telling you."

"But still, Cloud Tower? What will my friends say?"

"Flora!" Dahlia exclaimed at her older daughter's statement. "That's enough."

"I don't care what your friends say!" Miele shot back. "When they have kids they can care, but it's not your decision or theirs. This isn't about you or them, it's about me."

Flora nodded and replied quietly, "You're right it's not. But I don't believe I'll ever be okay with your decision." Then she turned and left the room, Helia trailing behind her.

"Well, that went rather well." Dahlia quipped.

"What do you mean by that mom?" Miele asked in disbelief as she picked her bags up off her bed.

"I was worried she'd throw something at you."

Miele sighed loudly, not sharing her mom's sense of dry humor. "Just keep me updated on how Flora's doing with the baby."

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Well there you have it, my new chapter and a new story for the New Year. I know it was a short beginning and Flora was OOC, but she's pregnant so that's the reason for that. I'm working on my other characters now and the rest of this story. As always, updates will be sporadic. Thanks for reading.