Hello this is gumbycan first ever ff. only because account was in crazy lost password bizzaro-world for 2 years and I'm incredibly lazy. so nonetheless this Is my one shot written in tribute to the return of Ida as of Jiraishin Diablo. (sounds much better as Jiraishin then ice blade, no?) spoilers as of chapter 2, may mention some of 3-4. catch-up chumps.



It's been years since the world was this crisp and smooth.

Now maybe I can see all the things described to me over the years. See all that I have sensed without sight.

Damn my eyes old eyes; this new one works fine though.

Looking down I see nothing in my shadow, not yet anyways.

No Red... No Blue …... maybe it will stay unanswered, maybe this is the eye's doing, being not of the eyes I was born with, or perhaps maybe after all these years the color from me has faded?

No... No... Not possible. the colors never fade.

Maybe another eye is needed?

This kind of detail is not caught by the squinting of a lone eye, not yet accustomed to being used in such a body.

Surely focused eyes are needed.

Maybe it is me who was changed.

No path to walk, no partner, no case.

Maybe this case, with the island, will bring back what I have lost?

Answer the questions ?

For better or worse, I'm back.

Better or worse.

Back again.


Don't expect more I am lazy, and this is a one-shot, but hopefully this enlightens those unaware of the return, and entertains those all too knowledgeable. peace out