Alma de Hierro

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Chapter Four: So Cliché

After a few days of learning, Miele and her suitemates (because it was still too early to refer to them as friends) were slowly getting the hang of the daily grind. In fact, Magix itself seemed to be extremely peaceful and laid back. Too bad that impression had been slowly changing beneath the cover of nightfall, and was about to be brought to light by the media.

"Why are you reading the newspaper?" Miele asked Lorelei as she and Octavia slid into their usual spots at what was now their usual table. It was breakfast and Octavia was too busy downing a cup of coffee to pay any attention to her roommate's reading material, so it was up to Miele to comment.

"Well it's better than that discussion you and Octavia were having about insects at dinner last night." Lorelei replied crisply as she closed the newspaper so she could eat her food.

"It was for…" Miele stopped mid sentence and stared at the front page headline which read: Fourth Victim in Recent Magical Energy Drain Discovered. Police Baffled.

"Are they kidding? Someone's been going around stealing magical energy?" Miele finally choked out when she regained her voice.

"No, it's true." Melusina said as she sat herself across from Miele and began spreading cream cheese on a bagel. "But I don't think you have anything to worry about."

"What do you mean by that?" Miele asked suspiciously.

Melusina took a bite of her bagel then replied calmly. "So far, all the victims have been fairies." She looked curiously at Miele who seemed like she was about to smack her. "What did you think I was going to say?"

"Oh, who cares?" Octavia groused. "You always have something to say."

"If they were fairies, do you think someone's going to blame us?" Lorelei wondered.

"I wouldn't be too surprised." Melusina commented dryly.

Miele would've added her own thoughts, but the bell rang signaling the end of breakfast. All four girls chanted their own incantations and cleared the table before setting off for their classes.

After the usual morning classes, and a few twists on the afternoon ones with lunch in between, Miele found herself alone in her dorm room pouring over notes for her first Transfiguration exam.

"You know you can give that a break any time now." Octavia suggested as she let herself into the room.

Miele propped herself up on her elbows to look at the brunette girl. "What do you mean?"

"I mean Professor Circe's exams are a breeze, at least according to my sister." Octavia shrugged causing her curls to bounce. "Of course Vedova (1) is practically a genius, but the class still seems easy enough."

"Who's Vedova?" Miele asked curiously. She'd never heard of the name until now.

"My older sister; she graduated the same year that the Trix released Valtor."

"Oh, okay."

"Anyway, why don't you take a break from all this studying and we can check out Magix for ourselves?" Lorelei suggested with a grin as she joined Octavia in the doorway.

Miele set her notes aside knowing that she wouldn't be able to argue with Octavia, and that Lorelei would soon join in making it an unfair fight.

"So, what do you two have in mind?"

"Oh, the usual," Lorelei smirked, "deface a few signs, scare the elderly."

Octavia frowned at her roommate and Miele giggled.

"Or we could stop and grab a bite since cafeteria food is cafeteria food no matter where you go to school." The brunette amended. "Besides I want to see if this place has a decent music store."

"Sounds good to me." Miele replied reaching for the nearest pocketbook she could find and slipping her phone into one of the pockets. "I could use a change of scenery anyway."

"I don't see why Magix wouldn't have a decent music shop." Octavia opined as they walked out towards the bus stop. "This is the capitol of the Magical Dimension after all."

"Good point." Lorelei agreed as the bus came into view.

On the ride into downtown Magix the trio discussed a few different subjects, including how snarky Melusina could be, Professor Ganymede's final project and the news from that morning about the mysterious attacks. The last subject drew the most excitement, mainly from Octavia. The onyx-haired girl continued to speculate on the matter as they exited the shuttle in front of a bakery.

"Well, the only beings I know that are capable of draining energy in that fashion are the nymphs in my realm." Lorelei offered as Octavia wondered aloud about what could be behind the energy drains.

"Do they often travel to other realms?" Miele asked nervously as the trio entered a diner and sat down at the counter.

"No, thankfully for the rest of the dimension they're restricted to certain bays and lagoons in the southern part of my planet."

"At least we've ruled out one possible suspect." Octavia announced as Miele breathed a sigh of relief. "But now we need to find out who it could be."

"Why would we want to go and do a thing like that?" Lorelei wondered as the waitress behind the counter handed out glasses of water and menus to the three girls.

"Yeah, the paper said it was only the fourth incident, and the police were looking into how it happened." Miele added. "We should leave it to the authorities anyway. I mean that's what the citizens of Magix pay taxes for right?"

"It didn't stop the Winx Club." Octavia argued back. "They defeated the Trix and saved Magix when they were first years at Alfea. "

"Yes, and look at all the trouble they got into after that." Lorelei countered taking a sip of water. "After the Trix there was Darkar, and then Valtor, then the Black Circle, and the list goes on.

Who wants that, right? You save one princess and prevent an evil take over and suddenly you have to protect the magical dimension from an outbreak of super spider ninjas or something!"

"Spider ninjas?" Octavia asked incredulously

"It could happen."

"Are you ladies ready to order?" The waitress interrupted looking expectantly at the trio.

"Just a turkey club and onion rings for me, thanks" Miele answered, grateful for a change in topic. Even if it was only a temporary change.

"I'll have the tomato soup and half a grilled cheese sandwich." Octavia ordered quickly.

"And I'll have the bacon double cheeseburger and a side of chili cheese fries." Lorelei replied with a grin. "Oh, and a large chocolate milkshake too."

The waitress looked Lorelei over with a critical eye obviously wondering where the tall, willowy girl planned on putting her food.

"Hey, a girl has to keep up her strength somehow!"

The waitress shrugged and placed their orders. About fifteen minutes later the food came out and Lorelei wasted no time digging in.

"Do you have a hollow leg or something?" Octavia asked. The only time she'd ever seen people eat the way her roommate did was back on her home world when someone was allowing themselves to be a hive for the insects they controlled. It was almost a parasitic relationship, and the insects survived on the person's life force, using small amounts so as not to accidentally kill their host. Using insects this way also required a lot of energy so those people also had a high caloric intake.

"No, I just have a very high metabolism." Lorelei returned between sips of her milk shake. "My step mom always worries I'll eat her out of house and home."

'There's nothing wrong with having a healthy appetite." Miele added supportively. "My older sister is pregnant, you should see how she eats sometimes!"

The girls continued to talk about their families and home worlds. Octavia tried a few times to pry more information from Miele about her family- such as her sister's name. But all her attempts were futile aside from Miele revealing that her sister had attended Alfea around the same time the Trix first appeared and tried to steal the Dragon Flame..

"So, she must have known the Winx right?" Octavia pressed as she finished the last bite of her sandwich half.

Miele shrugged. "She knew of them," the red haired girl allowed, "but Alfea is a large school you know."

"Didn't she at least know Flora since they're from the same planet?"

"Linphea is a large planet too. Just because a member of the Winx Club is from that realm and is our Guardian Fairy, it doesn't mean we know her personally."

Octavia opened her mouth to pester more information from her suitemate, but Lorelei interrupted, much to Miele's relief.

"As much as I'm sure Miele is enjoying her private interrogation, I believe we should get going before we miss curfew and end up scrubbing the dungeon as penance." Lorelei suggested as she picked up the three checks the waitress had left and distributed them to her companions.

"I agree, besides with that person or what have you skulking around draining energy I don't want to be out here too much longer." Miele admitted as she led the way to the cash register.

"Yes, we don't want the boogey man to get us." Octavia teased, leaving a few bills on the counter as a tip.

Lorelei just rolled her eyes as the bills were paid and the three girls walked out onto the darkening streets of downtown Magix.

"I didn't realize it was so late." Miele commented as she pulled out her phone to check the time. "It's after six, if we don't hurry we'll miss the shuttle and end up waiting thirty minutes for the next one."

"So we'll just take a short cut, like this one over here." Octavia put in, stopping at an alley that led to the next street over where the girls would need to catch the shuttle back to Cloud Tower.

"A dark alley, how very quaint." Lorelei deadpanned. "Was the rat infested sewer in another story?"

"But what if we run into whatever's been attacking those fairies?" Miele asked trying not to sound worried. By the look on Octavia's face, she had failed.

"We're witches in training, Miele, not some first year fairies." Octavia replied slowly as if explaining something to a toddler. "If someone comes after us, we'll show them what a Cloud Tower student can do."

With that, the witch from Arachna brushed her onyx hair off her shoulder and strode confidently through the alleyway with Lorelei behind her. Miele had no choice but to chase after them.

As the trio neared the end of the alley Octavia turned to her companions with a smug grin on her face. "See, I told you there was nothing…" She began, but a loud clang and a hiss followed by a feral growl cut off the rest of her triumphant sentence. Octavia raced out onto the main sidewalk with Miele and Lorelei nearly bowling her over.

"What was that?" Lorelei panted looking at her suitemates.

Miele braved a glance back into the alley just in time to see two cats battling over some scraps. "Cats!," she announced in disbelief, "we were scared by some cats."

"No you two were scared by cats." Octavia sputtered, "I knew there was nothing to worry about."

"Yes, which is why you lead us in our race out of there." Lorelei replied skeptically. Miele nodded her agreement.

Octavia had the grace to turn pink and look down at her feet. "Let's just vow not to speak of it again." She muttered.

Lorelei and Miele were quick to agree because who in their right mind would want to be known as a trio of witches who were scared off by some cats? As they turned towards the bus stop where the headlights of an upcoming shuttle were just visible, Lorelei looked behind them to confirm there were just two cats still fighting, it sounded as though a third presence had appeared in the alleyway- to her sensitive ears at least. What she saw was disconcerting in the least, it seemed as though a shadowy figure was trying to consume the energy of the two cats that had just been fighting.

"Hey Lore, are you coming or what?" Octavia demanded seeing that her roommate was still planted. Miele was already at the bus stop convincing the shuttle driver to wait for her suitemates (2)

"Yes, sorry, my shoe just came untied." Lorelei shook her head quickly to clear the image from her mind and jogged to catch up with her friend. She had no intention of sharing what she had just seen because she doubted anyone would believe it.

Finally after over a year I have updated! The problem was I didn't know how to finish this chapter. Thanks everyone for being so patient. I moved last year after having my baby and I'm finally able to start over again!

Italian for black widow spider. At least according to an Italian to English dictionary I found online. It's fitting since their planet deals with spiders and such.

It just seems too early for everyone to be friends yet. Don't worry they will be eventually.