Philly noticed the far-away look in Tony's eyes. He draped his arm around his best buddy. "Eh, what's up? The hot dog didn't agree with you? Or is it the cotton candy?"

Tony gave him a sheepish smile and tugged Philly's fedora hat. He looked around and sighed as he saw the little kids with their parents walking around the carnival and rushing to the carnival rides.

"I just miss the time when Samantha was a little girl. We used ride the ferris-wheel and the caterpillar...I brought Jonathan here too, just right after Sam and I moved in with them. Oh how he loved the bump cars and the Haunted House and Horror Train. Now, they're both grown up and it's just me..."

"Hey, you've got us. We're here. We'll ride the Horror Train with you," piped in Peewee as he finished the last of his hotdog.

Tony laughed at his friend jolly disposition. He was in the mood to have fun with his best buddies. For a change, instead of a night of billiards and drinking, or a night at the movies, they decided to hit the local carnival in Brooklyn. Tony didn't expect to be attacked my melancholy, remembering the good times with Sam and Jonathan who are now both too grown up to be holding his hand when riding the ferris wheel.

"Why so sentimental? The whole point of the gang coming here is to have fun," said Eddie.

"Yah know, it's not too late to have another little one whom you can take to ride the carousel," smiled Philly.

Tony narrowed his eyes at Philly. "What do you mean?"

"Don't act innocent. I meant it the way you understood it," said Philly.

"He means why don't you marry Angela and have a little baby, that way you'll have another little angel to bring to the roller coaster," explained Joey.

Tony was aghast. "What are you guys talking about? She's my boss. There is nothing going on between us!" he explained indignantly.

"yadah-yadah yadah...yadah..." mocked the gang as Tony explained.

"I wonder why I don't believe you," said Eddie.

"Well you guys can believe what you want. Angela is my boss...hey... wait for me...where are you guys going?"

The boys entered a soothsayer's tent. A fat little old lady in lavish garments and beads, and big dark hair sat on a lone table by the dark corner, a huge glittering crystal ball in front of her on the table. Her eyes were closed as though she was saying a séance.

"Oooh, spooky" said Peewee.

"Shhh. Quiet..I need to know if I'm going to win the lottery," said Eddie as he sat on one of the chairs beside the old lady.

"I better ask if I'm going to get myself a new wife," said Philly.

"What about you, Tony, what do you want to know?" asked Joey.

Before Tony could reply, the old lady opened her large spooky grey eyes. "Sit down," she uttered in a gruff voice, causing the boys to scream in surprise and for Peewee to jump on Eddie in fright.

They all obeyed the command and sat but before any of them could open their mouth, the old lady spoke.

"I see money..."

"That's mine!" uttered Philly and Peewee at the same time.

"...and success" continued the lady, unmindful of Philly and Peewee.

"That's probably me," smiled Eddie confidently.

"No! A successful beautiful woman...a woman of power..."

"What does she look like? Will she be my wife?" asked Joey.

"lanky...long-legged..." continued the soothsayer as in trance.

"She can't be for you. You're too short," said Philly.

"...blond...honey coloured eyes...high-strung and naive..."

"It's Angela..." said the Tony's friends matter-of-factly with disinterest.

Tony was interested. "Go on, go on...what do you see?"

"Now don't get excited, Tony or she'll lose her concentration," warned Peewee.

"I see her arms around a handsome young bed..." she continued.

Eddie slapped Tony's back. "I knew you were lying!"

"Ouch! That hurt!" exclaimed Tony.

"I told you... I don't fool around with my boss, honest!" he swore with a scout's honour.

"Then she must be seeing the future..." said Joey.

All the guys smiled at the prospect and gave Tony a gentle pat. But their pleased smiles were short lived, their mouths gaped open as the soothsayer continued. "...blond young man."

Tony swallowed as he felt perspiration dripping from his forehead. It can't be. Angela...No...

"I know my eyesight is bad but does Tony have blond hair?" asked Peewee.

Philly slapped him on the back. "It's because it is not Tony!" he yelled in frustration.

"Could she be seeing the past? Maybe it's Angela's ex-husband," said Joey hopefully.

"Her ex-husband had dark hair..." muttured Tony.

"...and I see children...two little children in pigtails."

The soothsayer's unblinking round dark eyes stared at Tony. "...I see a babe in the womb."

"Oh no!" cried Tony as his face filled with anguish and despair.