Vincent was a happy man. Not like 'happy' happy, but like 'I'M SO #$%&^ HAPPY' happy. Because right now, Yuffie was sitting right beside curled up underneath his cloak and arm. Oh he certainly was happy.

"Vinnie… Do you love me…?" Yuffie asked for the 5th time. She still couldn't believe it. And, she just wanted him to keep saying 'I love you' over and over again. It sounded just too much sweet and adorable hearing Vince say it.

"I love you Yuffie, I love you." Vincent replied, his eyes closed in bliss. He didn't care how many times he had to say, its just that he got the privilege to say as many times as he wanted to.

They were watching that little bit of moon they could see from the cellar's window. Even though the view was partly covered by some grass, they still didn't care. As long as they were in each other's company. Vincent couldn't tell how long they were in the damp cellar, but he pretty much didn't give a damn. Cause right now, if anybody else was here, his back would seriously hurt from all the 'man' punches he would get from his companions.

He certainly was sober after the little confession but Yuffie seemed to have become more drunk. She quickly took a hold of his cloak that time and wrapped herself around it as much as she could. Then she was grinning like a lovely maniac and exclaimed how much she wanted to touch his Cape of Doom. Then, Vincent took his Cape off and gave it Yuffie, no matter how much it killed him to actually remove the Cape and have the possibility of actually washing it, considering how Yuffie is. Not that he wanted to wash away Yuffie's scent.

Then again, he thought, I probably should have suspected her of wanting it, seeing how she eyes the Cape. Yuffie was now doing a little Vincent act he noticed. She was actually, actually doing the Cloak Flip. Which was Vincent's trademark move. Oh, she certainly had been practicing.

Vincent just let out a chuckle at which Yuffie gasped and proceeded to exclaim how scary Vincent's laugh was. Vince didn't mind; he just glared a bit and then sat down with his back leaning on the wall.

Then, a minute later, Yuffie had sat beside him, her head leaned on the wall. Then, as the gentleman Vincent was taught to be, he offered his arm to lean on instead and bla-de-bla.

Back to the present being,

"Hey Vinnie, what do you wanna name our kids?" Yuffie said as if in a trance. Vincent, if he wasn't the man he was, would've coughed, spluttered and probably had a heart attack. But because he's the angsty vampire with no face-muscles, let's say he just sighed. Perhaps this alone was too much to ask for our dear Vinnie.

"Hmm, Hikaru? If it is a boy, that is." Vincent replied. Logical, since he'd be my light from my sunshine, Vincent thought as he let the ghost (Very pale and transparent ghost who got sick of life and did seppuku.) of a smile wander his face. Yuffie didn't know why he said Hikaru, maybe because she was drunk, but she would've certainly noticed as to why he said that name in specific.

"Hikaru? Nice name, but I thought you'd name him something like Shadow or umm, Skype!" Yuffie exclaimed, jittery and swaying even though she was attached to Vincent's arm.

Vincent glared outright this time. Shadow just screamed, screamed that his kid will be seen as one of those 'emo' as Yuffie termed it. And Skype.

Skype. Skype.

Vincent was definitely not dumb enough to NOT know that it was an application in the computer. And he didn't want something like that to be his kid's name! It sounded…weird, and all levels of awkward.

"Yuffie. Skype is not an appropriate name for a child. And no, Yuffie, we're not going name our child Shadow." Vincent somehow managed to say. He was not going to discuss this topic with Yuffie, especially not with a drunk Yuffie. But then, as Yuffie opened her mouth to retort, something creaked open. Vincent snapped his head to the source and Yuffie was blindly searching for the cause.

Vincent widened his eyes at the small opening of the DOOR. The one DOOR that locked them inside the first place. The DOOR he had promised to burn down with a mastered Fire, Blizzard and Thunder spell (ALL THREE!) The one and only DOOR. Vincent did the most logical thing in the planet; he stood up, hauled Yuffie on his shoulder (HEY even I'm not that desperate! Yuffie exclaimed with a start) and then quickly made his way to the DOOR.

His salvation, his freedom, his hope! The Goddess must be proud with his tolerance! And as he jumped out of the DOOR, he noticed that it had become quiet, other than somebody's murmuring. And that was not supposed to happen when you're having a wild hammered #$#% party.

"Vinnie! Let me down!" Yuffie's voice broke him out of his thoughts and he quickly set her down with an apology.

"Yuffie, stay right over here. Do not move." Vincent said. Yuffie gave one lazy salute and started rocking back and forth on her heels. With one last glare and the very transparent ghost smile to the DOOR (Come ON! This story wouldn't be even there if it wasn't due to the DOOR! Also, Vincent wouldn't have been even courageous enough to ask, ahem, court Yuffie, if it wasn't for the DOOR. Etcetera.) he went to the bar.

What awaited his eyes was sooo not expected. In fact, he didn't even think that all this would happen in a few hours. It was well past 12 alright; it was 2:30 AM. Wow, Vincent was finding it hard to believe that they spend 4 hours in there. In fact, now that he stared at the place, he didn't find it that hard. Last he remembered, the people were acting civilized. Well, mostly civilized.

Tseng and Elena were no where to be seen, that he noted down. Where they went, Vincent had no interest whatsoever. He knew where they'd go anyways.

The first thing he did notice was a very much naked Reno sprawled on the floor beside the table, passed out obviously. Luckily, for him, his back and behind was the only thing the world had to see. Vincent would have nightmares if he saw something else. Rude was stripped from his torso and his head was slumping forward. From his slow, calm breathing, Vincent made a guess that he was sleeping. Or something that may not involve sleeping. Whatever. Cid was slumped over the table with a pool of drool (Or alcohol) beside his mouth and Shera was right beside him, threatening to fall out of the chair. She was only missing her jacket. Reeve was sleeping literally like a baby under the table. From what Vincent surmised was that they were playing strip poker, with Reno as the loser and Reeve the spectator.

Other than the various clothing's belonging to mostly the redhead, there was cotton all over the bar counter. Barrett was leaning to the counter, passed out, with his back against it, while Rufus was sitting on the ground, leaning against the stool. He was holding a teddy bear with the head ripped out. Nanaki seemed to be the only person who wasn't drunk. He peeped open a eye when Vincent had walked in and then went back to his snoozing a moment later. At least Vincent would hear the story from a sane and non-hung over being.

Cait Sith was seated next to Rufus, his head intact and apparently he was in Recharge mode. Either because he lost interest in the events, Vincent thought, or either because he lost power due to all the video-taping. He still didn't care. Though he cared about the contents of the tape; one may never know the use of blackmail. Vincent learned a lot about blackmail back in his turkey days. And he learned the consequences of leaving blackmail material behind from his Yuffie days.

Oh, now I'd be the one to do the blackmail, my dearest sunshine, Vincent thought quietly with a inner chuckle. Chaos rubbed off him. He was a very bad company to have.

Cloud and Tifa's one was the most momentous one. Both of them were on the ground, behind the bar counter. Being so much adorable for Vince, he took a camera from nearby, snapped a picture, hid the photo in his pockets somewhere and then kept the camera back to its original place. The place being Barrett's hand. The description?

The couple were on the ground, their legs entangled with Cloud hugging Tifa's back. Cloud looked very much ready NOT to let go of Tifa anytime sooner. Tifa wasn't objecting either, from the looks of it. And from what Vince could FEEL from the aura surrounding them, if anybody dared to wake them up, Tifa would literally kick them to the Final Heaven and Cloud would Omni-Slash them out of the Milky Way galaxy. Vincent only stared. Staring did no harm. Of course, that was only when Yuffie wasn't right behind you.


Yes that awakened everyone in the room. Except Cait Sith. He was in recharge mode. And then, when everyone glared holes into the duo, Vincent grabbed Yuffie's hand and dashed out of the bar, leaving the people to their blessed (Broken) sleep.

Vincent knew this day was a memorable one for the couple. It definitely was going to be noted down in his journal. But Yuffie knew that the day shall be dubbed as, 'The Day I spend an awesome scary night in the Basement of DOOM.'

Nobody heard about Vincent and Yuffie for a week, after that.

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