Sue and Carl smiled. Sue kneed Will in his stomach. Will doubled over in pain. His chin suddenly met Carl's knee and his head started spinning. Carl punched Will in the jaw and he staggered backwards. Will tried to fight back but Sue threw him to the floor. Carl kicked Will over and over. Will tried to get up. Sue then put her foot on his throat. She pushed down hard. Will tried to move away from her, but was in to much pain. He was bleeding from a gash in his head. This time he was a goner.

"Stop! Get away from him!" Rachel shouted.

Rachel appeared in the office with Puck, Finn and two police men. Puck grabbed Carl's shirt and held him against a wall. Finn and Rachel ran to Will. Sue backed away and Will began coughing and spluttering.

"Mr Schue? Are you okay?" Finn asked.

"Yes, thank you," Will replied.

Rachel and Finn pulled Will to his feet. Will held his head as blood trickled down his face. He began feeling dizzy. The policemen arrested Carl and Sue.

"Don't worry, he will be put away for a long time," A police officer smiled.

"Thank you," Finn said.

"I think you should get him to a hospital," The police officer advised.

Finn nodded and called 911. They soon arrived and the police left. The paramedics sorted out the cut.

"Just a minor concussion, nothing to worry about," A paramedic examined.

Will nodded and went back in to the school. He made his way to Emma's office. Will entered. Emma kissed him.

"Carl has been arrested, so we can live our lives," Will smiled.

"That's great," Emma laughed.

"Now we have that sorted, there is something I need to say," Will added.

"Go ahead," Emma said.

"I really love you Emma, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you," Will got down on one knee and pulled out a box. "Emma Pillsbury, will you marry me?" He asked opening the box to reveal an engagement ring.

Emma was speechless for a moment but then she smiled "Yes! Yes I will marry you,".

Will placed the ring on her finger and kissed her passionately. He was the happiest man in the world.

2 months later.

The church was packed. The Glee club and some teachers were invited and were sitting at the front. Emma was in a white dress. Will stood beside her in a suit. They exchanged vows.

The vicar smiled and announced "You may now kiss the bride,".

Will leaned down and kissed Emma. He put his hands on her waist. Everyone clapped and smiled at them.

"Well, Mrs Schuester. This has been the best day of my life," Will smiled hugging her.

"I love you Will, and this is the best day of my life too," Emma confessed.

"I love you Emma," He said.

The Glee club stood up and began to sing. As Will and Emma looked in to each others eyes. They would love each other forever.