Sorry for those of you who have been reading my Homesick, Injured and Lovestruck. I will be continuing with it but right now I have completely lost inspiration. Here is the break I needed. I do not own Glee.

The Glee club members all waited for Mr. Schue to arrive. The chatted with each other in their own little friendship groups when Mercedes voice was heard,

"Hey. HEY!" everyone was suddenly quiet. "Where's Kurt?" everyone looked around slightly ashamed that they didn't see that their friend wasn't in the room.

"He was defiantly in maths last period." Puck stated.

"Was he okay? Kurt never misses Glee" they all stared at Rachel. "I'm worried. What? I can worry about my frie... Kurt."

"Umm, he was his normal self I guess. I wasn't really looking at Kurt for the whole lesson." Puck continued.

Just as he was about to say something else Mr. Schue walked in the room. "Looks like we're all here, we better get started." As Mr. Schue turned to the whiteboard and started writing 'Wicked' on the board he continued with "Kurt, I forgot the sheet music, do you have defying gravity on your iPod?"

The glee club looked around, again, they were ashamed that not even their teacher noticed his absence. "Mr. Schue, Kurt's not here" A pregnant Quinn informed.

"Really? But Kurt never misses glee. Is everything okay?" He asked, mainly looking at Mercedes.

"I'll call him." Mercedes said to herself more than anyone in the room. They all crowded round her as she got out her phone and started typing Kurt's number in.

"Kurt, where are you? We're all waiting for you in Glee." Everyone held their breath as they waited for a reply. Mercedes looked at them and shook her head "call me when you get this message sweetie." She hung up the phone. "It went straight to voicemail. His phone's off. His phone's never off. This is bad guys. Really bad."