Pheona looked down at Fiji as he twittered angrily in her hand. She smiled in amusement and chuckled softly. "I know little guy- I don't like him either. We have to figure out a way to distract him so we can get away…" She looked around thoughtfully, seeing nothing in the room but the chair Isildre usually sat in when he talked to her.
Fiji twittered again to get her attention, flapping his small wings furiously. He opened them and a small ball of flame appeared in front of him, swirling within the air. He pointed one wing to her, and then to the fire.
Pheona frowned as she tried to figure out what he was trying to say. "You want me to try using water on it?" She asked, looking at the ball of flame before smiling in realization. "You smart little bird- I see what you're thinking. That's a fantastic idea!"
Fiji puffed out his feathers happily and churred, squeaking as the door opened and Pheona quickly moved him behind her back. She leaned back against the wall, making sure he was secure behind her as Isildre walked in with a bright smile.
"I've thought of a wonderful solution. It will take a while to accomplish, but…" He walked over to her, the red glow resuming its place over the door behind him.
Pheona resisted the urge to smile- so whenever he opened the door, the glow disappeared from the door… "And what would that be, crazy man?" Pheona said idly, hoping he didn't mean anything that might physically disable her.
Isildre frowned, anger flashing in his black eyes. "It will indeed take a long time to deal with that wild personality of yours- but I believe she is strong enough." Isildre reached out quickly, taking hold of Pheona's chin and moving her head to examine the sides of her face. Pheona tensed as a slow smile crept onto his face.
"You are indeed similar to her- there are of course differences, but you seem to be almost… related." He said, his eyebrows going up in curiosity. "I will have to examine this fact later. For now-" He brought his hands up in front of her, making her gasp in fear as his magic swirled around his palms. He chanted low and put his palm against her forehead, channeling his magic into her.
Pheona gasped as his magic flowed through her, seeming to seep into every fiber of her being. She whimpered in terror, wondering what he was doing to her. She felt suddenly numb- everything was gone, everything was disappearing. She saw a bright light in front of her, one that seemed to get brighter as his magic flowed from his stone at his neck, glowing against his robes. She couldn't move for some reason- but felt something against her back. She felt a twinge of pain against her spine and snapped out of her trance, reaching up to grab his amulet in her hands.
The magic stopped as he stared at her in shock, his black eyes wide.
"I know what happens if I take this from you, sorcerer." Pheona growled angrily. "Reverse whatever you've done, or I rip it off."
Isildre looked down at her with a pleasant smile. "Even I cannot reverse what has already been started- however, it will take time to complete. The spell has started though- you will soon see its effects." He looked down at his amulet, then back into her red eyes. "You do not have the capacity to kill me. You are too weak."
Pheona bit her lip, knowing he was right. Even if he had killed her parents- even if he had tortured Rynu for years, she still wouldn't be able to kill him. She was weak- she couldn't finish this. She closed her eyes at the pain of that realization, her grip on his amulet loosening a little. He grabbed her wrist, slowly pulling her hand away from his amulet until it fell back against his robes. He smiled in satisfaction, looking at her tears with a smile.
"Perhaps I overestimated you. You are not as strong as most fire magi- you do not really hold that flame of anger in you as most do."
Pheona grimaced, knowing that was true as well. She had chosen to be a fire magi because of her past- not because it was what she was best at. When her father had first discovered her magic, he and Conintor had come to the conclusion that she had no specific element she was best with- she could choose to specialize in any of them. Only when Avalon had burned down, had she chosen fire for her specialization because she wanted to prevent the past from repeating. She wanted to protect her beloved home.
"But soon that will not matter- she will come, she will rise again. I will admit I do not know what will happen to you- but honestly it is a sacrifice I'm willing to deal with." He stood up again, looking down at her with an odd expression as she cried softly against the wall. "For all it is worth- I am sorry it had to be this way."
Pheona looked up at him in surprise as he turned around and walked back out the door of the room. She leaned back against the wall as the door shut, the red glow resuming around it. She felt Fiji squeeze his way out from behind her, looking up at her with concern as she stared at the door in shock.
"I don't know what he's done." She whispered, looking down at the pygmy phoenix with eyes filled with terror. "Whatever it is, it can't be good-but I don't know what he's done."
Fiji hopped up onto her lap, looking at her in worry before poofing his feathers out and settling against her for comfort. He flared his fire to keep her warm as she tried to figure out what had happened.
She felt normal- nothing major had happened, yet she felt some sort of twinge of sorrow for some reason. Some sort of eternal sorrow that made her want to weep until she ran out of tears. She didn't know why, though- she should feel fear, not sorrow.
She had to get out of this place. The next time he came in, she would be ready. She looked down at Fiji, wiping her face to get rid of her tears. "Are you ready for this, Fiji? We're going to ambush him next time- we'll catch him by surprise and get out of here."
"Fiji-ti!" Fiji twittered loudly, puffing up his feathers again so that he looked bigger than he was. Pheona smiled down at the little bird and ran a finger over his head comfortingly; glad she wasn't alone in this place.

"Here we go!" Nikko said triumphantly as he held up the locket. The light blue magic that came from his hand swirled around the locket, infusing with it until it flashed brightly. A soft red line flowed toward the east, through the wall of the room in the inn, and outside into the cold.
"So- she's obviously somewhere in an easterly sort of direction." He looked at the line with interest.
"So this line will lead us to her?" Keisin looked at the red line, his heart thumping with anxiousness at finding Pheona. He had a bad feeling about something.
"It should lead us right to her." Nikko nodded.
"Then let's get going!" Keisin said, standing up and looking down at Red and Nikko. "The sooner we get going, the sooner we find her- we'll kick Isildre's ass and get her back." He said quickly, running out the door to get Thiazi ready to ride.
Nikko chuckled in amusement and set the locket in a pocket of his white tunic. "Well, someone's a bit eager." He said to Red, standing as well.
"He has a point- the more time Pheona is will this sorcerer, the more things could happen to her." Red said uneasily.
"That's true- well, let's get going then." Nikko said, walking outside to the unicorns to go rescue Pheona, Keisin already mounted on Thiazi and waiting impatiently.