Chapter 1 – Falling

"Cherry, you'll be fine today," Charlotte said gently. "Honey will leave you alone." I just nodded meekly, not believing any of it. Honey, the oldest of the Tanberry sisters, did not like me very much. Well that was putting it lightly. She hated me, and had told me so on several occasions. Her hatred towards me was not without reason though – just last month I had stolen her boyfriend, Shay Fletcher. Shay and I falling for each other had not been planned, you never do plan when you fall in love or to whom, it just happens, and when it does it feels amazing, but can often land you in a heap of trouble.

A knock at the door – that would be Shay. I hurried down from the table to locate the whereabouts of my trainers.

"Hello Charlotte. Is Cherry in? I thought I might walk her to school."

"Yes, of course Shay. Why don't you come in?"

"Has anyone seen my trainers?" I called out desperately as Shay entered the living room where I was rummaging under the sofa.

"I haven't seen them in the house recently. Maybe they're in the caravan," Charlotte replied.

"Right," I said and stood up. I put my slippers back on and walked slowly across the front garden to the little clearing that was home to my little gypsy caravan. When I got there, I opened the door, went inside, and sat down on the bed. I hadn't realised till then that I was shaking but now, when I was alone, I realised that I wasn't just scared of going to school today, I was absolutely terrified, and like a coward, I started to cry.

"Cherry?" Shay poked his head around the door. I tried quickly to pull myself together but he had already seen I was crying.

"Cherry, what's the matter?" he said as he walked over to the bed and pulled me onto his lap. I just shook my head, ashamed to admit what had gotten me in such a state, and buried my face in his chest.

"It's Honey isn't it," he guessed as he rocked me gently back and forth. I lifted my head and nodded and he could see the terror in my eyes.

"I won't let her hurt you Cherry, and that's a promise," he said cupping my face in his hands.

As he looked into my eyes all my worry melted away and suddenly we were kissing.