Emma sat in her office looking at Will. "I still love you," Will said. Emma stared at him shocked. Will still loved her. This must have been a dream. She closed her eyes and opened them again. This wasn't a dream it was real. "Em... i'm sorry i shouldn't have said that," He apologised. Emma started to smile. "I'll see you later," Will said standing up. "Will, please don't go," Emma pleaded. He stood still, wondering what Emma would do. She stood up and walked to him. Emma suddenly leaned forward and her lips met his. Will suprised by this and decided to kiss her back. They soon parted. Emma looked in to Will's brown eyes. "I still love you," She confessed. "What?" A voice asked. Will and Emma looked at the door to see Carl standing there. He looked furious. "Carl... w-what are you doing here?" Emma asked. Carl looked at Will. "I came here to see you. And I get here to see you kissing him!" Carl said with anger in his tone. He looked at Emma and shouted "You still love him!".