Title: Gummy Berry 4/4
Author: Hippo_Crat
Rating: PG-13
Length:1,635 words
Spoilers: All of Season One
Summary: Second alternate ending to Gummy Berry. Start of Junior year; it's been a long, long summer for Quinn Fabray.
Pairing: Quinn/Rachel

Quinn Fabray was on the prowl. She was focused single-mindedly on finding and sequestering her prey. All summer long she had been plagued with unbearable cravings—well, craving really—that had gone unfulfilled. This craving had burrowed its way into her brain; it had set her veins on fire, carrying the tainted blood throughout her system—every part of her body was touched and inflamed with desire. It was a miracle Quinn had survived the summer without going insane, but no one could be strong forever and this was why the blonde teen was stalking through the halls searching to the cure for her madness.

Rachel Berry carefully, but quickly, stowed her books and school supplies in her new locker. It was the first day of classes and while that usually bought most students a reprieve from the ever-present danger of slushy facials the brunette tended to air on the side of caution. If she was to be slushied she needed her belongings to come through unscathed.

Above the din of the crowded hallways light, quick footsteps caught Rachel's attention; her ears were acutely tuned to such sounds as a defense mechanism. It sounded like a Cheerio was gearing up to start Open Season on the losers of McKinley High; the petite brunette closed her eyes and stiffened in preparation for the sugary beverage to become an airborne weapon. The footsteps grew nearer and eventually stopped right next to the petite singer.

Eyes still scrunched tightly together Rachel frowned. Slushy facials were typically delivered in a 'drive-by' fashion with the popular kids too cool to linger in the presence of the social misfits—this was a puzzling aberration of the ritualized attack.

A loud, slamming noise startled Rachel's eyes open. Quinn Fabray stood to her left with one hand still resting on the locker door she had so violently slammed shut. Rachel wondered if this was what Vietnam Vets felt when they suffered a flashback. Her pulse was racing, her throat was dry, her body was becoming wet—with sweat, she was starting to sweat—and she had the sudden urge to lick her lips. These must be symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, obviously induced by being brought face-to-face with the 'Head Bitch in Charge' of old. Nothing else would make sense.

To look at her one would never have guessed that four months ago Quinn had delivered a child. The blonde girl was dressed in hip-hugging jeans, a lavender tank top and a white cropped cardigan. The cardigan did an abysmal job of concealing a very flat, very taunt stomach.

Rachel was having trouble breathing.

This was, naturally, a response to the malicious glare on Quinn's face; any second now the girl was going to unleash some esteem-damaging vitriol delineating all the various ways Rachel was (and belonged) at the bottom of the social food chain.

Quinn's hazel eyes narrowed and focused on the lip Rachel was worrying.

It's funny though; Quinn's glare looked a lot more like a leer than it used to. Maybe she was just out of practice…

"Rachel," The former bully spat out her teammate's name like it was a disgusting slur. Well, actually it was less hostile and more…seductive? Had Quinn purred? This whole situation was oddly familiar…

Regardless. Quinn had addressed her politely and proper etiquette demanded she return the favor. "Quinn, it's nice to see you. Was your academic hiatus enjoyable?"

A dark frown flickered across Quinn's gorgeous—in an objective, aesthetically pleasing, non-sexual way—and the taller girl leaned into Rachel's personal space. "Where were you all summer?"

Brown eyes blinked, nonplussed. "Oh, yes I—"

"You were gone all summer." Was Quinn pouting?

Rachel took a deep breath to recount her wonderful and relaxing summer in New York City when everything clicked into place. She recognized that leer. She knew what those dilated pupils meant.

No it was ridiculous, preposterous even. It was the first day of school which meant no Cheerio weigh-ins and since Quinn, presumably, was not pregnant there were no pregnancy cravings to contend with—there was no reason for the blonde girl to be staring at her with such want, right?

With each row of lockers and students Quinn passed that did not present her target she grew more and more frustrated; the only thing she was really appreciative of was the fact that people were once again tripping over themselves to get out of her way. While she hadn't yet regained her former position of head bitch in charge and overall top-dog, the fearsome glare on her face was enough to cow most students into moving back. At the very least this made her hunt easier.

Just when Quinn was certain she'd exhausted all possible locations for her prey the masses parted for a perfect moment to reveal her prize.

Unable to stop herself Quinn's pace increased until she was speed-walking down the hall.

She halted scant feet away from Rachel Berry. Simply the proximity of the girl was enough to make the ache that had developed in Quinn's chest abate; a summer of watching and re-watching old MySpace videos was a poor substitute for the real thing.

Of course Berry looked no worse for wear. Wherever the younger girl had spent her summer she'd come back looking exceptionally tanned and well-rested.

Quinn waited [not-so] patiently for Rachel to open her eyes; she'd waited almost three months to look into those warm, chocolate eyes she could wait another 30 seconds. Brown met hazel and the blonde girl noted that the petite singer looked happy to see her. Also it could have been a mixture of dread and surprise but Quinn felt that was mostly irrelevant.

The two girls stared at each other for a long moment; the noisy halls seemed to suddenly quiet and then fall away. Quinn broke eye contact first when she realized Rachel was flirtatiously nibbling on her full, pink lower lip. The blonde girl bit back a groan at the way this evil girl was teasing her.

First she disappears all summer and now this? It was almost too much to bear.

Well two could play that game. "Rachel," Quinn purred, dragging the syllables out for maximal seductiveness. There. That had to be a point in her favor.

But then Rachel said her name; said 'Quinn' with such a brilliant smile, the taller girl could already feel herself melting. Quickly, she'd asked the question that had been on her mind since the second week of summer vacation when her 'random jogging route' had led her past the empty Berry household.

Presumably Rachel was explaining her absence but Quinn couldn't really hear her. All she could do was remember the momentary panic that had filled her when she thought the Berrys had moved and left Lima behind.

"You were gone all summer." She said mournfully, interrupting whatever Rachel was planning to say. "I missed you."

Had she somehow damaged her hearing in the last 15 seconds or had she heard correctly?

"You missed—" Rachel had started to confirm what she was certain she'd misheard. Obviously she couldn't hear anything properly over the loud thrum of her heart pounding in her chest.

She never got to finish her statement though as soft, warm lips had suddenly become sealed upon her own. The lip lock prevented Rachel's loud noise of surprise from escaping.

Rachel wasn't surprised that Quinn had again attacked her, out of practice though she was she'd still [somewhat belatedly] recognized the warning signs. No the thing that stole the breath from her well-trained lungs was the fact that Quinn wasn't licking her, or biting her, or even smelling her. No, Quinn was kissing her and it was pretty much as amazing as she'd thought it would be.

After a mental shake the brunette eagerly returned the kiss, her hands came up and tangled in Quinn's ridiculously-silky, golden locks. She stepped in closer; bringing her body flush against the taller girl's and deepened the kiss.

Quinn's own hands weren't idle. She'd clamped her hands on the petite girl's slim hips ('Boy Hips' indeed, this was proof—once again—that Sylvester didn't know shit) and whimpered as she felt Rachel's tongue caress her lips, desperately entreating entrance that was willingly given.

The two girls leaned heavily against the locker, depending on the metal for support, as their tongues dueled with fervent zeal.

"You see, B. I knew I heard two bitches in heat." A familiar voice drawled out interrupting the teenagers lost in their embrace.

Before Brittany could make any kind of response, coherent or otherwise, Rachel tore herself away from Quinn long enough to snarl out a, "Get lost, Lopez" before reattaching herself to her—,her—, her make out partner.

It would be difficult to say just how long the two would have continued their activities against the locker if the warning bell hadn't rang. As it was it was with great reluctance that the duo pulled apart.

Quinn's hooded, hazel eyes greedily soaked up everything about Rachel's appearance that they could.

Rachel's richly tanned skin was temptingly flushed. Her chest heaved slightly as she attempted to rein in her more primal urges. Brown eyes, darkened by arousal, swept the corridor anxiously; dozens of her classmates were staring in various states of disbelief at the spectacle the two girls had inadvertently put on. In a split second the diva weighed all the pros and cons of what she wanted to do over what she should do.

Her small, fine boned, hand caught Quinn's and tugged the older girl back toward the front doors morning traffic was still flowing through. "Nothing of import is ever discussed on our first day back Quinn. I think our time would be better spent in other pursuits."